7.63 cu in PTO Drive Motor

Item Number: 9-7368-125

Price: $269.95
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7.63 cu in PTO Drive Motor

7.63 cu in PTO Drive Motor

item number: 9-7368-125 PRICE: $269.95 7 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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7.63 cu in PTO Drive Motor
Item Number: 9-7368-125
Price: $269.95
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Brand new, hydraulic motor with agricultural standard six tooth splined shaft. Tapered roller bearings on output shaft for high axial and radial load capacity. Shaft has retention groove centered 1-1/2" from shaft end.
Interchangeable with the following motor lines: CHAR-LYNN 2000, DANFOSS OMS/OMSS, WHITE RE/DH, PARKER-ROSS MB/TF.

  • Disp. 7.63 cu. in./rev.
  • Motor Type Geroler
  • Pressure:
      2576 PSI cont.
      3091 PSI int.
  • Torque:
      2744 in-lbs. cont.
      3275 in-lbs. int.
  • Speed:
      600 RPM cont.
      720 RPM int.
  • Flow:
      19.7 GPM cont.
      23.6 GPM int.
  • Rotation Reversible
  • Mount 2 bolt SAE A
  • Shaft 1-3/8" 6T spline, 4" long
  • Rqd. Filtration 25 Micron
  • Ports SAE 10
  • Case Drain SAE 4
  • Size 7" x 5-3/16" x 4-1/16"
  • Shpg. 28 lbs.
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What hose in 1/2" is needed to connect to to item 9-8745 as one has sae 10 and other sae 12 connection ports ?

A: Our hoses are either 1/2" NPT fixed male ends or JIC female swivel-to-tight ends. Adapter fittings would be required to use either.

Many Hydraulic Motors can be used as a pump too. Can this be driven so that it functions as a pump as well?

A: The manufacturer does not recommend that use for this series of motors.

I have a TM 7 harley power rake that is designed to be run with 50 hp plus tractor I have an industrial John Deere 210le skip loader that is 80 hp, the machine dose not have a pto, the hydraulic system has a flow of 25 gpm and 2750 psi, what pump will I need to operate the rake and what valves are needed

A: None of these PTO output motors will have adequate horsepower to run that piece of equipment. The most powerful one will only produce 26.1 HP continuously.

What check valve would i need to allow mower to free spin down

A: Ideally item 9-8745 would be used to provide pressure protection for the motor and a free flow loop for winding down. A double relief valve and a check valve could be installed as well, but would require a bit more plumbing.

I have a Caterpillar 287b with a hydraulic output of 22 GPM and a pressure relief of 3335psi. I too want to run a hydraulic motor on my brush hog. I understand I need a pressure relief valve to protect the motor from over pressure and also a relief valve for spool down protection. Can you give me part numbers so I can order the proper parts...Thanks...Lee

A: Item 9-8745 will serve both those functions. Idling the equipment down slightly from rated output speed will bring the output flow to the continuous operation flow rating for that motor.

Hi! Do you ship motor to Norway?

A: We do. Please contact our Customer Service department and we can work up an international quote.

I have a 2013 Caterpillar 304e excavator. I am wanting to convert a 4' PTO driven bushog to operate with a hydraulic motor powered by the excavator auxiliary hydraulics. I was looking at your 7.3 cu in splined motor. A motor with a splined shaft is preferred but not required. This motor would be connected through a slip clutch to the bushog gearbox. The motor specs indicate that the motor is rated at 600 RPM at a flow rate of 19.6 GPM. The auxiliary hydraulic on my excavator is rated at 15.9 GPM at rated engine RPM. Would this motor work for this application? Is it rugged enough for the application? Is there a motor that you sell that would be a better fit for my application? Thanks, NB

A: As long as the motor is supplied by a flow equal to or less than the stated continuous rating, and protected from the system pressure by a double relief valve if the system pressure exceeds the motor's continuous rating, it should function. It is strongly recommended that the horsepower draw of the bush hog is compared to the output of the motor under the operating system values. If it meets that requirement it seems likely that it will work. Other customers have used the motors in this series to do exactly what you describe, largely with positive results.

I am also wanting to build a system to attach a brush hog to the front of my skidsteer, My Skidsteer has a 21 GPM pump at idle. I was thinking about using the 7.63 pump which seems to be fine, I am just curious if the final RPM will be alright? Also in other post you refer to the use of hydraulic check valve to use to allow the blades to slow down gently, could you please give me a part number or item of which check valve I would need and how many I would need and maybe a general idea how to plumb them into the system. Thanks

A: past time to respond

I'm going to build a brushcutter for my skid loader . Should I mount this motor direct to the blades or mount the motor to a gearbox on the machine

A: That would depend on how many RPM the motor will turn given your input flow, and how many RPM the blades are designed for. These motors are often used to approximate PTO input speeds driving a gearbox. Please be aware of any difference between the HP required to drive the cutter mechanically, and the HP the motor will put out hydraulically.

Is the case drain required for use or can it be plugged on this model?

A: It is not necessary to use the case drain on this motor if it used individually. If used in series, the case drain should be hooked up. If hooked up during individual use, it will reduce case pressure and help internal lubrication. If hooked up in series, it will protect the case from overpressure if the downstream motor is overloaded.

Hi I have a machine with a PTO hydraulic pump that has 20gpm flow and 3000psi. I am going to convert my brush hog to run on the front of the tractor. Is this motor the correct size for this application? Also I'm confused to which valves I should get for it. A check valve, cushion valve and relief valve. I need all 3?? The hydraulic pump runs off the pto so when I turn the pto off the pump should spin down so I wouldn't need check valve? Thanks

A: We recommend a dual crossover relief valve to prevent damage if the machine hits something that stops the blades. In addition a check valve installed across the two lines to the motor will allow the motor to spin down from it's moving inertia when the pump flow is stopped.

hello, my machine has a 24.1 gpm flow rate. will i need to regulate this to avoid harming the pump? and if so what kind of valve would you recommend i could use for that. thank you

A: A flow regulator such as 9-064-75 would be good for reducing the GPM going to the motor.

My skid steer is 21 gpm at 3450psi will this work or is the pressure to high

A: Your should limit the pressure to the motor to 2576 psi continuous with an external relief valve.

my machine has a 20 gpm and 3000 psi can I run it straight to the motor or would I have to have a relief valve

A: Your machine should have a relief valve in it that would control maximum pressure. A cushion valve (crossover relief) would help if you hit something. Also consider a check valve between the lines to allow the motor to coast to a stop when the valve is turned off.

I have a bobcat with auxiliary flow of 17.1 GPM. I am trying to connect it to a brush hog. To achieve approximately 540 rpm the program tells me I need a 7.32 cu in motor. What do I use to allow the brush hog cutter to slow down by free wheeling when the hydraulics on the bobcat are turned off so it does not slam to a stop. Is this a cushion valve?

A: A cushion valve will absorb shock but not allow the spin down you are asking about. To do this a check valve can be installed in parallel to the motor between the two hydraulic lines. Then when the oil flow is stopped it still allows it to flow in a small loop until the motor stops spinning from it's inertia.

On a 9-7368-125 hydraulic motor, how do you tell the Inlet from the Outlet?

A: These motors are bidirectional, so each port can be inlet or outlet. As you face the shaft of the motor, using the right hand port that is staggered forward as the inlet and the rear port staggered backward as the outlet, the shaft should turn clockwise. Reversing the flow will reverse the motor.

I have a 773G Bobcat a looking to hyd drive a single stage snow blower pto motor ????? thinking 7.63ci ???? or ??? It has 24" blower seen them on 25-30hp tractors 540rpm 773G= 16.5GPM - - Pressure ??? will it work?

A: With your flow rate you will have about 500 RPM from the motor. At continuous pressure rating of 2576 PSI this equates to between 21 and 22 HP.

i have a skid steer with 11 gpm pump will this motor run a auger

A: Yes it would subject to the diameter and length of the auger. Speed will be about 300 RPM. Torque is dependent on what pressure your system operates with. If you need more RPM you could choose a smaller displacement motor, however this will reduce the torque output.

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7.63 cu in PTO Drive Motor
Item Number: 9-7368-125
Price: $269.95
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