1/2 NPT 30 GPM 1500-3000 PSI Hydraulic Cushion Valve

Item Number: 9-4019-50-H

Price: $74.20
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1/2 NPT 30 GPM 1500-3000 PSI Hydraulic Cushion Valve

1/2 NPT 30 GPM 1500-3000 PSI Hydraulic Cushion Valve

item number: 9-4019-50-H PRICE: $74.20 125 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1/2 NPT 30 GPM 1500-3000 PSI Hydraulic Cushion Valve
Item Number: 9-4019-50-H
Price: $74.20
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Brand new PRINCE DRV-4HH. Cushion valve or double relief valve. Use to stop or minimize surge, shock and overload in hydraulic circuits. Install between control valve and motor or cylinder. Bypasses to opposite side to prevent cavitation.

  • Flow Rate 30 GPM max.
  • Relief Range 1500-3000 PSI
  • Ports 1/2" NPT
  • Shpg. 8 lbs.
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I know the relief range is 1500-3000 PSI What is the maximum pressure that this valve will take? My skid steer will go to 3335 PSI.

A: We do not have information regarding the maximum proof pressure. If the valve can dump the entire flow of the system at the relief pressure it would not exceed the relief pressure. If the full flow cannot be passed, or is adjusted too high, there is a danger of an overpressure failure with damaging or lethal consequences.

What is the difference between relief valve and cushion valve other than plumbing?

A: A relief valve relieves pressure in one pressure line with a dedicated exhaust line. A cushion valve is a double relief used on a double acting actuator (cylinder or motor) where the two lines coming from the directional work ports each have a relief in them. When relief pressure is reached on either line, the exhaust flow is ported internally to the low pressure side opposite the relieving side, whichever that may be at the time.

Is this cross over relief valve available with SAE orb ports?

A: We do not offer that version of this valve, no.

Your schematics recommend a one way check valve down stream toward motor. What check valve do you recommend? I want to power a bush hog from my skid steer.

A: A check valve that is of an appropriate size for the flow of the system is best. A lower cracking pressure will open faster, while a higher cracking pressure will provide some additional braking as long as it's lower than the motor's case pressure limitations.

Do you have a hydraulic schematic for this valve? Thanks, Austin

A: The manufacturer does not provide a hydraulic schematic for this valve. It is designed for two line operation, one high pressure and one low pressure, and to dump excess pressure/flow to the low pressure side on either relief cartridge. There are pilot passages across to each cartridge.

how do i set to 3000 psi relief for a skid steer mower?

A: You have to have a gauge in the system and then load the circuit sufficiently that the pressure will build up. Might be easier with a cylinder that is deadheaded than a motor for the setting and then connecting the motor.

In a simple 2 - single acting cyl. system (snowplow) will this work and how is it "piped" What is the pre-set psi?

A: The two ports on one side go toward your control valve and the other side go to the cylinders. Factory present is about 2000 PSIl.

I need to knw if this unit can allow 1500 psi controling a motor in one rotation direction and 2000 in the opposite?

A: Yes the pressure can be set independently for each side so the relief could be different for the two rotations.

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1/2 NPT 30 GPM 1500-3000 PSI Hydraulic Cushion Valve
Item Number: 9-4019-50-H
Price: $74.20
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1/2 NPT 30 GPM 1500-3000 PSI Hydraulic Cushion Valve
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