0.434 cu in MTE D209-5493 Hydraulic Pump

Item Number: 9-8401-434

Price: $120.20
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0.434 cu in MTE D209-5493 Hydraulic Pump

0.434 cu in MTE D209-5493 Hydraulic Pump

item number: 9-8401-434 PRICE: $120.20 5 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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0.434 cu in MTE D209-5493 Hydraulic Pump
Item Number: 9-8401-434
Price: $120.20
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Brand new, MTE brand hydraulic pumps. Use it on mobile equipment, construction and agricultural equipment, machine tools, material handling and mining equipment, PTO pumps, refuse haulers, compaction and baling equipment. Cast iron body. Made for direct drive, no shaft side-loading. Similar to Parker D Series, Webster YB Series, Rexroth S12. Made in USA.

  • Disp. 0.434 cu. in. / rev.
  • Pump Type Gear
  • Rotation CW
  • Pressure:
      1600 PSI cont.
      2500 PSI int.
  • Speed:
      3600 RPM cont.
  • Flow:
      6.76 GPM cont.
  • Mount 4 bolt USA 4F17
  • Shaft 1/2" diam. x 1-1/2" w/ 1/8" keyway
  • Inlet Port SAE 10
  • Outlet Port SAE 10
  • Case Drain N/A
  • Size 4.58" x 2.8" x 3.66"
  • Shpg. 6 lbs.
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If this pump was used in a front loader application on a garden tractor how much pressure and flow would it make at approximately 2800 rpm with 16 hp engine?

A: At that speed, this pump would produce about 5.26 gpm. With that hp driving it, you would be able to push the pump well past the 1600 psi continuous rating if not limited by a relief valve. If pushed past the posted ratings catastrophic failure is likely, with potentially damaging or lethal consequences.

I have a 1hp electric motor, reversible rotation. Will this motor operate this pump? What would be the filtration requirements for the pump inlet?

A: If the motor is 1750 rpm, this pump would only develop a little over 400 psi at just over 3 gpm. If the motor is 3450 rpm, this pump would only develop just over 200 psi at just under 6.5 gpm. This does not take into account any power losses due to mechanical and fluid friction. Filtration of 10 micron on the return flow is recommended.

If I drive two pumps, with the same bevel gearbox, the one will run clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Would the flow rate be the same from booth pumps. The speed would be exactly the same on the pumps.

A: Provided that the pump drive direction is compatible with the drive direction from the gearbox, and the pump is the same displacement, then theoretically they would produce the same output. This particular pump is CW input only and cannot be reversed.

Will this pump work off my tractor PTO?

A: Not very well, no. It is the wrong rotation for direct drive, it doesn't tolerate side-loading so it can't be pulley driven, and at 540 rpm it would put out a little over a gallon a minute.

Can this pump be belt driven?

A: This pump cannot be belt driven. It can be direct driven or used with a jackshaft and pulley.

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0.434 cu in MTE D209-5493 Hydraulic Pump
Item Number: 9-8401-434
Price: $120.20
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0.434 cu in MTE D209-5493 Hydraulic Pump
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