2 HP 115/230 3450 RPM Marathon Air Compressor Motor

Item Number: 10-2619

Price: $122.95
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2 HP 115/230 3450 RPM Marathon Air Compressor Motor

2 HP 115/230 3450 RPM Marathon Air Compressor Motor

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2 HP 115/230 3450 RPM Marathon Air Compressor Motor
Item Number: 10-2619
Price: $122.95
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Brand new, Marathon Electric model 5KCR48TN2699Y motor. High torque design for compressor duty applications. Overload protection with manual reset. Steel frame and base. Welded base. Capacitor start/capacitor run.

  • Power 2 HP Special
  • Voltage 115/230 VAC
  • Amperage 15/7.5 Amps
  • Speed 3450 RPM
  • Phase 1
  • Rotation CCW
  • Service Factor 1.0
  • Bearings Ball
  • Enclosure ODP
  • Duty Continuous
  • Frame 56
  • Mount Base
  • Shaft 5/8" diam. x 1-7/8" w/ 3/16" keyway
  • Size 10-1/4" x 8" x 6-1/2"
  • Shpg. 35 lbs.
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Points for this motor, with 8 wire connection, 2 capacitor connection and 3 wires going to relay??? in end of motor, points are bad on existing and I would like to replace them, Can I get them through you.

A: We have no parts available for these motors, unfortunately.

i want to change voltage on my motor to 230v but not sure i can. i have a marathon electric A-C motor: model 5KCR48TN2582Y. I found one thats similar that will convert. I just need to know if it' possible to convert this one over? Thank you

A: We have no information about that particular model and cannot say. Typically the wiring diagram can be found on the data plate of the motor if it is dual-voltage and/or reversible.

Will this motor work on my 2 have compressor

A: Compare the current draw at the voltage used with your motor, as well as speed, shaft size, rotation direction, and mount/frame size. If those match closely or exactly, it may work well.

Will this work on a delta contractor table saw ?

A: We have no information about that product and cannot say.

mc019800av is my part number. This motor pops up in my search. It states 2 hp. I seen another one on a different site that states 5 HP. When I look at your data plate and compare it to mine, everything is the same. So, I am not sure.

A: The data plate information is what to go by. As long as that matches it should do the same work. Manufacturers have overstated the HP of compressor duty motors regularly enough that it's a good practice to confirm the voltage and current to be sure.

will your base plate bolt directly to my compressor....my base plate is 4 1/2" x 6 1/2". The slots on my compressor are at the 1/2" mark and 3 1/2" mark...thank you for your time

A: That appears to match the dimensions on this motor, if measured from the shaft side of mounting plate towards the wire lead end.

Is the ccw rotation when facing shaft?

A: We do describe the rotation as facing the shaft, yes.

I am looking for a compressor motor, Class B, Code K, RPM 1725, Amp 12.4. Which motor will work with a 3 cylinder compressor, 1 horse motor? Thanks

A: With no other information, we can only state that as long as the motor turns the same direction and speed as what you want to replace, with a duty cycle suitable for your application, and the correct electrical characteristics for your system it should work. We have a variety of motors, with a few that should fit those requirements.

Will this motor work with the HP-TECO-VFD-230-VAC-1PH-INPUT. If so does it come with a wiring diagram?

A: No. This motor is designed for single phase input. Attempting to use it with a frequency drive may result in damage to the motor, the drive, or both.

The model number of the Marathon motor on my air compressor is 5KCR48TN2582Y. This looks like a direct replacement. Can you confirm it will fit and work? Thanks

A: We have no information to cross the models to see if they are the same. Comparing the specs on your motor's data plate to this motor should confirm if they are similar.

I have a 29 Gal. 2 HP Central Pneumatic air compressor with a bad motor, a couple of items don't match, mine is a 1800rpm yours is more will this be a problem?

A: Yes, this is twice the speed of your motor. You will need the same rpm motor, or will have to change the pulley on the motor to half its current diameter to compensate for the increase in speed.


A: That would depend on the output specs of the compressor, the RPM at which the pump is turning, and the total horsepower draw in relation to that as well as the duty cycle of the compressor.

This motor indicates that it is for continues duty, normally compressors cycle on and off. Am looking to use this in more of a continues duty application, probably half the time under no load and half loaded (electric log splitter) Will this work CD without heat soak/over heating?

A: This motor is rated for continuous duty in a compressor application only. Other applications may push this motor past it's thermal limitations and lead to failure.

What is the amperage on start up, I want to hook this to a generator. Thank you.

A: The startup wattage peak will be around 5200 watts. Operating wattage will be about 1800 watts.

It says this motor is non reversible. Do you have this motor in CW ROTATION?

A: We do not have a CW version of this motor available, no.

What are the dimensions of bolt pattern for mounting?

A: From front to back, the centers are 3". Side to side centers are slots from 3 11/16" to 6 1/8".

Would this replace a Doerr LR22132 2HP motor mfr ref R604935ED832

A: We don't have any information from that manufacturer to get specifications to compare them. If you compare the information on your motor's data tag with this motor it will give you a good idea of compatibility.

what is the measurement the 4 bolt centers that hold the motor together important for motor mounting

A: The bolt circle is approximately 5.875". On square each side measures about 4.1562" This motor mounts on the base. It was not designed for a face mount.

What size are the starting and run capacitors on this motor?

A: The run capacitor is 35 microfarads, and the start capacitor is 340-408 microfarads.

Trying to find a replacement motor for my porter cable compressor. All of these specs match up to mine except for the FR 56 number. My motor is a FR 56Z. Not sure what the "Z" stands for. Can you help? Thanks

A: The 'Z' in motor frame designations usually refers to a non-standard shaft dimension. Often this means an O.E.M. diameter or length.

What kind of warranty does this motor have?

A: This motor has a 1 year warranty.

Does this motor come complete with starter and run caps?

A: Yes the motor is complete, ready to wire in and use.

Are there detailed instructions available to rewire this fro 230v? The diagram on the motor is hard to read, and there are extra wires in there, purple, yellow, etc.... thanks!

A: Please click on the red "Wiring Diagram" link on this item. It give detailed info on wiring. Any wires not listed do not need to be changed.

Is this compressor motor made in the usa ?? and is it ready to hook up to 115 V ac ? or must i change a few wires in the motor ?

A: It is made in Mexico and a wiring label for 115 is on the side of the motor

Can this motor be used with other types of power tools like a jointer that also requires a CCW rotation

A: As long as the HP and RPM's are in the right range.

when your checking rotation.. are you looking at the shaft side or the other side?

A: We always call out rotation looking directly at the end of the shaft.

On the Marathon air compressor motor item 10-2619 is the ccw rotation from the motor shaft or from the motor looking at the shaft?

A: We call out rotation direction as facing into the shaft.

Is it possible to reverse the rotation of this motor ?

A: This is a non-reversible motor. Built specifically for use with air compressors.

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2 HP 115/230 3450 RPM Marathon Air Compressor Motor
Item Number: 10-2619
Price: $122.95
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2 HP 115/230 3450 RPM Marathon Air Compressor Motor
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