5 HP Special Duty 230 Volt AC 3450 RPM Air Compressor Duty US Motors T63BVCYZ-1573

Item Number: 10-2621

Price: $252.00
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5 HP Special Duty 230 Volt AC 3450 RPM Air Compressor Duty US Motors T63BVCYZ-1573

5 HP Special Duty 230 Volt AC 3450 RPM Air Compressor Duty US Motors T63BVCYZ-1573

item number: 10-2621 PRICE: $252.00 Out of Stock - No Longer Available
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5 HP Special Duty 230 Volt AC 3450 RPM Air Compressor Duty US Motors T63BVCYZ-1573
Item Number: 10-2621
Price: $252.00
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Brand new, US MOTORS model T63BVCYZ-1573 motor. Special duty motor designed to replace motors on compressors. High starting torque design for compressor duty applications. Overload protection with manual reset. Steel frame and base. Welded base. Capacitor start/capacitor run.

Confirm your motor name plate data tag including voltage, amperage, speed, frame and shaft diameter to match this motor specifications for proper operation.


  • Brand US Motors
  • Model T63BVCYZ-1573
  • Power 5 HP Definite Purpose Special Compressor Duty
  • Voltage 208-230 VAC
  • Amperage 22.5-22 Amps
  • Speed 3450 RPM
  • Phase 1
  • Rotation CCW
  • Service Factor 1.0
  • Bearings Ball
  • Enclosure ODP
  • Duty Continuous
  • Frame 56
  • Mount Base
  • Shaft 7/8" diam. x 2-1/4" w/ 3/16" keyway
  • Size 11-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 6-1/2"
  • Shpg. 45 lbs.

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I have an IR Motor 54421193 that’s a 56 frame. My motor looks identical to the one you show the motor reference says T63CWCFE-1282 so I’m assuming mine is clockwise rotation ? Is your motor reversible Or is it spinning in correct direction just viewed from the back end ?

A: The 10-2621 is CCW only the the shaft pointing toward you.

I have a Ingersol Rand air compressor from Tractor supply. It has a Emerson 23378805 motor on it. Do you know if this will replace it?

A: It might. Please call our Product Support Staff so we may further assist you. 800-488-3407

My motor is 15 amps can I use this motor 22 amp to replace it.

A: If your main circuit can handle the extra current without blowing a breaker, it could most likely replace it as long as the other values (rpm; rotation direction; shaft size; mount pattern) are the same or can be worked with.

on my motor it says rotation is CWLE what does this mean and will your motor work

A: CWLE stands for (C)lock(W)ise (L)ead (E)nd; meaning that viewed from back side of the motor typically opposite the power output shaft the shaft is turning clockwise. This is the same as saying Counter Clockwise FACING the shaft. This motor does appear to turn the same direction.

Is this motor one that can be used where the compressor head mounts directly onto the shaft, or only for belt-driven application?

A: This motor is intended for belt driven applications only.

What is the difference between 56hz and 56 frame? I now have a 56hz, and this one says it's a 56 frame? Will the motor bolt on the same way or do I need a 56hz?

A: The 56hz frame has additional mounting holes as well as the standard 56 frame mounting holes. It is compatible with 56 frame mounting.


A: No. Not all manufacturers rate their compressors for the same rpm at an equal Hp.

Is the motor in the picture the one you would be selling to me?

A: Yes, all of our current stock is the same as what is pictured.

hi am looking for Emerson Compressor Model PO63FYN-4391 DUTY CONT INS CLASS B PH3 FRAME CODE K

A: We do not have cross reference materials for that model. Compare specs on the data plate to see what may be similar.

ood mornin i need te capacitor mfd uses tis motor uses2

A: The run capacitor is a 40 mfd, the start capacitor is 189-227 mfd.

I have a Ingersoll rand compressor the electric motor p/n is 54421193 will this motor fit my compressor, its am emerson motor

A: We don't have any way to cross that number, unfortunately. Our best advice is to compare the specs on the data plate of yours to our published specs to make a determination.

Please let me know wich one brand is the motor, I´d like to make sure that it´s the same at the image

A: The motor is a US Motors brand motor, not the Emerson as incorrectly pictured.


A: We have no way to cross reference this motor to know it it's comparable to ours.

What capacitor does this motor use. I need to replace it but lost it on way to repair shop.

A: The run capacitor is a 40 mfd, the start capacitor is 189-227 mfd.

Does this motor come with a warranty?

A: This motor has a year warranty.

What is the Return Policy on this motor? Also, what is the warranty for this Motor

A: Our return policy is within 30 days, as long as the item has not been installed or modified, and is in the original manufacturer's condition. The warranty on this item is 1 year from purchase.

I am looking for a replacement motor for my Ingersoll Rand TS5 compressor. It has an Emerson motor on it that carries a model number of IR54421193. That number from what i can research has been replaced by IR23378805. Is this motor the exact replacement for the above numbers or one that will probably work?

A: We don't have any cross reference information regarding what models this replaces. Compare the information on the data tag of your motor with our specs to match them.

Dose this motor stay at 5hp unlike your Item NUMBER: 10-2530 that drop down to 3hp after start up? This motor has 22.5 amp but motor item number 10-3025 has 19.6 what the advantage of height amps? Thanks Michael

A: Yes, this is still a compressor duty motor but with the higher amp rating will out perform the others you mentioned.

this motor PN10-2621 shares most of the specs of a 56HZ (regarding shaft size & keyway) but in an above question your answer said it had holes on 3" centers but not the additional ones on 5" centers as shown in the picture? Do you have this compressor motor; 5hp CCW, 7/8" x2 1/4" keyed shaft with 5" centers base?

A: This motor has both the 3" and 5" mounting holes.

Do you use a speed sensor to monitor the RPM in the motor? If no , what do you use to monitor the RPM?

A: There is no speed monitoring provision in this motor. It should run at a constant 3450 RPM when in use.

If / when I buy this motor will you set the rotation for clockwise, or is that something I do?

A: The motor rotation can operate only in a CCW rotation. It is not reversible.

what do it mean when you say ccw,is that looking at the motor from the shaft

A: Yes we always use looking directly at the end of a shaft for determining the rotation.

What is the difference between 56 frame and 56h frame?

A: 56 has bolt holes 3" on center front to rear on the motor. 56H has another set in addition that are 5" on center.

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5 HP Special Duty 230 Volt AC 3450 RPM Air Compressor Duty US Motors T63BVCYZ-1573
Item Number: 10-2621
Price: $252.00
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5 HP Special Duty 230 Volt AC 3450 RPM Air Compressor Duty US Motors T63BVCYZ-1573
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