6.5 RPM 115 Volt AC Gearmotor 2051746

Item Number: 5-1770

Price: $18.95
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6.5 RPM 115 Volt AC Gearmotor 2051746

6.5 RPM 115 Volt AC Gearmotor 2051746

item number: 5-1770 PRICE: $18.95 602 In Stock Surplus Item

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6.5 RPM 115 Volt AC Gearmotor 2051746
Item Number: 5-1770
Price: $18.95
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New, SPG Co. model ISG-3250BXA(P/N 2051746) inline gearmotor. Ideal replacement corn pellet stove, auger motor. Originally used on Bixby stoves or use on other equipment. Aluminum gear housing. Four 10-32 UNF tapped bolt hole face mount on 2-3/8" x 2-3/8" centers. Integral brake.

  • Speed 6.5 RPM
  • Voltage 115 AC
  • Amperage 2.65 Amps
  • Torque 225 in - lbs.
  • Rotation CW
  • Duty Intermittent(1 min)
  • Enclosure Open
  • Mount Face
  • Shaft 1/2" diam. x 1-1/4" w/keyway
  • Size 5-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 4-3/4"
  • Shpg. 7 lbs.
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What size is the keyway

A: The key size is 0.095".

I am looking for a motor of similar size and torque bur for continuous operation. What do you recomend?

A: We do not currently have any gearmotors with those or similar specifications which are continuous duty.

Do you think this motor could be used to dry fishing lures overnight with the right set up? Would it overheat running approx. 16-24 hours?

A: This is an intermittent duty motor with a duty cycle of 1 minute on/5-10 minutes off (however long it takes to shed the thermal load). It would burn up if run continuously like that.

Could this be wired to be reversed by a switch

A: No. Shaded-pole motors cannot be reversed by switching the wiring.

Good day, Is there a way to determine what electrical motor I need for a kinetic sculpture? I had installed a small BBQ motor which had the right rpm but it was lacking torque. A small bicycle gear is mounted on the motor axle which drives a bigger bicycle gear using a bicycle chain.That gear drives a smaller gear on the same axle which then drives two other bigger gears, again using bicycle chains. The end result creates a very slow up and down wing movement. Any help would be appreciated as the sculpture is for public display. Claude

A: Unfortunately, there are so many unknown/un-quantified variables that we cannot say what may work.

Do u have a motor that works continuously?

A: Not at this rpm and torque, no.

Could I place this motor on a regular clockwise driven merkle-korff casing 1RPM auger motor and is my theory that it would increase the torque tremendously correct? ........thank you

A: The only way that would work is if the shaft from this motor would mesh into the gearcase of yours. Many of these have the spiral machined into the shaft itself, instead of a pressed on attachment.

Can a fan be attached to the motor shaft to allow continuous duty use?

A: Due to the amp draw the motor does heat up rapidly. Even with a fan blade it could not be used continuously.

Do I need any additional parts/switches/capacitors etc?

A: No additional parts are required. Simply connect AC power to the two leads.

can I slow this gearmotor down with a reostat ..??

A: Yes, it could. We don't carry any rheostats.

I'm going to use this for 5 hours continuous running. will that work?

A: No. These are meant for Intermittent duty. Maximum 1 minute on. 2 minutes off.

Is the output shaft reversible? Is there a double shaft option?

A: This motor is not reversible, electrically. We do not have a dual shaft version. Thru disassembly you might be able to have shaft extend back over the motor or reverse the rotation.

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6.5 RPM 115 Volt AC Gearmotor 2051746
Item Number: 5-1770
Price: $18.95
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6.5 RPM 115 Volt AC Gearmotor 2051746
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