10.75" Stroke 120 Volt AC Linear Actuator Icon Health And Fitness 315774

Item Number: 10-3054

Price: $29.95
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10.75" Stroke 120 Volt AC Linear Actuator Icon Health And Fitness 315774

10.75" Stroke 120 Volt AC Linear Actuator Icon Health And Fitness 315774

item number: 10-3054 PRICE: $29.95 164 In Stock Surplus Item

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10.75" Stroke 120 Volt AC Linear Actuator Icon Health And Fitness 315774
Item Number: 10-3054
Price: $29.95
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New, ICON HEALTH & FITNESS model# 315774 linear actuator. Power extend and power retract, rated to push up to 900 pounds, retract under no load. Hall effect sensor connected to internal gearing.

  • Voltage 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Amperage 1.55 Amps
  • Capacity Rated to push 900 lb.
  • Thread 3/4"-6 Acme thread
  • Stroke 10-3/4"
  • Extension Speed 0.077" / sec. (no load)
  • Extension Time 139 seconds to Full Stroke, No Load
  • Limit Switches No limit switches
  • Direction Reversible
  • Duty Intermittent
  • Retracted length 14"
  • Rod end pin hole 3/8"
  • Base end pin hole 3/8"
  • Size 14-1/2" x 4-1/4" x 3-1/8"
  • Shpg. 7 lb.
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A: No we do not have a wiring diagram for this actuator.

Regarding your answer to question submitted Date Submitted: 03/16/201. There is a black wire that comes out of the side of the metal housing through a grommet. What is this wire for and does it consist of one or two wires?

A: The black wire is for the Hall effect sensor connected to internal gearing.

Could the stroke be extended on this with a longer threaded rod inserted into the actuator?

A: Since the motor run time is intermittent, it is not recommended.

Does sound noise or quiet? Thanks

A: You could have a conversation next to it, but you would be able to notice it no matter what.

I want to use this item on a push up chair, to lift a Person on it, and when it retracts down it will be with the person on it, a person normally will weight from 70 to 200 Lb.... does it really work for this task? using the Limit switches and all that stuff...

A: We cannot say. An engineer would be better equipped to evaluate the application and determine suitability.

Could these be speed adjusted?

A: They were not designed to be speed adjusted,no.

Is there any information on wiring for this. I need to know power, ground, up, down, etc.

A: Earth ground to case as available. One line AC to the single white wire with the red terminal. This stays connected at all times. The other line AC determines travel direction when connected to either of the two open terminals on the capacitor. Note which terminal provides which travel direction in your case. Commonly this is the line that is run through a controlling SPDT-CO switch.

Are there any mounting holes located on the mechanical housing for securing the actuator?

A: There are not. The only mounting provisions are those found on the black metal sleeve and on the end of the screw.

What happens if power is left applied and the actuator reaches the end of its travel? In other words, are some sort of limit switches needed to kill the power before the actuator reaches its internal travel limits?

A: Yes, external limit switching is required to protect the motor if not supervised.

The description says power retract and also that it retracts under no load. I am wanting to use this for elevation control (push approx. 45 lbs up and ability to lower same 45 lbs) and want it to stay in place until power is applied. Does it do this?

A: These were intended for elevation adjustment in treadmills. They will support a load, and power it up. It will retract while supporting that same load, but was not designed to pull any load. It sounds like it will do what you ask of it.

10.75" STROKE LINEAR ACTUATOR do you have a controller for this item

A: We have no controller for this item.

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10.75" Stroke 120 Volt AC Linear Actuator Icon Health And Fitness 315774
Item Number: 10-3054
Price: $29.95
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10.75" Stroke 120 Volt AC Linear Actuator Icon Health And Fitness 315774
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