3.94" Stroke 110 lbs. 12 Volt DC Linear Actuator

Item Number: 5-1845-4

Price: $92.45
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3.94" Stroke 110 lbs. 12 Volt DC Linear Actuator

3.94" Stroke 110 lbs. 12 Volt DC Linear Actuator

item number: 5-1845-4 PRICE: $92.45 16 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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3.94" Stroke 110 lbs. 12 Volt DC Linear Actuator
Item Number: 5-1845-4
Price: $92.45
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Brand new, GLIDEFORCE model LACT-4 light duty linear actuator. Simple two wire hookup. Metal housing is water resistant and sealed against dust. Permanent magnet motor. Non-adjustable limit switches at end of stroke both directions.

  • Stroke 100 mm (3.94")
  • Voltage 12 DC
  • Push/Pull Rating
      Dynamic 110 lbs. max
  • Extension Speed
      No Load 0.57 in/sec
      Max Load 0.48 in/sec
  • Amps
      No Load 1.2
      Full Load 3.2
  • Gear Ratio  20:1
  • Duty 25%
  • Operational Temperature Range
       -14° F to +149° F
  • Enclosure IP65
  • Pin Holes 1/4"
  • Retracted Length 8.23"
  • Shaft Dia. 20 mm (0.787")
  • Size 8-7/8" x 1-11/16" x 3-1/4"
  • Shpg. 5 lbs.
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If I use this actuator to lift a 10lb. load then remove the power will it back down or hold? How much load would it take to make it back down?

A: If the load is only 10 lbs, the actuator will hold it. The actuator is rated to move 110 lbs in either direction. Manufacturers do not list the force which can cause back-driving of a screw. Any force large enough to back-drive a screw would mean a potentially damaging or lethal engineering failure has occurred and the entire system should be re-evaluated.

What would the wiring diagram for four SPDT Momentary switch's be like? Marine, White-Black- Red- Green wire color.......

A: Please contact our Product support department to discuss your intended use.

Can these units be powered by 32VDC

A: No. They are rated for 12 VDC.

I want to use this to actuate a brake pedal as quickly as you would by your foot .

A: This will not act anywhere close to that quickly.

When actuator reaches end of travel and limit switch activates is power removed from actuator to prwvent motor burnout?

A: Yes, the limit switches cut the power to the motor.

Is it possible to extend partially of full length, then extend more with control, ie. move it 1/2" at a time? Could it be retracted in middle of cycle?

A: Yes. If a momentary switch is used to control these, it would take manual activation to extend/retract the actuator. The operator could extend, retract, change direction and stop at will.

Does the shaft rotate?

A: If the rod end is not fixed, it can rotate slightly, but in application it does not.

I'd like to use this on my 3 point snowblower for the chute rotator. My blower has 1" pins. Do you have any ends that I could connect to convert from 1/4" to 1"

A: Sorry we don't have any adapters for the pin size. Your snowblower may have been designed for hydraulic operation with that large of pin holes. The force from this would be only a fraction of what a hydraulic cylinder would provide with only minimal PSI. If 100 lbs. still seems adequate you might be able to put some bushings in the pin holes to reduce their size.

Is there a bracket assembly for attaching this actuator. I saw only one and it was described as being used with actuators in the 500-1000 force range.

A: Use the 5-1577-B bracket for this actuator.

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3.94" Stroke 110 lbs. 12 Volt DC Linear Actuator
Item Number: 5-1845-4
Price: $92.45
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3.94" Stroke 110 lbs. 12 Volt DC Linear Actuator
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