10 HP 305cc Tecumseh Generator Engine LH358XA

Item Number: 28-1741

Price: $139.95
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10 HP 305cc Tecumseh Generator Engine LH358XA

10 HP 305cc Tecumseh Generator Engine LH358XA

item number: 28-1741 PRICE: $139.95 Out of Stock - No Longer Available
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10 HP 305cc Tecumseh Generator Engine LH358XA
Item Number: 28-1741
Price: $139.95
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New, Tecumseh horizontal engine built for driving electric generators. Cast iron sleeve, fixed speed governor. Low oil shutdown. Lighted on/off switch. Not for sale or use in California.

  • Model LH358XA-159493Y
  • Power 10 HP
  • Speed 3600 RPM
  • Start Recoil
  • Shaft Horizontal
  • Fuel Tank No
  • Shaft 1-3/8" dia. x 1-1/8",
    stepped to 7/8" dia. x 1-7/8"
    then tapered from 0.875" to 0.670" by 1.25" length taper. OA length 4.33"
    tapped 5/16-24 no keyway
  • Mount 3-1/4" x 6-3/8"
  • Accessory Mount 4 bolt on 3-5/8" B.C.
  • Size 12" x 13-1/2" x 13"
  • Shpg. 60 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Where is model/serial # on Devilbiss generator on 10 HP Tecumseh engine located ?

A: it is located under the air clear and above the mounting foot.

1) When I remove the governor, is the throttle fixed as all or nothing, or is it variable? 2) Is the carburetor sealed such that it can handle 4-7lbs of boost?

A: 1) The throttle is a fixed speed governor per the manufacturer. 2)The manufacturer does not provide us with that kind of information.

Can this be purchased with an electric start?

A: We do not have this engine with an electric start.

have you an equivalent for the engine tecumseh HM-100 for coleman powermate 5000 generator

A: We do not have a way to cross reference different models and are unable to find a replacement motor for you.

Does it come with a attached gas tank? Thank you Tim

A: No this does not have an attached gas tank.

does this engine have a flywheel for electric start?

A: No the flywheel is not geared to accept a starter drive gear.

Do you have an operator/owners manual available for the Tecumseh HM 100?

A: No we do not have an owners manual for this engine.

looking a the output shaft, what direction does it turn?


What is the displacement for this engine

A: Further research on the internet has yielded an old document which states the displacement as 21.82 inĀ³ or 357.58 cc.

What is the length of the warranty on this engine? Thanks

A: This is a surplus item and has a 90-day warranty.

can the flywheel be replaced with one that is geared so a starter can be hooked up and can you bypass the fixed govenor?

A: A small engine specialist would be better prepared to determine that. We have no information to suggest the possibility one way or the other.

What is the approximate B/C of the untapped holes on the rear of the engine.

A: The untapped ring of holes is a 5" bolt circle.

What oil is recommended for the 10 HP Tecumseth engine on a Generac generator? Temperatures from 15 to 45 at sea level

A: If you are speaking in Celsius; the manual recommends SAE 30. If you are speaking Fahrenheit; the manual recommends multi-grade SAE5W30 or SAE 10.

What fuel should I use in a 55 generator?

A: We have no information about what should be used in any particular generator. We can say that the manual for this specific engine only calls for: "Unleaded regular, unleaded premium, or reformulated automotive fuel only. You may use fuels with up to 10% Ethanol, 10% Grain Alcohol, 15% MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) or 15% ETBE (Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether). Do not use old or contaminated fuel, and do not use fuel containing Methanol (Wood Alchol). Do not use leaded fuel."

I have a Devliss generator with a 10 hp engine model # is HM100 Spec # 159409t Dom 02246 is this the same engine that is advertised here for $139.00 and delivery charges?

A: While it is an HM100, we do not have any other model code information to state that they are interchangeable.

Is there an electric starter available to install with this engine? 10 HP Tecumseh Generator Engine item number: 28-1741 PRICE: $139.95

A: There is not. The flywheel is not geared to accept a starter drive gear.

I have a 10hp HM100 Tecumseh engine that thows oil out of the breather hose that goes to the air cleaner. What could be the problem?

A: That sounds like oil blow-by, which can have a number of different causes. Do some research on the internet or talk to a local small-engine technician to get an idea of what may be going on with your engine.

do you have a return policy and if so what is it?

A: Returning Merchandise If you receive a product from us and are not satisfied or the item is not suitable for your application, you can return it within 30 Days, as long as the item has not been installed or modified and it is in the original manufacturers condition. A refund will be issued for the cost of the item only. All returns must be shipped back PREPAID with all original parts, manuals and accessories. We do not accept COD shipments. If a product is defective within the warranty period please contact us immediately so we may assist you. All returns must have a Return Authorization number written on the box. To obtain an authorization and shipping instructions call 1-800-488-3407 or email customerservice@surpluscenter.com

what is the chance model # is 159493 not 15493 I think this was a typo. I would like to purchase this but need to make sure it will work. Thanks

A: The Spec number on the data plate does indeed read 159493Y. We will have our information updated shortly.

How many cc is it? And can it be use for go cart or anything like that?

A: There is no displacement information in the manual. This model was meant for a generator and has a fixed-speed governor. It may be difficult to use in a go-kart application.

I have a Coleman Power Mate MAXA generator Model: PM0524000 4000 watt powered by a TECUMSEH motor MODEL NUMBER: HM80 155465 R (B) DOM: 7353R motor. Will this fit my generator.

A: We do not have any information about what model generator was originally intended for, and cannot state that it will fit what you have with any certainty. Compare your measurements and specifications to the stated attributes of this engine to make your decision. We have no access to any other models.

How many hours are these motors rated for?

A: No lifespan estimate is mentioned in the manual, nor can one be found in general.

Is this a welder too?

A: No, this is not a welder. This is a gasoline engine. It could power any number of applications if the shaft can be worked with.

Does the crankshaft have bearings?

A: There may be a ball bearing for stabilization at the flywheel end, but there is only a bushing/journal type bearing with an oil seal as the crankshaft exits the housing.

If ordered, how long does it take for you to ship?

A: Recently we have been running fairly consistently at two-day processing/packing/out the door. This may change at times.

What is the shaft height, measured from the base to the center of the shaft? Thanks!

A: The shaft centerline height is 4 5/32" (4.1562").

Will this engine replace model HM100 159386P ?

A: While it is an HM100, we do not have any other model code information to state that they are interchangeable.

I'm trying to figure out if this motor is the same one I have. If so, what is the Horse Power? Here is the information from my data plate: Model: LH358XA Spec: 159493Y (yours does not have a "Y" at the end) DOM: 07177CD0690 Engine Family: 7TPXS.3582BA Disp: 358

A: While we have no model code information to confirm that they are the same, or what any differences may be, enough of the code is similar that it's likely to be close. The information we do have stated these engines are 10 hp.

hi this motor is compatible with motor model 01306-0 PLEASE LET ME IF THIS WORK BECAUSE NEEDED THE MOTOR.

A: We have no information about what this will replace, other than it was original equipment on an unknown model Coleman Powermate generator.

Looking for data on - Spark plug gap (RC14YC): Oil level (full)?????

A: The spark plug gap as detailed in the owner's manual is 0.030"/0.76mm. The oil sump capacity is 26 oz or 1 5/8 pints/ 0.76 L.


A: That is the same exact model number as this unit. It has a pretty good chance of being the same thing.

Looking for a carburetor diagram and cleaning instructions

A: We do not have that information available. Possibly someone has that information on the internet, and can be found with a little searching. A local small engine repair specialist may also have a repair manual.

Just threw a rod on my generator. the motor is a tecumseh hm100 159409r. says the engine family is ytpxs 3582ba. Is this motor a direct replacement?

A: While it is an HM100, we do not have any other model code information to state that they are interchangeable.

This looks like the motor on my Huskie ten hp wood chipper. Do you have any info on if it will work for it. thanks for any help

A: We have no information about compatibility. This has a tapered shaft for generator use in the original application, and most likely would not mate correctly.

can I put electric starter on my hm100-159232k serial number 3196a

A: No, the flywheel does not have the gear teeth for a starter and would need to be replaced to add one.

Is the motor speed governed by a governor or the carburetor, I want to know if this product would be applicable in a go kart.

A: The exact method of governance appears to be mechanical. It would require extensive modification to be used as a go kart engine.

I purchased this 10 hp engine for a coleman powermate generator, when I opened the box I noticed the difference in the length of the crankshafts. My motor has a 2-3/4" tapered shaft and the new motor is 4-3/8". Do you have any motors with the shorter shafts and if so can I exchange the motor for the correct one?

A: No, we have no other motors like this with the tapered shaft for generator use. If you are unable to use the engine please contact our Customer Service department for return availability and instructions if applicable.

do you sell a clutch that will fit this motor preferably belt clutch?

A: We do not sell any clutches for tapered shaft other than the ones for the hydraulic clutch pumps, which utilize a much smaller shaft.

will it fit companion 5250 sears

A: Unknown.

Will this replace the motor in the Coleman Powermate 6250?

A: This engine was designed for use with a Coleman Powermate, but we have no information about which one or any other units it may work with.

I want to know db of this motor

A: No specification regarding that was provided with this engine. The only mention the manual makes to noise level is that operating engines can cause hearing damage, and that hearing protection should always be used when operating engines.

You have the piston kits for 8hp?

A: We have no repair or replacement parts.

Do you carry an electric starter for this engine?

A: We do not. The flywheel is not toothed for a starter and would need to be replaced.

Tecumseh 10hp for GT5250 Devilbiss gen. Are the two sq. plugs on either side oil drain plugs ?

A: They appear to be on the item we have.

Where do I purchase a wheel kit ?

A: The only item we have related to the generators is this engine. We have no other parts or information other than what has already been specified.

If I have a FedEx account is possible that you ship it to Puerto Rico?

A: We ship worldwide, please contact our Customer Service department with your order and shipping details and we can provide a quote for you.

I have a coleman powermate 5000 YTPXS 3582BA its this motor the same

A: Unknown. We have no information about what is used on any particular generator.

How much gas does a 10 HP tecumseh use to run a generator, per hour approximately.

A: We have no information regarding the fuel consumption rates for any application.

Will this engine replace a b&s 19g412 ?

A: That is unknown.

will this engine fit or replace model 01140-0 on a generac 5000 watts power generator

A: This engine was designed for use with a Coleman Powermate, but we have no information about which one or any other units it may work with.

on 10hp Tecumseh how do wires go to on and off switch green,brown,black with on at top off at bottem. thank you

A: With the switch installed as pictured, the factory attachments are: Brown from the low-oil sensor to the upper terminal marked L; Black ground from the block to the center terminal marked 3; Green from the coil to the lower terminal marked 2.

Can I use this engine to replace the blown one on my Coleman Powermate 6250 generator ?

A: We cannot guarantee a fit, but it may be close enough to work without modification. That was the original application, but we do not know what series/model/size it went on.

Replacement carburetor for this engine Model 01140-0 Carb. 5115A9L Thanks

A: We do not have parts for this item.

looking for the recoil pulley

A: We do not have parts for these engines.

What type of oil is recommended for a 10 horsepower Tecumseh motor for a generator (Coleman Powermate 5000) ?

A: For this particular engine, Tecumseh recommended: Temperature range 32 degrees F to 100+ degrees F: Straight Grade SAE 30 Temperature range 40 degrees F to -20 degrees F : Multi Grade SAE 5W30 or SAE 10 Temperature range 40 degrees F to -40 degrees F : Synthetic SAE0W30 Detergent type oil, marked A.P.I. Service SL/SJ Sump capacity is 26 oz/.76 L

What kind of spark plug for this size engine

A: The spark plug supplied in our display model is a Champion RJ17LM. The manufacturer recommends a gap of .030 in/.76mm.

i have a 10hp tecumseh engine on my generator that is blown the item # is spm7850599211 will the 10hp tecumseh item #28-1741 replace it

A: We have no reference information to confirm compatibility.

Will motor replace a 19g412 brigg from a 5000w powerbase?

A: Unknown.

I have this engine (10HP TEC) on a generator that was given to me.I'm looking for the engine manual. Do have those available?

A: We do not, no.

Is this motor compatibile to my Generac, 5000 watt generator with a 10 hp tecumseh motor. Model# 01140-0 ,,,Serial # 6485211.

A: That is unknown.

Have a 5000 watt Colman Generator 10 Hp. tecumsth engin. What is the best Spark plug to put in it. Thanks

A: We do not have any information regarding the manufacturer recommendations.

i have a 10 hp tecumseh mod.# hm00 159059m and would like to know how i can get a wiring schematic for this particular model! it looks exactly as the one in this page that i am viewing. thanks for any help you can provide m.k.

A: We do not have any wiring schematic for this engine.

What is the lowest cost to ship this 10 hp engine to area code o4259 Monmouth Maine

A: Please contact our Customer Service department, or utilize the shipping calculator on each item's web page.

does this engine have a 12 volt out put for charging batteries/operating accesories?

A: We do not have any information regarding a charging circuit on this unit.

i have a tecumseh 10 hp for a coleman powermate 5000w ,which have a taper shaft of 2- 3/4 inch long .Do you have a spacer adapter to match you taper of 4- 3/16?

A: We have no accessories or spacers for this engine, no.

Do you have a spacer adapter for a tecumsech hm-100 that have a 2 - 3/4 inch taper shaft .this is for a coleman maxa powermate. Since yours has a 4- 3/16 taper shaft.

A: We have no accessories or spacers for this engine, no.

What carburetor will fit this engine?

A: This should take a standard Tecumseh type small engine carburetor.

I have a Briggs & Stratton generator with a 10hp model 6BSXS.3 422HT. Will this motor fit in place off the original?

A: We don't have any information regarding what this engine originally went on, and can't say for sure that it will fit.

What is the shaft height; bottom of base mount to the center of the shaft?

A: The shaft centerline height is 4 5/32" (4.1562")

Will this engine replace the engine on a Generac EP-5000 serial/model #HM100-159252-L (B) 3305D Thank you

A: We don't have any information regarding that product, and are unable to confirm that it will work as a replacement.

Would this engine work to couple to a hydraulic pump assuming I can find the correct shaft coupler?

A: It could do that. You will probably have to take the crankshaft out and have it machined to a normal keyed end.

Is this suitable for hydraulic use

A: It could be used to drive a hydraulic pump. The crankshaft would have to be modified since it has a tapered end.

I have a Tecumseh HM100 159436P with electric start that is on a Generac PP5000 portable generator. Can I swap the Flywheel off of the HM-100 to make this an electric start?

A: Sorry we can't answer that. It would seem likely but we don't have any info to verify it.

replacing a T.. 10 HP log splitter model1194D will this work? I don't understand the shaft part very well

A: This engine has a special tapered shaft meant for use with a generator. It could be used for other applications with some custom machine work to the crankshaft. For a log splitter it would be better to just buy a standard 10 HP engine.

Is this engine a direct replacement for a. Robin 5fjxs.2872ga. EX30 ???

A: Sorry no cross reference information is available.

Does it have starter ring on flywheel

A: No this does not have a starter ring.

where is the oil drain plug located on this engine? I don't see it in the picture

A: There is a drain plug on either side, very low, between the mounting holes.

Does this engine come with installation instructions to put on a Coleman Powermate 5,000/6200watt Generator?

A: Sorry there is no paperwork provided with these engines.

Hello Can this engine be used on a Devilbiss GT5250? Original engine is Tecumseh HM100, Spec 159409V. Thanks

A: We don't have info on applications for this engine. If the HP is adequate for your generator the main factor would be crankshaft dimensions which you would have to measure your old engine to determine.

how can i get a puley on this for my rear tine tiller

A: The first stepped down section of the crankshaft is 7/8" dia. It does not have a keyway. You could put a pulley on it but will have to check it's alignment with the other pulley already on the machine.

does it have a gear ring on the flywheel

A: No there is not a ring gear on the flywheel.

is there a starter kit for this engine? I have trouble starting this in cold weather

A: Sorry no starter kit is available.

Can this engine be used for a go kart motor?

A: Probably not a good choice for go kart. This has a fixed throttle and governor plus the tapered shaft you would have to deal with.

I have a 2001 Coleman powermate 5000 will this work for that model? Thank you for your time. Andrew

A: These were made for Coleman Powermate generators so they should work.

I have an older model Bolens ST1032 snow thrower with a really beat up 10 HP Tecumseh. Can I use this motor to replace my snow thrower's motor directly? I think the machine is mid-80s. I am concerned about the bolt pattern for mounting and the shaft dimensions. I have not taken apart my machine yet, so I'm not sure if the shaft is tapered like this or not. Did Tecumseh make multiple variants of the 10HP motor, or are they basically all the same?

A: There were many variations of the 10 HP engines that Tecumseh made. The tapered shaft was used almost exclusively for generator applications.

Do you carry a pulley that will mount on this engine?

A: No we do not

I have a model PM52-5302 Coleman Maxa 5000 ER Plus. Will this motor fit?

A: No. We have no way of telling what other models it will fit. You will need to compare the specs.

Does it have a cast iron flywheel or aluminum?

A: It has a Cast Iron flywheel

can this engine be used as a replacement for an Coleman Powermate generator

A: That is the application these were made for. Should be an exact replacement.

What is engine family spec?

A: Full model specs on this engine are: Model LH358XA, Spec 159493Y and Family 7TPXS.3582BA.

What is the rotation of the shaft on the Tecumseh 10 hp engine viewed from the shaft end?

A: The crankshaft will rotate CCW when viewed from the end.

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10 HP 305cc Tecumseh Generator Engine LH358XA
Item Number: 28-1741
Price: $139.95
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