4.95 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-80-E2-SL-S

Item Number: 9-7368-80

Price: $284.55
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4.95 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-80-E2-SL-S

4.95 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-80-E2-SL-S

item number: 9-7368-80 PRICE: $284.55 Out of Stock - More on Order Regular Stock Item

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4.95 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-80-E2-SL-S
Item Number: 9-7368-80
Price: $284.55
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Brand new, hydraulic motor with agricultural standard six tooth splined shaft. Tapered roller bearings on output shaft for high axial and radial load capacity. Shaft has retention groove centered 1-1/2" from shaft end.
Interchangeable with the following motor lines: CHAR-LYNN 2000, DANFOSS OMS/OMSS, WHITE RE/DH, PARKER-ROSS MB/TF.

  • Disp. 4.95 cu. in./rev.
  • Motor Type Geroler
  • Pressure:
      2576 PSI cont.
      3091 PSI int.
  • Torque:
      1682 in-lbs. cont.
      2124 in-lbs. int.
  • Speed:
      800 RPM cont.
      990 RPM int.
  • Flow:
      17.1 GPM cont.
      21.0 GPM int.
  • Rotation Reversible
  • Mount 2 bolt SAE A
  • Shaft 1-3/8" 6T spline, 4" long
  • Rqd. Filtration 25 Micron
  • Ports SAE 10
  • Case Drain SAE 4
  • Size 6-5/8" x 5-3/16" x 4-1/16"
  • Shpg. 26 lbs.
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What bushing will I need to convert ports from SAE 10 to 1/2 NPT female? Thanks

A: Item 9-6900-10-8 will convert this from SAE 10 to 1/2" NPTF.

What would the rated HP be for this motor? I have a JD 5065E tractor rated at 2828 PSI and 11.4GPM Wanting to convert dougherty TR3200 3 point tree saw to front of tractor. Thanks, B

A: At 2576 psi (which is the max continuous psi rating), this motor will achieve 21.3 HP.

I have a 675b John Deere skid steer with 14gpm at 2800 rpm. I’m looking at putting this pump on a 5ft brush hog will this work? Also what slip clutch you recommend to go with it.

A: We;re sorry. That is not a question we can answer.

I have a 27 hp tractor and a 4ft bush hog that I like to convert to use a hydraulic motor for it. Engine rpm s are 2600, and 54.5 foot pounds of torque 6.2 gpm. Would this motor work or which one do you recommend

A: Please contact our Product Support staff at 1-800-488-3407 so that we may better assist you.

I have a xr4145 Ls tractor with a 8.2 gpm implement pump and was wondering if this hydraulic motor would be enough to use on a 5 ft bush hog on the FEL. Please advise

A: We're sorry. That is not a question we can answer.

Can you tell me if this motor would work, or any of the hydraulic motors listed on your website, would work in the category of post hole auger. Any information is appreciated. Thanks

A: Many of the hydraulic motors could work in that application if the system was designed and sized properly. With no information about the system specifications or the output requirements we cannot match a motor to your needs.

Hi, Like many I am trying to match a hydraulic motor to a 4’ brush hog mower to mount on a mini skid steer. I’ve got a Vermeer s600tx 13.2 gpm 3000 psi. The mower operates efficiently at 25-45 hp and the usual 540 rpm. Will this pump work or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

A: If this motor is used on that system, and the pressure is regulated down to the 2576 psi continuous rating using item 9-8745 then it will only generate 16.44 Hp with an output speed of 616 rpm. Even if operated at the intermittent pressure rating (not recommended) it would still only produce 19 Hp. The stated output of the hydraulic system calculates out to 23 Hp to begin with, before any losses incurred through the motor. Any system operated hydraulically will start out below the efficient operating range of the mower. Because of this, if operated hydraulically the speed of mowing will need to be adjusted accordingly, and less efficient operation than if operated directly from the PTO must be accepted.

I want to run this motor off my kubota the skidloader the skidloader has 92 horse and the psi is 3185 standard flow s 42 horse high flow is 62.2 horse the gpm is 23 at low and 33 gpm at high would i be able to run this motor on a 8 ft snowblower

A: The existing standard flow and pressure of your equipment are greater than the continuous ratings of the motor. If the system were limited to the continuous ratings through accessory valving the motor would, at best, produce approximately 21.3 Hp with an output speed of 800 rpm. Based on the horsepower requirements for various blower attachments, this motor would not power your blower.

How do I reverse the direction on this hydraulic motor

A: If this motor is connected to a double acting directional control valve, simply shift the spool the other direction. If no directional control valve is being used, and the motor is never intended to reverse, then exchanging the hose which provides the powered input fluid with the return line will be necessary. Please contact our Product Support department for further assistance.

I want to mount a 5 ft bush hog to front end loader, 65 hp 19 gmw 2300 psi, using remotes. Will the 2500psi keep me from doing this?xzrxf

A: This motor will operate at 2300 psi easily. The flow will need to be reduced to the continuous rating of 17 gpm if used on a cutter. At that flow and pressure this motor will turn 793 rpm with a total output of 18.8 Hp. This may not be enough power to operate your cutter well. Check the requirements for the minimum power for your cutter, as well as the the maximum input rpm.

Looking for a hydraulic drive to run a 540 pto powered boom spray pump and spreader. What would you recommend? Will running on a tractor with 35 gpm

A: The only thing we have which will tolerate that flow is item 9-8635.

I have an older Bobcat 843. I think the max gpm is 15 and pressure relieves between 2200-2400. I am interested in converting a small brush hog to run off the hydraulics. looking at the specs of this motor I have a feeling that my hp will be too low and won't operate the brush hog effectively. Am I right?

A: Your total output would be below 18 horsepower, which be too low to operate a rotary cutter satisfactorily. Check the minimum power rating for the cutter in question as a starting point.

I have a bobcat 7753 with 15gpm and roughly 3000psi. Will this setup be able to spin an attachment rated at 540?

A: After the pressure is reduced to the rated continuous 2500 psi the motor can tolerate, with 15 gpm this motor would produce approximately 700 rpm. The total rated output would be around 18 Hp with that speed and pressure.

Looking to run a second hay rake in a tandem hitch. Owners manual says that the rake needs 30-35hp to run at 540rpm. I run the rake slower maybe around 400rpm, never run the tractor at pto speed seems to run the rake to fast and is rough on the hay resulting in excessive leaf loss. Tractor hydraulic output is 9.5 gpm at 2500psi. Would this motor be capable of running this? Or is there a different motor that would be better suited?

A: No. Your total hydraulic output only yields 13.8 Hp before any losses taken by powering a motor. Any motor, even if it were able to turn at the correct rpm for the application, would be far short of power to operate the equipment in a satisfactory manner.

I have a GEHL 4835 SXT skid steer loader with standard flow aux hydraulics. I would like to convert an old rotary cutter I have to run off the aux hydraulics from the skid steer. The main hydraulic system pressure is 2750 psi. And the standard flow rate from the aux hydraulics is 19 gallons a minute. I'm wondering if this motor would be able to turn the input shaft of the rotary mower gear box at 540 rpm? If not could you recommend one that would be able to accomplish this? Also looking for recommendations on what cushion valve you would recommend to allow for proper motor coast down when the aux hydraulics were turned off. Thank you

A: This is not the best motor, because it cannot tolerate your flow continuously. It would also be spinning far too fast. Item 9-7368-125 would turn approximately 575 rpm at that flow, and is rated for continuous operation with that input. When used in conjunction with item 9-8745 (SAE 12 30 GPM Hyd Motor Relief Bypass Valve) it may operate your cutter; providing that your cutter is rated to operate with only 25 Hp input. If your cutter is rated to operate with a minimum Hp higher than this combination can produce, you may see poor or unsatisfactory operation.

I have a John Deere 110 TLB tractor. I was able to establish that the output to the auxiliary ports is 3000 psi with 10.5 gpm. My manual recommends against using a hydraulic motor because the control valve on the loader has a regenerative circuit. Is there any way to protect a hydraulic motor in this circumstance. My desire is to run a 4ft shredder on hydraulic pto motor off of the loader.

A: We don't have enough information about the system you wish to operate from to state either possibility or suitability. Please contact our Product Support department with more information.

What kind of horsepower would I get with 2500 psi and 5.5 gpm?

A: That would produce about 10.5 Hp with an output rpm of 256.

Hello, I have a 384 Leyland farm tractor, 70 hp, hydraulic flow of 7.8gpm. I would like to power a two star tedder being pulled behind my hay crimper. Will this motor run a hay tedder at a continuous flow with a variable flow valve from a plow truck spreader. This valve will give me diff speeds for running the tedder while the crimper is running about 16-1800 rpms. The tedder is recommended for a 20-60 hp tractor.

A: Even at the full 7.8 gpm, this motor will only turn 364 rpm. At that speed with the torque available at the rated continuous pressure, the motor will only produce approximately 9.7 HP. Based on the input rating of the equipment, we can only conclude that it will not work.

I have a 742b bobcat with a flow rate of 11gpm at 2300 psi. I'm wanting to convert a pto driven tiller to hydraulic drive. Can u tell me what the rpm of this motor will be with my flow. Or is there a better fit for my needs. Thank you

A: At 11 gpm this motor will turn approximately 513 rpm. At that rpm and the rated continuous pressure of 2576 psi, this motor will produce approximately 13.65 Hp.

Will this replace a Parker TFO100ASO30BBFC?

A: No. A closer match would be 9-7081-100, but the last four characters indicate the possibility of an internal relief which our motor would not have.

I Have an older 1974 bobcat 610 skidsteer ,I am looking to run a finishmower which needs a hydraulic motor ,I have the manual for this machine which states the min flow is 11 gpm at 2800 rpm and the relief setting is 1700psi do you think the 4.95 cu motor would come close to the needed 540 rpm

A: At that flow rate, this motor would turn approximately 512 rpm.

I have a 530 bobcat that puts out 8.33 gpm 2500 psi. What motor would you recommend to run a bush hog? What relief valve would I need also so the blades can free spin on the off position? thank you for the info

A: At that input flow this motor would only put out 389 rpm max. That may not be enough to run a bush hog. Item 9-8745 is designed to provide relief protection and motor spin down in that type of application.

Will this motor suit a skid steer with 16.1 gal/min and 2440 psi. What horsepower can I expect?

A: The flow and pressure of that equipment is compatible with the continuous ratings of this motor. Under those conditions this motor should produce approximately 18.99 Hp.

My Skid Steer Loader puts out 16.9 gpm with a relief pressure of 3300 psi. What rpm and hp will I have from this motor? Will item number 9-8745 work for a mower for rundown protection? Will I need to have a pressure relief valve installed?

A: At that flow rate, the motor would theoretically turn 789 rpm. At the rated continuous pressure and torque with that rpm, the total Hp would be approximately 21. Pressure relief would be required on that system to limit the skidsteer pressure down to what the motor will tolerate on a continuous basis. 9-8745 would provide both pressure relief and a coasting loop circuit in that application.

I have a Bobcat s185 with a pump flow capacity of 16.9 with a relief valve pressure at 3300psi. I would like to know how many HP that would supply to the motor. I am looking to run a forage wagon that is loaded with straw but I want to be able to operate the hydraulic from out side of the bobcat. Will the motor work for this and what do I need to make this happen?

A: At that flow rate, the motor would theoretically turn 789 rpm. At the rated continuous pressure and torque with that rpm, the total Hp would be approximately 21. Pressure relief would be required on that system to limit the skidsteer pressure down to what the motor will tolerate on a continuous basis. 9-8745 would provide both pressure relief and a coasting loop circuit in that application.

Can this unit run a snowblower?

A: If the snowblower is of the appropriate size for the output of this motor, yes.

I want to convert a post hole borer from PTO drive to hydraulic and mount the converted equipment on a 3 ton excavator. I plan to mount the hydraulic motor on the input shaft on the gearbox on the borer, has your mot or being used for this application in the past? Regards Hugh

A: This series of motors has been used in this and similar applications in the past. While we cannot attest to the success rate, we can say that attention should be paid to the continuous operating pressure and flow limitations in any application of these.

Tell me can I use this motor with my pump this series 9-7503-16 want to use it to rotate the tower crane arm,if not then what can you offer for this pump.

A: Because the pump is two-stage, it would be impossible to be sure that it would stay in one flow range or the other unless the pressure created by the application was monitored constantly and the shift pressure of the pump was known precisely. Otherwise it could lead to a situation where the rotation is one speed, then jumps to another speed with no warning, leading to hazardous circumstances. We have a wide range of single stage pumps which could easily satisfy the application, if the desired rotation speed was known in relation to pump flow required. As long as the motor has adequate torque at the rated pressure, it could work. We strongly suggest not using a two stage pump to power it.

I'm looking to turn my 4' brush hog mower in to a hydraulic drive.. I have a mimi-x Komatsu pc35 R8 ..33 horsepower ..hydraulic pump flow capacity 26.5 gallons a minute.. will this pump work for me. Please let me know if u need any other information about my machine. Thanks Dave.

A: Your system has a flow and pressure rating much higher than this motor can tolerate continuously or intermittently. You would need to add flow control and relief valving to protect the motor. You will need to calculate at what rpm you wish to turn the motor, and adjust your flow accordingly. You will then need to judge if at that flow and rated continuous pressure will have enough Hp to turn your mower with enough power. If the calculated Hp output of the motor is close to or in excess of what the mower requires, then it could work.

Does this motor just require 2 hoses that connect to your bobcat and that is all you hook up?

A: As long as the flow and pressure on the equipment do not exceed the maximum continuous ratings of the motor, yes. If the ratings are exceeded flow and pressure control valving would be necessary.

I have a kubota 3430 tractor with a front end loader. It has 13.2 total flow. Can I mount this pump on the front to run a 30 inch tree cutter?

A: At 13.2 gpm, this motor (with no losses) would turn 678 rpm. We do carry steel mounts for this motor, (items 9-K2 and 9-HB-A). The question of suitability for your application is outside our ability to advise. We do sponsor the 'Build It Yourself' and 'Hydraulics' forums at tractorbynet.com where a number of people have done similar things and may be able to advise you better.

I have an 84 hp skidsteer that flows 23gpm @ 3335 psi. Want to run an auger that requires 50 - 60 hp. Will something like this work? Thanks

A: No. The maximum HP output of these motors at their rated continuous flow and pressure is less than 30 at best.

Does this motor have an internal bypass circuit to allow mower blades to spool down after hydro shutoff? If not, can you recommend an external bypass valve setup appropriate for brush hog application?

A: These motors do not have an internal bypass. The ideal protection for the motor would be an overrunning clutch assembly to allow the blades to spin down without turning the motor shaft. If that is unavailable, two tees and a one way check can allow the motor to coast to a stop if installed properly. A double relief valve can also be installed for added protection.

Hello, I am considering using this motor to run a grain auger. Powering it will be a case 448 garden tractor. The pump is 9gpm at 2200psi, what will the pto speed be?

A: You will have about 400 RPM.

Hello, I'm trying to power a 6FT3 point brush hog with a 1997 1700C Scat Trak. The AUX GPM is 14.5 but I can find the pressure rating. Can you please let me know what unit would work the best. From what I have read from other similar machines it is close to 2100 psi con. Thank you.

A: If you are trying to get an output RPM of 540, item 9-7368-100 would get you closest with an output of 544 @ 14.5 GPM input. Keep in mind that even at the rated continuous pressure (2576 psi)and higher rated flow (19.7gpm) this motor will only generate 25 HP. If the cutter's HP draw is equal to or less than that it stands the possibility of working.

Can this be used as a pump driven by a pro at 540 rpm

A: No, this motor cannot be used as a pump due to the internal construction.

Hello, I purchased this pump to run 3 point hitch accessories from my BobCat 753. Flow rate is 14gpm and 2540psi. It has done well with all the implements with the exception of my 5ft rototiller. My question is would the 6.1 pump be a better choice for this? The small pump works but does not offer enough torque to dig more that about 3 inches deep in soil. Will my machine support the larger pump? Thank you.

A: It will help to go with the larger displacement motor. Your speed will drop off to about 500 RPM with your flow rate but the torque will increase about 30%. Whether this is enough is not known. Perhaps the tiller manufacturer could supply info on how much torque is needed.

Looking to purchase this item to run at 540 rpm.What pump would work for this?

A: This motor requires about 13 GPM to turn the shaft at 540.

I plan to use this to run a bush hog. My CAT 247B produces 15.6gpm and maximum 3335psi. What kind of rpms should I expect it to achieve? Do you think it will handle the GPM and PSI if I don't run max rpm on the machine? Or should I get the 6.15cu in? Thanks Jeff

A: Your listed flow rate is right for this item to get 540 RPM output. The 6.15 cu in would be slower. These are rated for 2576 PSI continuous and it would be best to operate within that pressure.

I have 16 gal/ min flow. 12.8 flow at 2500 psi. will this equated to 540 rpm or close? If this pump isnt right can you recommend one. Im trying to power a 6 foot finish mower but i can get a five foot if i need to. Also can you tell me about a back pressure relief valve i may need.

A: Your 12.8 GPM will give right at 540 RPM output on the motor. I think you are looking for a cushion valve such as item 9-4019-75-H.

I want this motor to drive a hydraulic pump on a 3 point backhoe, what I'm driving it with carries 2200 psi and flows 11 gallons per minute. I need it to roughly maintain 540 rpm. Can this motor do this?

A: The RPM will be approximately 500 with 11 GPM input to the motor.

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4.95 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-80-E2-SL-S
Item Number: 9-7368-80
Price: $284.55
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4.95 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-80-E2-SL-S
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