6.15 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-100-E2-SL-S

Item Number: 9-7368-100

Price: $304.60
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6.15 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-100-E2-SL-S

6.15 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-100-E2-SL-S

item number: 9-7368-100 PRICE: $304.60 Out of Stock - More on Order Regular Stock Item

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6.15 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-100-E2-SL-S
Item Number: 9-7368-100
Price: $304.60
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Brand new, hydraulic motor with agricultural standard six tooth splined shaft. Tapered roller bearings on output shaft for high axial and radial load capacity. Shaft has retention groove centered 1-1/2" from shaft end.
Interchangeable with the following motor lines: CHAR-LYNN 2000, DANFOSS OMS/OMSS, WHITE RE/DH, PARKER-ROSS MB/TF.

  • Disp. 6.15 cu. in./rev.
  • Motor Type Geroler
  • Pressure:
      2576 PSI cont.
      3091 PSI int.
  • Torque:
      2124 in-lbs. cont.
      2655 in-lbs. int.
  • Speed:
      748 RPM cont.
      900 RPM int.
  • Flow:
      19.7 GPM cont.
      23.6 GPM int.
  • Rotation Reversible
  • Mount 2 bolt SAE A
  • Shaft 1-3/8" 6T spline, 4" long
  • Rqd. Filtration 25 Micron
  • Ports SAE 10
  • Case Drain SAE 4
  • Size 6-7/8" x 5-3/16" x 4-1/16"
  • Shpg. 27 lbs.
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Can you get this pump with a female 540 shaft? I am wanting to run a 3 point mounted snowblower on my skid loader but the gearbox has the male 540 shaft coming out of it after removing the extendable shaft that would normally go to the tractor. Or is there a coupler to connect the two male ends? Thanks in advance

A: This motor is not available with 540 female, but item #1-1562 would connect two male shafts.

I have a dozer that has a 20 gpm max attachment circuit at 3000psi. How much HP will this motor put out at those specs.?

A: On an intermittent basis (defined as 10% run time, or 6 minutes out of every hour) it would run with that input at 31 Hp. If the motor were protected from excessive pressure and limited to the continuous operating pressure of 2576 psi, it would operate at 25 Hp.

Hello, I want to use This motor to run a brush hog mower and a PTO post hole digger on my skid steer. The skid steer is rate at 20GPM and 2500 PSI. How much HP will I generate and what speed? Will I need a pressure relief and if so, which one so I can make it reversible? Thanks

A: With those input values you can expect to see 751 rpm, with 2050 in/lbs torque and a 24.6 Hp output. The values are .03 gpm over the continuous rating for flow, and within the continuous rating for pressure. You will not need a pressure relief valve for operation, but some method of allowing for unloaded coast-to-stop (like item 9-8745 or similar) in the cutter application is recommended.

Will this work with a 6' brush hog on a skid loader that has 15 gpm and 2300 psi out put?

A: With those input values, this motor would produce approximately 563 rpm with 1896 in/lbs of torque resulting in a total power of around 16 Hp. If this is within the minimum Hp requirements for your cutter, it may work.

would this work on my brush hog conversion to hydraulic PTO drive. I have a 27 hp tractor. I;m in the process of converting my bush hog into a hydraulic driven brush hog.

A: Due the the losses inherent in transferring the power from mechanical to hydraulic and from hydraulic back to mechanical, it would be unlikely that it would operate the cutter with enough power or speed to be functional. Most cutters are 25 Hp minimum power, and even with no information about the system any PTO motor would be putting out much less than 20 hp based on losses alone.

If I put this on a mower and run it on a machine that puts out 18 GPM @ 3000 PSI, would I need to add a relief valve? I am guessing normally the pressure would run much lower unless it hits something?

A: It's always a good idea to protect components from excessive pressure generated by a system when it exceeds the continuous operating pressure of the component. It can help minimize any damage which could occur if something were to be hit unintentionally.

I have a dozer that has a 20 gpm max attachment circuit at 3000psi. Will the 6.15 ci 6 spline ag motor need a pressure relief valve plumbed in to not ruin the motor?

A: Yes, a double relief will set to the motor's continuous operating pressure will need to be plumbed in to protect it.

I see that it's not a necessity to use the case drain when this motor is used singly. Would it damage or be of any benefit to the pump to plumb it into the return line with the rest of the oil returning to the tank? Of the 3 options (leave it plugged, dedicated return to the tank, dumped into the motors return line to the tank) which one would be the worst for the motor?

A: From the manufacturer's literature: "Case Drain- In applications without a motor drain line, the pressure exerted on the shaft seal is marginally in excess of the return line pressure. When the drain line is used, the pressure exerted on the shaft seal is equal to the return line pressure." For this model at the full rated continuous rpm, the shaft seal is rated for approximately 300 psi. Operation without the case drain can lead to shaft seal failure if the return line exceeds that pressure. It would be best to have a dedicated return to tank if return line pressures will approach that value.

Would this be good motor to run on a 6ft mower 540rpm with a 46hp skid steer 15.5gpm and 2500psi?

A: With those input values this motor would turn approximately 582 rpm with a total horsepower output of 19.6. If your 6 foot mower will operate satisfactorily for you with that power; which is typically below the minimum horsepower rating of comparable mowers that size, it may. Check to see what the minimum hp rating of the mower is or you could be very unsatisfied with the performance.

I am attempting to run a small shredder (4 ft) to cut weeds and grass, I have only 5.5 gpm flow at 2500 psi. what would be the best PTO motor for this application

A: Even the smallest displacement PTO drive motor (9-7368-80) would only turn 257 rpm with that input flow. At that flow and pressure you would only generate approximately 6.8 Hp. It is very unlikely that it would provide any satisfactory performance from the shredder. There may not be a good hydraulic solution to your application.

Designing a system with this motor in mind. Could you recommend a pump to achieve a rotation speed of 600rpm, 2500psi system pressure with a pump rotational speed of 2000rpm.

A: The only pump in our stock that would produce the flow necessary to generate that rpm with this motor is item 9-4443- (B or D;depending on rotation desired)

What is the duty cycle for running 3000 psi?

A: The manufacturer does not quantify what 'intermittent' means in any way, unfortunately.

Tapered roller bearings is correct? Can this be used as a pump?

A: Tapered roller bearings, yes. This cannot be used as a pump.

What size o-ring fitting should I get for this? Is SAE -10 5/8 or 3/4"?

A: SAE 10 is roughly equal to 5/8" i.d. As long as the fitting threading into the motor is SAE 10, there are a variety of adapters to convert to other sizes and thread types.

I need to put this on my tractor to replace the gear driven PTO due to gear falure. Is this something this pump will do?

A: When supplied with the proper flow and pressure, the motor will turn at appoximately PTO speed with up to 20-25 Hp. If that is enough for your application it would work.

will this work for a post hole digger drive motor

A: Under the right input conditions and with the right auger it could. We cannot say if it is the right thing for your application with no information.

I hope to use this motor to turn a brush cutter gearbox using skidsteer power. 12 gpm and 3050psi.Also plan on purchasing a 9-8745 relief valve, is the any more needed to reduce pressure ?

A: No. The 9-8475 will protect the powered side from excessive equipment pressure, and does not allow for reverse operation. If that is what your application needs, it should work.

I have a Bobcat 763 with an output of 15 GPM and as near as I can tell 3000 psi. Looking to use 1 3/8 6 spline Ag shaft motor to get 540 RPM and between 25 - 30 HP output what would be my best choice?

A: At 15 gpm input, our item 9-7368-100 would have a theoretical rpm of 563. At the motor's continuous pressure rating of 2500 psi it would generate about 25 hp. If the Bobcat output is higher than 2500 psi, either a relief valve will have to be installed to protect the motor, or the duty cycle will have to be shortened.

I need a motor to run a brush hog that was originally on a tractor(540 RPM0. I am putting it on my skid steer. The skid steer has auxiliary hydraulics that I am going to run it from. The hydraulics are 22 GPM @ 3000 PSI. What size motor will I need? Also the hydro's are either on or off, so I don't want the cutter to come to an abrupt stop. Is there a check valve that I can use to let the blades "free spin" to a stop once the pressure is turned off?

A: These motors are not rated for that flow and pressure continuously. Using flow control and a double relief valve would make it safer to run one of these motors in that application. Using a check valve and tees, while not the best solution, will help protect the motor shaft from damage when the hydraulic valves are closed. An overrunning clutch assembly would be best. Keep in mind that the total output of one these motors will not exceed 26 HP at best, depending on which model. If this is not enough HP to run the cutter to specifications, it may lead to a disappointing result. Check to see what the HP requirement of the cutter is. If it does appear feasible, size the motor so that you achieve the target RPM (540) with the flow you wish to use. A fixed priority divider at 14 GPM would make this motor run approximately 525 RPM.

Will a 2 stage hydraulic pump operate this pto effectively? It is rated at 16gpm but only 650 psi in stage 1. Stage 2 says 3.5gpm at 2500 psi. Max PSI is 3000. Not sure what that all means. looking for a way to convert a short PTO truck auger to a hydraulic drive unit.

A: Because pressure in a system is a function to the load put upon it, you may find a system built like that hopping between way too fast and way too slow, depending on how the load is reacting. A two stage pump can be unpredictable with motors. A single stage pump would smooth out the speed.

I have a Bobcat S130 with a 16.9 gal/min flow and 2600 psi. What rpm & hp can I expect from the 6.15 hyd motor.

A: With no losses, you can expect approximately 634 rpm, and about 21.6 HP at that pressure.

Will I need to do anything with the case drain or can I leave it plugged? Thanks

A: If you are using the motor singly, you can usually leave it plugged in this model. Some models depend on case drain flow for lubrication and case venting.

I have a Kubota kx040 17.2 gpm at 2500 Psi what Rpm and horsepower will I achieve with this motor?

A: With that input and no losses you would get approximately 646 rpm with 2061 lb/in torque, giving about 21 HP output.

which port do I pressurize to get clockwise rotation?

A: If the port closest to the shaft is the inlet, and the port farthest from the shaft is the outlet, the motor should provide CW rotation as looking at the shaft.

I have a bobcat 773g that specs say 2800 psi andgpm of 16.7.what rpms and hp should I expect 6.15 hyd motor?

A: You would have about 600 RPM. Torque is 2500 in.lbs. and the HP approximately 24.

I have a Cat 257. The machine makes 15.9 GPM and 3300 PSI at top operating RPMs. Will my machine spin this motor?

A: Yes it will give about 540 RPM with that flow. Your pressure is over the rating so a relief valve would be good to keep from exceeding the rated PSI of the motor.

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6.15 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-100-E2-SL-S
Item Number: 9-7368-100
Price: $304.60
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6.15 cu in PTO Drive Motor Dynamic BMSY-100-E2-SL-S
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