9.59 cu in PTO Drive Motor BMSY160E2SLS

Item Number: 9-7368-160

Price: $341.10
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9.59 cu in PTO Drive Motor BMSY160E2SLS

9.59 cu in PTO Drive Motor BMSY160E2SLS

item number: 9-7368-160 PRICE: $341.10 7 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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9.59 cu in PTO Drive Motor BMSY160E2SLS
Item Number: 9-7368-160
Price: $341.10
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Brand new, hydraulic motor with agricultural standard six tooth splined shaft. Tapered roller bearings on output shaft for high axial and radial load capacity. Shaft has retention groove centered 1-1/2" from shaft end.
Interchangeable with the following motor lines: CHAR-LYNN 2000, DANFOSS OMS/OMSS, WHITE RE/DH, PARKER-ROSS MB/TF.

  • Disp. 9.59 cu. in./rev.
  • Motor Type Geroler
  • Pressure:
      2208 PSI cont.
      3091 PSI int.
  • Torque:
      2780 in-lbs. cont.
      3805 in-lbs. int.
  • Speed:
      470 RPM cont.
      560 RPM int.
  • Flow:
      19.7 GPM cont.
      23.6 GPM int.
  • Rotation Reversible
  • Mount 2 bolt SAE A
  • Shaft 1-3/8" 6T spline, 4" long
  • Rqd. Filtration 25 Micron
  • Ports SAE 10
  • Case Drain SAE 4
  • Size 7-3/8" x 5-3/16" x 4-1/16"
  • Shpg. 29 lbs.
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Which of your reseal kits would be used to rebuild this motor? Thanks

A: The item number for the seal kit is 61591.

What is the recommended hose size for this motor?

A: We do not have any way to calculate what size hose would be best for your application.

Do you have a motor that would run a 1000 PTO implement. Need running speed of between 900 and 1000 RPM. Implement HP requirement: 60 HP Available Hyd Flow: up to 45 GPM

A: We cannot answer questions such as this via FAQ. Please contact our Product Support staff at 1-800-488-3407 so we may better assist you.

I want to run a 5’ tiller what pump at 1450rpm would I need to get 20-40hp or what combination and motor /pump would work soil is class 2 Loam and will be plowed first

A: Please contact our Product Support department to further discuss your application.

I am wanting to run a hydraulic brush cutter with a John Deere 5065E, implement GPM is 11.4 Which one would you recommend. Thanks

A: At best, using items 9-7386-80 (motor) and 9-8745 (hydraulic motor relief bypass valve-both protects the motor from the excessive pressure of your system and allows the blade to coast to a stop); you would get 532 rpm output. With that speed and the limited pressure to protect the motor you would have 14 Hp to drive the cutter. Given that the minimum rated power for satisfactory operation for most cutters we have done research on is at least 20, if not 25 hp; you may find that a cutter would perform poorly when operated in this fashion.

Hi I would like to run a J and M Chaser with a 1000RPM pto. Im hoping to use a T9060 new Holland hyd drive 1000pto, 33GPM @ 2000psi. do you have anything that would suit. Assume upwards of 50hp required! Cheers

A: We don't have anything that fits those requirements at this time, unfortunately.

I have a Bobcat T770 23 gpm @ 3500 psi on low flow and 36 gpm @ 3500 psi on high flow. I would like to know if the 9.59 cu in PTO drive motor # 9-7368-160 would be the right choice to run a TSC 6' brush hog

A: To use this motor with your supply, you will need to limit the flow and pressure to within the continuous duty rating values of the motor. At those values you will be turning 470 rpm and producing 20.9 Hp. Based on the input power specs of the 6' County Line brand cutters available from Tractor Supply, you will be short about 5 Hp from the minimum and turning slower on the input if this motor is used. When all the PTO drive motors are considered, only 9-7368-125 has any chance of operating the cutter at the bare minimum hp required, after the system is controlled down to the continuous input values for the motor.

I have a Deere 329e with hi-flow (33 GPM) , what hp would this motor provide for a brush mower ? TY

A: Once your flow and pressure are limited via valving to supply this motor with the proper values for continuous operation, it will produce 20.9 Hp. Operation without limiting the flow and pressure will result in a dramatically reduced life for the motor.

I have a bradco 72" brush mower on the front of my JD 232e skid steer. the current motor is the white RS013996. wondering if this would work as a replacement. mine has a 1" smooth shaft with a keyway in it.

A: That appears to be an OEM number which we cannot cross reference, and cannot state compatibility.

The A and B hydraulic hose connections are marked on the motor. Which do I connect the supply line to for clockwise rotation?

A: The standard configuration is power to A with B as return produces CW rotation as facing the shaft.

I’ve a mustang 2044 skid steer, looking for a 1000rpm pto motor to run a power washed, it puts out 68.1 l/min at2500 psi. Is this setup available?

A: We have a few hydraulic motors that could develop 1000 rpm with that input flow and pressure. The HP demand of the pressure washer pump will determine if it's a viable option. Please contact our Product Support department with more information and we may be able to find a solution.

I have Frontier SB1184 Snow Blower 3 point hitch, with a PTO shaft drive (6 spline). I want to change it to a hydraulic driven system. I have a new John Deere 320 Skid Steer I would like to be able to attach the snow blower to. What hydraulic motor, coupler and any other associated parts would I need to convert this blower over to hydraulic. The snow blower requires a 35-90 horse power tractor.

A: Based on the hydraulic output specs of that unit, none of the motors we carry would be able to provide the necessary HP at the rated speed to operate it correctly.

I want to convert a 3 point 12" auger to hyd drive for use on a 247 cat skidloader, would this motor handle that?

A: At the published equipment flow (15.9 gpm) this motor would turn 383 rpm. A double relief would need to be installed to protect the motor from the pressure the equipment can generate, and at the rated continuous pressure of the motor (2500 psi) it would generate 2700 in/lbs torque. Overall power output under those conditions would be 16 Hp. The auger manufacturer should have some published data regarding the minimum horsepower necessary to drive that size, allowing you to determine suitability.

I have a Bobcat T200, which I’m building a bush hog for. My machine operates at 3000psi and flows 20 gpm. The bush hog will have a 40hp gearbox. Is this a good motor to use for my build?

A: A double relief would need to be installed and set to the continuous operating limit for the motor to protect it from the equipment pressure. The total output of the motor would at that flow and the rated pressure be approximately 21 Hp. If that limited amount of power is enough to run the cutter it may be an acceptable choice. Further study on your design and requirements may be necessary.

How to install cushion valve on a 9.59 hydraulic motor for a 4ft brushhog

A: http://www.surpluscenter.com/_MoreSpecs/DR9-4019-50-H.pdf

I am running a 9.59 hydraulic motor on a 4 ft brush hog do I need to plum up case drain

A: It is not necessary for operation, but always a good idea to minimize excessive case pressures, promote internal lubrication and cooling.

Do you need a motor relief valve if you are using a cushion valve on a 9.59 hydraulic motor for a 4 ft brush hog

A: A cushion valve is a pilot operated double relief valve. A secondary relief would not be necessary.

Does the case drain on a 9.59 motor have to run back to the hydraulic reservoir tank or can I run it to the return line

A: Ideally case drains should have a direct low-pressure line back to tank, if at all possible to ensure proper operation.

I have a jd317 skid with aux hydraulic output of 17gpm and 3450 psi. I intend on running a few ( mower, auger, tiller) unpurchased attachments. Do you have a motor for me? And what kind of performance can I expect from it?

A: The 9-7368-100; -125; or -160 motors would work with that flow with proportional speeds. All of the motors would need pressure protection on that system. The speed performance would be proportional to the flow, and the torque would be at the published values for continuous operation if the double relief is set to the continuous pressure. The total HP output would be slightly less than the published values, so any attachment would need to be operable at those powers.

I have a JCB mini excavator it buys out 2756 psi and 14.3 Gpm what size motor do I need to run a 540 rpm 4 feet wide bush hog. I want the most HP That can be developed with the flows and psi I have.

A: This series of motors will need to be limited to the continuous pressure rating of 2576 psi, (9-7368-160 limited to 2208 psi). At that pressure and flow, item 9-7368-100 will theoretically develop 18 HP with an output of approximately 537 rpm. We don't have any information regarding the requirements for individual rotary cutters.

I would like to run a post hole digger with this motor on a JCB 520. Will this generate enough hp to run this auger that works off of a PTO shaft rated at 20-50hp?

A: With pressure protection installed to keep the system from overpressurizing this motor, at that flow rate and torque this motor would only generate 16 hp at best.

I want to run a bush hog off my Case 1845C. Hydraulic pressure is around 2250 and GPM is close to 16. Will this have enough to do it.

A: With no other information we cannot answer that. Find the expected HP draw of the unit and compare it to the projected output of the motor running on your equipment (385 rpm, total output 16.9 HP).

Will this run a amazone 3pl za-m1501 spreader at 540rpm continuously running off a 270hp tractor?

A: No. That unit requires 65kW/88HP to operate. At best this motor will produce 20.9 HP continuously.

i have a pto wood chipper that requires at least 19 pto horsepower, i want to run it off a honda 25 hp horizontal shaft engine,what pump and motor do you suggest, also possible size fluid reservoir

A: With that input Hp, you would be capable of generating 11 gpm at 2500 psi hydraulically. With that input flow and pressure, you would get 13 Hp continuous output from item 9-7368-80, and still only have 513 rpm. With the limited driver Hp available, the chipper would function at light to no loads, but would bog down and stall the system when stressed. It does not appear to be a viable option.

Wil it run 540 and 1000 pto on a 10 foot mower conditioner

A: No, this motor will not run 1000 rpm. It will not run 540 except on an intermittent basis. Speed is dependent on input flow, and the limitations of the motor. Depending on the flow of the equipment operating the motor, the other motors in this series may be more suited to the 540 speed.

I have pto combine it requires 100pto hp ,either 540 or 1000,,,,will your motor work

A: No. Our motors will generate 26 Hp continuously at best.

My tractor has 11 GPM with 2,700 PSI for hydraulic specs. Can you tell me the HP and torque this motor would generate with this flow/pressure?

A: With that input, the motor would generate approximately 14 HP. However, the pressure will have to be limited to 2200 psi for any continuous duty application, or your duty cycle will have to be limited to less than 1% timeframe of any loaded use. At the continuous rated pressure, this motor would generate closer to 11.5 HP.

I have a 50 hp tractor and want to mount this pump on the front of the tractor to run off of the crankshaft to run a freeman loader will this pump handle this?

A: This is a gerotor/geroler type motor, not a pump. It is not meant to be driven mechanically to provide flow. We have a wide range of gear pumps that may fit your application, but more information would be required.

Which mount and spare parts seal kit would I use with this motor?

A: Items 9-K2 or 9-HB-A are steel mounts that are compatible with these motors. Item 61594 is the replacement seal kit compatible with these motors.

would like to have these in a 4 bolt pattern, the two bolt ones are working loose

A: We do not offer this motor in a 4 bolt mount version.

I want to convert a 3 point rototiller to hyd drive for cat 247 skidloader it has 14gpm flow, would this work

A: Possibly, if the output HP of the motor at the input flow and pressure (without exceeding the max continuous ratings) is enough to power the tiller.

Does this unit come with a mounting plate?

A: It does not. We do sell a steel mounting foot bracket for hydraulic motors. Items #9-K2 or 9-HB-A.

want to run a 40 Hp brush mower. at 540 rpm with 22 gpm pump. at 3300 psi max. will this motor work? if not what one would?

A: This motor will only put out about 20 HP at 20 gpm and 2200 psi. It is not rated for continuous duty at the flow and pressure you have, nor would it put out 540 at the rated flow and pressure. We do not currently have a motor that will come close to 40 HP at that flow and pressure.

I have a New Holland l223 which has 74hp, 24.2 gpm output. We are making out own bushhog set up with a 6' bushhog which requires a min. of 35pto horsepower from a 540 shaft is this pump my best choice. Thanks

A: This motor would give you the 540 RPM, Pressure should be limited to 2200 PSI for continuous use. This would end up with about 25 HP.

I have a unit that has either 18.6 GPM on standard flow or 27.9 GPM on high flow. How would this unit work with that? Concerned about over driving it.

A: The standard flow would be ok but you would have to put a divider in the system to keep from over speeding the motor on high flow.

Will a 21gpm pump will this motor effectively run a 3pt snow blower 72"

A: You will have about 500 RPM. The most important factor is the torque requirement of the snowblower. The manufacturer should be able to provide this to you.

I only have two lines that would be going to this motor will it work like that? Will this work on a valve for cylinders or do I have to have a motor control valve?I wanted to make a mount on front end loader to drive post auger.

A: That will be fine. The case drain is normally only used when motors are mounted together in series. A cylinder valve will stop the motor abruptly when shifted to neutral. You can either move it gradually or use a motor spool which would let it coast to a stop.

Where is this motor made?

A: China

how should the case drain on this motor be plumbed ?

A: The case drain is a small separate line that goes back to the oil reservoir.

My flow rate of my hydraulics through my 1/2 inch coupler is only 12gpm how will this affect the unit when it is rated for 19gm cont ???

A: With the input flow limited to 12 GPM the motor will develop about 260 RPM. Torque output is dependent on pressure so that would not be affected by the reduced flow.

I see two ports for hose connection on this motor. What hydraulic lines are required for the connections?

A: The ports are SAE 10. O-ring Boss. The thread is 7/8-14. With the proper adapters you could use either 1/2" or 3/4" ID hydraulic hose.

I want to run a baler that requires 35 horsepower. Is this motor big enough to run it? What size pump will I need?

A: This motor would not be big enough to run a 35 HP baler. The continuous duty HP rating at 19.7 GPM and 2208 psi is 20.9 HP.

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9.59 cu in PTO Drive Motor BMSY160E2SLS
Item Number: 9-7368-160
Price: $341.10
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