13.91 cu in Dynamic BMER-2-230-WS-T4 Wheel Motor

Item Number: 9-8592-230

Price: $318.85
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13.91 cu in Dynamic BMER-2-230-WS-T4 Wheel Motor

13.91 cu in Dynamic BMER-2-230-WS-T4 Wheel Motor

item number: 9-8592-230 PRICE: $318.85 Out of Stock - More on Order Regular Stock Item

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13.91 cu in Dynamic BMER-2-230-WS-T4 Wheel Motor
Item Number: 9-8592-230
Price: $318.85
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13.91 cu in HYD WHEEL MOTOR
Brand new, DYNAMIC BMER series wheel mount hydraulic motor. Interchangeable with PARKER and WHITE motors.

  • Model BMER2-230-WS-T4-S
  • Disp. 13.90 cu.in./rev.
  • Pressure
    2970 PSI (Cont.)
    3480 PSI (Int.)
  • Torque
    5531 in-lb. (Cont.)
    6284 in-lb. (Int.)
  • Speed
    290 RPM (Cont.)
    365 RPM (Int.)
  • Flow
    17.9 GPM (Cont.)
    22.4 GPM (Int.)
  • Rotation Reversible
  • Mount 4 Bolt Wheel 5.812 bolt circle, 3-1/4" pilot dia.
  • Shaft 1-1/4" tapered x 4.21" shaft w/5/16" key and threaded end
  • Ports SAE 10
  • Size 5.04" x 5.24" x 5.43"
  • Shpg. 31 lbs.
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Per the question on 7-20-18 for this motor, I want to run this motor at it's max rpm 290 continuously when running also at it's max torque? As a second option 230 rpm and max torque?

A: At the maximum continuous pressure; which would provide the maximum continuous torque, this motor would need to be limited to 273 rpm based on the manufacturer's data charts. At 273 rpm and 2973 psi, it would take 16.4 gpm driven by at least 33.5 Hp (electric motor) or 44.5 Hp (industrial gas or diesel engine) to produce that desired function. No losses for restriction or inefficiency were figured in these results, and may result is slightly slower speeds and slightly less torque.

Do you sell a hydraulic pump to run this motor and if so how large a hp gas engine would be needed to run that hydraulic pump? I only need to run this motor with your pump, not a second pump. Thanks

A: We should have some combination of items that could be used to operate this motor, once a target rpm and needed power were decided upon, which would lead to the flow and pressure requirements, which would lead to the pump and driver range needed.

What size or model of pump would be needed to drive four of these wheel motors? Would you need a double chambered pump? How much horsepower or torque would be required? How would you compute top speed if you have RPM and circumference of tire?

A: While we have none of the relevant information about your project to answer any of those questions, we can say: Start with your target speed to see what your rpm needs to be. That information will lead you to your flow requirements. Using vehicle drive calculations you will arrive at your torque requirements-and consequently what your system pressure needs to be. Once you know what your flow and pressure requirements are, you can size a pump/pumps and driver to meet those figures. After that it's just finding an appropriately sized reservoir and designing the rest of the system.

How many inches is it from where the square block meets the circular part of the pump back to the 7 bolts holding it together?

A: From the back side of the square mounting block to the rear of the motor is 3-3/4". From the mounting (shaft) face of the square block to the rear is 5-1/4".

I need 4 motors. You have listed only 3. When can a 4th be available? Thabks

A: We have an additional 3 motors on order, but their projected due date isn't until August.

will this work on an exmark with ross mb150208cccg?

A: According to the model code breakdown on your motor, there are some nonstandard features of the build which may make it perform differently in the application. The displacement is slightly different as well, so it would not turn the same speed with the same input flow.

Will it work on either side of a machine or is there right and left rotation. Can you change the rotation? Do you have any that have the bolt holes on the output shaft hub to mount the brake plate?

A: The motor can be used on either side. You may have to plumb them differently as the motors are the same. Sorry we only have them in the style shown.

Is wheel 1-3161 and hub motor 9-8592-230 fully compatible? Meaning does the shaft taper and keyway fully match?

A: Yes the 1-3161 hub will fit correctly on the 9-8592-230 motor. It is made specifically for this tapered shaft.

Hello Do you guys know what kind of bearings this unit has? Im assuming it can handle a decent axial load? I mean most hydraulic wheel motors should be able to hadle side pressure? Thanks

A: These motors have tapered roller bearings to handle large loads.

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13.91 cu in Dynamic BMER-2-230-WS-T4 Wheel Motor
Item Number: 9-8592-230
Price: $318.85
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13.91 cu in Dynamic BMER-2-230-WS-T4 Wheel Motor
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