2 HP 115/230 Volt AC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI DA Power Pack SPX AB-1639

Item Number: 9-7138

Price: $700.00
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2 HP 115/230 Volt AC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI DA Power Pack SPX AB-1639

2 HP 115/230 Volt AC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI DA Power Pack SPX AB-1639

item number: 9-7138 PRICE: $700.00 30 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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2 HP 115/230 Volt AC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI DA Power Pack SPX AB-1639
Item Number: 9-7138
Price: $700.00
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2 HP 115/230 VAC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI DA POWER PACK

Brand new, SPX model AB-1639 hydraulic power pack with 115 VAC, 3-position, 4-way solenoid valve for operating double acting cylinders. Pilot-operated check valves for load holding. Horizontal mount.

  • Voltage 115/230 VAC 1Ph.
  • Amperage 22/11 Amps
  • Power 2 HP TEFC Motor
  • Duty Continuous
  • Flow 1.3 GPM @ 2000 PSI output
  • Pressure 2500 PSI max.
  • Relief Valve 2500 PSI adj. setting
  • Reservoir 2.5 gallon steel(1.6 gallon useable)
  • Ports SAE 6
  • Mount Horizontal
  • Size 30" x 9-1/4" x 9-3/8"
  • Shpg. 53 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Does this pump include a lever or switch to operate a double acting cylinder? And does it come with a power cable so that I could plug it directly to a wall plug?

A: This power pack does not include a switch or a power cable.

If I understand this unit, I can hook hoses to it using SAE 6 fittings and then run the hoses to a valve stack to operate a double acting cylinder? Thanks in advance

A: This unit already has a valve on it. You would need a power pack with no valve to use with an external stack valve. Look at 9-7135.

Do you sell a foot control pedal for this unit now?

A: Item 11-3633 could be used to control the directional solenoids, but is not rated for controlling the motor on/off. The motor would need it's own dedicated on/off switch.

The check valves are noisy when the pressure relief valve hits, is there a way to remedy this or to remove the check valves?

A: Please contact our Product Support department to further discuss your issue. It is not advisable to remove the load checks.

Do you sell 24 volt DC coils that can be used on the integrated valve?

A: We do not stock any 24 volt DC coils with the DIN type connections that is known to work. We do have a surplus coil (9-6303024) which may work, but it has not been tested.

Can the motor be powered from 208 VAC single phase? In other words, does the motor nameplate show 115 /208-230 VAC or does it only show 115/230 VAC?

A: The nameplate of the unit checked did state '115/208-230 vac'.

Does this power pack have a speed or flow control?

A: No, it does not.

Do you sell a foot control pedal for this unit?

A: Not at this time, no.

How many amps does each solenoid require?

A: The directional coils are marked 120V 16W, which calculates out to approximately .13-.14 amp.

Wiring Diagrams? Each solenoid has 3 terminals... the diagram in 'additional information' only shows 2 wires per solenoid and does not indicate which terminals they go to. The motor has two wiring diagrams on it.. 'low voltage' and 'high voltage'. Since this is a 110/220V motor is the 220V considered the 'high voltage' diagram? I ask because typically 220V is not considered high voltage.

A: Each directional solenoid has three terminals. When the Hirschmann connector is disassembled for wiring, the attachment points are marked 1, 2, 3, and ground (marked with the universal ground symbol). Terminal 3 is not present on the coil and no attachment is present in the connector, so only terminals 1, 2, and ground are used for the 115 VAC wiring. Yes, because there are only two options present for voltage, 220 is considered the higher voltage. While it may not be considered high voltage in an industrial sense, these are made for the typical layperson end-user; a demographic which rarely sees or works with higher voltages because of the inherent added risk and training required.

Do you have a 2-button remote that works with this unit?

A: Item 9-1441-S will operate the directional solenoids individually when wired properly. A separate switch would be required for engaging the motor for the unit.

Does this item include a motor starter? Also can you upgrade the size of the tank and get a normally open valve?

A: No, there is no starter included. We do sell larger tanks as an aftermarket replacement, but we have no way to sell it with a larger tank. We do not sell any normally open cartridge for them.

diagram of instructions to 110 power.

A: A wiring diagram for the solenoids is found in the lower right hand corner of this item's web page under 'additional information'. The motor wiring diagram is typically on the data tag on the motor. Because the motor may be sourced from different vendors by the manufacturer, we cannot provide a wiring diagram for the motor.

do you have a pendant that will work with item 9-7138? I believe it needs to be a four wire pendant.

A: If you look under the 'Additional Information' tab in the lower right corner of this item's web page, a wiring diagram will be available. These power units do not require a four-wire pendant. Typically the motor is controlled by a dedicated on/off switch rated for the current of the motor and either item 11-2201 or 9-1441-S are used to switch the spool solenoids. The pendants are not rated to switch the full motor current.

Any reason that the 115V hydraulic power unit couldn't be connected to a hydraulic motor? It says, "double acting cylinders" but I need to operate a motor in two directions.

A: Yes, this power unit will run a hydraulic motor. It may not run it well if there is much slippage in the motor, and it's at the lower end of flow limitations to correctly operate many hydraulic motors, but it is functionally possible.

Item number: 9-7138 Does the power unit haves a release handle. If not how do you operate to retreat the oil fluid

A: This item is designed for double acting operation. When the motor is running, nothing happens until you power one of the directional solenoids to shift the spool one direction or the other.

Does your product "2 HP 115/230 VAC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI DA POWER PACK (surplus center item number 9-7138)" require additional hardware for wiring and hydraulics? I noticed that when looking at "120 VAC 10 GPM OC DA SOLENOID VALVE ITEM NUMBER: 9-7235" it requires Qt 2 "Hirschmann connectors (item number 11-2457)" and Qt 1 "DO3 open center subplate (item number 9-5883-1)". Are these items or equivalent included in 9-7138?

A: This is a standalone unit with one double acting spool. The Hirschmann connectors are already on the spool shift coils. All you need to provide is wiring for them, an on/off switch with cord and wiring for the motor, and hoses to your application.

Is the solenoid closed center or tandem configuration

A: The work ports are blocked in neutral. There is a hydraulic diagram on the left side of the dimensional diagram available in the lower right corner of this item's web page.

We have this hydraulic unit that has a tank leaking around the mounting legs. Is there any way we can order just the tank assy.?

A: Yes, see item 9-8625-25G. It is the replacement tank.

What type of oil does this require?

A: These are recommended to use ATF but can also be used with any standard hydraulic fluid.

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2 HP 115/230 Volt AC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI DA Power Pack SPX AB-1639
Item Number: 9-7138
Price: $700.00
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2 HP 115/230 Volt AC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI DA Power Pack SPX AB-1639
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