12 Volt DC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI SPX DA Power Pack

Item Number: 9-1480

Price: $445.15
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12 Volt DC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI SPX DA Power Pack

12 Volt DC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI SPX DA Power Pack

item number: 9-1480 PRICE: $445.15 3 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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12 Volt DC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI SPX DA Power Pack
Item Number: 9-1480
Price: $445.15
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12 VDC Power Pack
Brand new SPX model DB-1678. Hydraulic power pack for operating double acting cylinder. 12 VDC two position 4-way solenoid valve for directional control of cylinder.

  • 2500 PSI at 1.3 GPM
  • Built-in cartridge check valve
  • Adjustable relief valve set at 2500 PSI
  • 12 VDC motor
  • 270 amps
  • Ports SAE 6
  • Intermittent duty
  • 3 qt. reservoir (2.3 qt. useable) with inlet strainer, magnet, and filtered breather
  • 21" x 8" x 7"
  • Shpg 40 lbs
Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Is the wiring diagram for this pump correct? Because it shows the black wire going to the solenoid and the white wire going to the start switch, but the way the wiring diagram is drawn for the W9-1441-D pendant, the white wire should go to the solenoid and the black wire should go to the start switch.

A: Yes, the diagram on 9-1480 is correct. The white wire activates the motor start solenoid, the black wire activates the shift solenoid. When the UP button is pressed, only the white wire is activated-the motor runs and fluid is directed out of port 'A". Due to a buss bar in the pendant, when the DOWN button is pressed, both the white and black wires are activated, powering the motor solenoid and the shift solenoid, directing fluid out of the 'B' port. The diagram for 9-1441-D will be corrected to reflect as such.

A previous answer said the duty cycle is 24 seconds at full load. How long does the unit have to be off before it can be operated again for another 24 seconds? What is the current of the start switch coil? What is the current draw of the cartridge valve solenoid coil?

A: Duty Intermittent 8% duty (24 seconds on/276 seconds off in 5 minutes at full load). The motor start coil pulls 3.1 amp@12 VDC Them shift coil pulls 16 W @12 VDC, or 1.34 amp.

How long will it take this pump to extend a 2x60x1.25 hyd cylinder with about 400 lbs of resistance on the cylinder and will the pump have enough fluid capacity to not run out of oil.

A: It would take roughly 40 seconds. The rod volume differential would allow for only a few cubic inches usable volume left in the tank on extension. The larger tank version would be a better choice to allow for any leaks or miscalculations..

I'm installing a hoist in a 1 ton truck and have a 2 way cylinder ( 2 ports) will this unit work for me. Will also need a remote control.

A: This has worked for truck hoists for many other people. Keep in mind the duty cycle of the motor is 24 seconds at full pressure. Most customers report being able to run 30-60 seconds at lower pressures as long as adequate time is given for the motor to shed the thermal load. These units have pilot operated check valves, meaning you may experience chatter and jerkiness trying to power a light/no load box down. This can be solved by placing a flow control valve in the retract line. The remote for this model is item 9-1441-D.

How many amps will the motor draw under normal operation?

A: At full pressure the motor can draw in excess of 200 amps.

Where is this unit made?

A: This power pack in made in the USA.

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12 Volt DC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI SPX DA Power Pack
Item Number: 9-1480
Price: $445.15
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12 Volt DC 1.3 GPM 2500 PSI SPX DA Power Pack
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