13 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-130-P-C

Item Number: 9-7503-13

Price: $165.75
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13 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-130-P-C

13 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-130-P-C

item number: 9-7503-13 PRICE: $165.75 3 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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13 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-130-P-C
Item Number: 9-7503-13
Price: $165.75
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Brand new, two stage HI/LO pressure hydraulic gear pump. Ideal for applications such as log splitters, presses and other equipment where rapid movement of the cylinder at low pressure is required prior to automatically switching to the high pressure mode to meet load requirements. The change from LO to HI pressure is automatic with the LO stage pressure preset at 650 PSI.  Cast iron construction.  Minimum of 6.5 HP required for gas engine use.

  • Displacement:
      0.220 cu. in. / rev. HI press. stage
      0.885 cu. in. / rev. LO press. stage
  • Pump Type Gear
  • Rotation CW
  • Pressure: 3000 PSI max.
  • Speed: 3600 RPM max.
  • Flow:
      3.4 GPM HI press. stage
      13 GPM LO press. stage
  • Unloader Adj. Range 400-900 PSI
  • Overhung Shaft Load Up to 90 lbs.
  • Mount 4 bolt USA 4F17
  • Shaft 1/2" dia. x 1-1/2" long keyed
  • Rqd. Filtration 25 micron
  • Inlet Port 1" OD Hosebarb
  • Outlet Port 1/2" NPT
  • Size 5-9/16" x 5-1/8" x 3-3/8"
  • Shpg. 11 lbs.
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can the rotation be changed from CW to CCW

A: No it cannot.

Your pump # 9-7503-13 calls for a 25 micron filter. Do you have one and does it go on the suction or return line?

A: Item 9-4544 is a 25-Micron suction line filter, it has a capacity of 25 GPM.

Looking for large volume 2 stage pump to run on electric motor in a press could you tell us if this would work on elctr motor and size? thx

A: These will work with electric motors. At least a good quality 5 HP would be required (not 5 Hp compressor duty).

What half jaw coupler is recommended for use with these 13 gpm pump?

A: The L-095 series is well suited for the speed and horsepower to drive this pump.

Which half jaw coupler is recommended for this 13 gpm pump?

A: The pump shaft is 1/2". Use a coupler set which is rated for the input horsepower, speed, and torque when the pump is run to spec. Typically the L-095 series is adequate for this size of pump.

Is this pump proper for 8HP motor running splitter with 5.5" diameter cylinder, 2" rod, length of 22"?

A: This pump would run well on 8 Hp. You could also move up to 9-7503-16 with that much power.

Am I able to use this pump as a belt drive with a 12 hp gas engine if I use a 1 to 1 pulley ratio with 2 B v belts

A: These pumps are not rated for side load/belt driving. The horsepower is more than adequate, if you can direct shaft couple it.

Will this work as direct drive on a standard 6.5 horse motor?

A: Yes, this is made for direct shaft-to-shaft coupling on a 6.5 HP gas engine. Rotation on the pump must be CW as you are facing the pump shaft.

what is the thickness of the shaft key? #9-7503-13

A: The key for this pump is 1/8"

How many HP required if using a an 3600 rpm electric motor?

A: A 5 hp motor is needed. Make sure to use a good quality motor, ones labeled as air compressor motors would not be adequate.

does this pump need to be gravity fed? or can tank be lower than pump

A: Yes the pump should be lower than the tank so oil would flow by gravity into the pump.

Is the main body of the pump cast iron or aluminum?

A: The body on this pump is cast iron.

Can this pump with proper adapters and mounting be operated with tractor PTO at 540 rpm?

A: No the speed is too low. While the pump will produce oil flow and build pressure the performance would be unsatisfactory.

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13 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-130-P-C
Item Number: 9-7503-13
Price: $165.75
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13 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-130-P-C
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