16 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-160-P-C

Item Number: 9-7503-16

Price: $169.65
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16 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-160-P-C

16 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-160-P-C

item number: 9-7503-16 PRICE: $169.65 8 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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16 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-160-P-C
Item Number: 9-7503-16
Price: $169.65
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Brand new, two stage HI/LO pressure hydraulic gear pump. Ideal for applications such as log splitters, presses and other equipment where rapid movement of the cylinder at low pressure is required prior to automatically switching to the high pressure mode to meet load requirements. The change from LO to HI pressure is automatic with the LO stage pressure preset at 650 PSI.  Cast iron construction.  Minimum of 8 HP required for gas engine use.

  • Displacement:
      0.256 cu. in. / rev. HI press. stage
      1.049 cu. in. / rev. LO press. stage
  • Pump Type Gear
  • Rotation CW
  • Pressure: 3000 PSI max.
  • Speed: 3600 RPM max.
  • Flow:
      4 GPM HI press. stage
      16 GPM LO press. stage
  • Unloader Adj. Range 400-900 PSI
  • Overhung Shaft Load Up to 90 lbs.
  • Mount 4 bolt USA 4F17
  • Shaft 1/2" dia. x 1-1/2" long keyed
  • Rqd. Filtration 25 micron
  • Inlet Port 1" OD Hosebarb
  • Outlet Port 1/2" NPT
  • Size 6" x 5-1/8" x 3-3/8"
  • Shpg. 12 lbs.
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Can this pump be located both vertical or horizontal? Is this one of your better hyd pumps ? I have a 75 hp tractor with 540 pto would like to run a gear box adapted to say 300 540 to high enough to run this pump do you have a gear box to do this ? I just ordered a catalog to see if you have such thanks

A: Yes, these pumps can be operated in any orientation. We have carried this brand for a number of years with a good history of reliability. We do not have any gearboxes which will function as described.

I mount this type of pump on my log splitter and when the oïl coming warm the Equipment become with no power to make the job. What can be the problem ?

A: It sounds like the oil is getting too warm. Test the oil temperature by aiming a heat gun at the reservoir wall, or dipping a thermometer with a range of up to 300 degree Fahrenheit (or a comparable Celsius scale) in the oil with the equipment off after the behavior is exhibited. A reading of 180 degrees Fahrenheit is too high unless all the seals in all the components are rated for high-temperature situations. The first question to answer is if the system has adequate reservoir capacity. The standard rule of thumb is one gallon of capacity for every gallon per minute being pumped. For two-stage systems, in this case a 16 gpm pump; the reservoir should be at least 15 gallons if not the full 16. This will lead to cooler oil with less entrained air and less chance of cavitation for the pump. If the system has adequate capacity, there may be a jammed valve or other restriction causing overheating. Following the oil path with a heat gun may lead to an area of higher temperature which indicates a failure point or restriction. Adding a cooling fan to help shed the thermal load from the reservoir may help as well. Ultimately, hot oil is more compressible, which leads to spongy and less effective function.

Other manufacturers and sellers list their pump's GPMs as a combined number of first stage and second stage GPM. In other words if the first stage is 13 gpm and the second stage is 3 gpm the they list this as a 16gpm pump. Your pump is listed as having 16gpms on the first stage and 4 on the second. Is this correct?

A: Because the low-pressure stage is the total of the combined flows from the larger gear set and the smaller gear set, the total flow of the low pressure stage is 16 gpm. The high pressure stage is the flow of only the smaller gear set, which is 4 gpm. One can then infer that the larger gear set is dumping 12 gpm through the unloader to the inlet during the high-pressure stage. Yes, the flows posted are correct as taken from the manufacturer specifications.

Considering my 5 hp 1725 rpm electric motor for this pump. What can I expect for gpm and lo/hi pressure. Will it still be a two stage pump at that rpm?

A: At that rpm, this pump will produce roughly 9.4 gpm on the low pressure/high flow stage up to the shift pressure of 650 psi, at which it will then shift and produce roughly 1.9 gpm up to the 3000 psi pressure limit of the pump. It will draw roughly 4 hp on either stage.

I recently installed this pump to a 5HP electric motor on my shop press and can only get 2400 psi out of it. Is there a pressure relief built into pump that is adjustable? Product specs call out 3,000 psi.

A: The only adjustment on these pumps is the unload shift pressure, which does not affect the overall top end pressure. The maximum pressure should be limited by the relief valve on the directional control valve. Typically the stock valves we carry are pre-set to 2000 psi from the factory and will need to be adjusted higher. Overall horsepower, pressure losses through plumbing and conductors, and cavitation issues can all lead to lower than expected pressures. Please call our Product Support department if necessary.

What type of filtration do you recommend for this pump?16 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump item number: 9-7503-16. It says it needs 25 microns,, I was looking for a filter head and 25 micron filter but did not see one,, just the 10 micron Thanks,, Tom

A: 10 micron filtration is finer than 25 micron, so a 10 micron return line filter is more than adequate.

What kind of oil ,hyd or atf?

A: A standard hydraulic fluid compatible with the duty cycle and temperature range for normal operation should be used.

Would a 2hp electric motor ran at 1800 rpm run this pump to the second stage up to 2500 psi?

A: No. It would require approximately 4 Hp to push past the first stage shift pressure, and approximately 3 Hp to achieve 2500 psi at the second stage.

Can this pump be used in a pulley driven application, with side loading?

A: No, these pumps are not rated for side loading. They are meant for direct shaft coupling.

Will this pump run at 16 gpm and 1500 psi at the max rpm? If so how much hp would be required?

A: This pump will run at 16 GPM at the max RPM only up to the preset shift pressure of 650 psi. At that point it would shift to the high-pressure stage and flow would drop to 4 GPM. 16 GPM @ 1500 psi continuously would require 16 HP electric, and 22 HP from an industrial gas or diesel engine.

what minimum tank capacity do you recommend for 16 GPM flow rate. This pump would activate two 4x10x1.5 cylinders at the same time. And do you think that it is oversized? Thank-you

A: A general rule of thumb is 1 gallon of tank capacity per gallon of oil being pumped. Since the pump produces lower flow once it shifts you could use a 10 gallon tank. Having 2 cylinders activating at the same time would make good use of the flow capabilities.

can i use a13 hp honda motor withis pump

A: Yes that would be fine. It is more HP than required to get full performance from the pump but the extra will not hurt anything.

How is shaft rotation determined? Looking at the shaft or looking at the head? It states CW.

A: Rotation is facing the input end of the pump shaft. These are normally direct coupled to the crankshaft of a 8 HP gas engine.

Is there a suitable mount to direct couple it to a Honda GX270.

A: The item 1-3239 will work for this.

how do you adjust the low pressure

A: The shifting point is preset from the factory and it is not recommended to change it.

Can this pump be mounted vertical and horizontally?

A: It can be mounted either.

What will be the flow of the pump at a pressure of 1500psi?

A: The flow rate is determined by the speed the pump is turned. The pressure being developed will not affect the flow rate.

Can you give me the brand and model for this pump so I can look up specifications or a technical drawing? or, at a minimum, shaft dia. keyway. and mounting hole/pilot hole dimensions. I will be going from a 1" dia. 3" long motor shaft to this pump and will need to figure the Lovejoy connector and motor/pump mount dimensions. Thanks

A: These are made by Dynamic Fluid Components. Model GP-CBN-160-P-C. Shaft is 1/2" dia. x 1-1/2" long with 1/8" keyway. Mounting is 2" square pattern with 1.78" dia. pilot extension.

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16 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-160-P-C
Item Number: 9-7503-16
Price: $169.65
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16 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump Dynamic GP-CBN-160-P-C
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