28 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-280-P-C

Item Number: 9-7971

Price: $290.95
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28 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-280-P-C

28 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-280-P-C

item number: 9-7971 PRICE: $290.95 19 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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28 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-280-P-C
Item Number: 9-7971
Price: $290.95
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Brand new, DYNAMIC two stage HI/LO pressure hydraulic gear pump. Ideal for applications such as log splitters, presses and other equipment where rapid movement of the cylinder at low pressure is required prior to automatically switching to the high pressure mode to meet load requirements. The change from LO to HI pressure is automatic with the LO stage pressure preset from 400-900 PSI.  Cast iron construction.  Minimum of 16 HP required for gas engine use.

  • Displacement:
      0.465 cu. in. / rev. HI press. stage
      1.860 cu. in. / rev. LO press. stage
  • Pump Type Gear
  • Rotation CW
  • Pressure: 3000 PSI max.
  • Speed: 3600 RPM max.
  • Flow:
      7 GPM HI press. stage
      28 GPM LO press. stage
  • Unloading Pressure 400-900 PSI
  • Mount 2 bolt SAE A
  • Shaft 5/8" dia. x 1-1/2" long keyed
  • Rqd. Filtration 25 micron
  • Inlet Port 1" NPT
  • Outlet Port 3/4" NPT
  • Size 6-9/16" x 6-1/4" x 4-11/16"
  • Shpg. 23 lbs.
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Is the 28 gpm Dynamic pump made in the USA or imported?

A: These pumps are Chinese in origin.

What is the recommended oil viscosity for this pump

A: Use a mineral or synthetic based hydraulic fluid. Which viscosity you use will be determined by your environment. Your local oil supplier can assist you with what is best for your application.

Do you have this pump with a 3/4 keyed shaft? If so how much $.?

A: No we do not have this pump with a 3/4" shaft.

Are the are stampings or tags on these pumps to differentiate the 22 GPM to the 28 GPM pump?

A: Yes there are stamping on the back to tell the difference between the 22 GPM and the 28 GPM pumps.

Can this pump be mounted vertically or only horizontally?

A: Yes. Most pumps and motors can be mounted in any orientation.

Do you supply seal kits for these and price?

A: No

Is this pump equipped with a pressure relief valve??

A: No, pressure relief would need to be provided elsewhere in the system/circuit.

I have a 9 horsepower Briggs Stratton engine on my log splitter. What is the best and strong gpm pump to put on it?

A: This pump states it requires a minimum 16 hp gas engine. If operated on less the pump may not shift to the high-pressure stage; and if it does it will not achieve maximum pressure before dragging the engine down and killing it. Item - 9-7972-16 has a Minimum of 8 HP required for gas engine use.

do you have this type pump with a 9-splined shaft?

A: We do not, no.

Would. 15 hp gas pro point motor run this pump.

A: This pump states it requires a minimum 16 hp gas engine. If operated on less the pump may not shift to the high-pressure stage; and if it does it will not achieve maximum pressure before dragging the engine down and killing it.

Is this pump made in USA. If not where is it manufactured

A: These pumps are Chinese in origin.

Do you add the 2 displacements numbers together to get the total, or is the maximum displacement just the low pressure number? Thanks

A: The displacements are additive for the low pressure rate (figures subject to adjustment from efficiency losses).

Will a 14 horse power diesel be adequate to run this pump

A: The specifications state a minimum of 16 Hp gas engine. If a 14 Hp diesel will put out the same torque at the same rpm to generate 16 Hp, it could.

Is the low pressure preset user adjustable between 400-900 psi or not adjustable? Also does this valve and the other similar ones you have, have output pressure limiting on cylinder ports to keep the pressure from exceeding 3000 psi or is that typically done in the control valve. I am referring to a log splitter application.

A: The shift pressure, while adjustable, is not typically changed by the end-user due to the changes in overall HP demand that follow. Any high pressure limits are controlled by the system relief typically found in the directional control valving.

I'm looking for a pump that I can use for multiple applications for my 1845c Case skid steer. I'm going to build a log splitter a stump grinder a sweeper I'm not exactly sure what I need to do this.

A: With such limited information we cannot say what may work for your intentions. Please contact our Product Support department to further discuss options.

I am wanting to drive this pump by chain from a diesel engine to bring its speed up - can this with stand the side loading a chain would load onto it?

A: No, these pumps are not designed for side load.

Im looking to increase my cylinder travel speed. Currently it has a Vickers vane pump, size unknown. The ram measures 2 3/3", 6" cylinder with a 24"stroke. Powered by a Hatz Wisconsin diesel, 11 hp. Previous owner only ran it at half throttle and still split anything, but slow. Motor it rated at 3000 rpm. Thinking of a bigger pump, a great box with a step up in rpm??? I'm guessing this pump is to big. I know diesels have a lot of torque and bigger cubic inches then same rated gas. Next size smaller pump? Thanks, Todd.

A: The next size smaller pump (9-7970) may still be more pump than the engine can successfully push to shift pressure and max pressure. Items 9-7503-16 or 9-7972-16 would certainly work on an 11 hp engine. Because the vane pump is a single stage pump, your cycle time will still decrease when using a two stage pump, even with the 16 gpm.

hi iam wanting to run a sawmill blade circular blade 20inch with 22 horsepower gas motor wanting to know what hydraulic pump an hydraulic motor to use do you have any suggestions

A: There are many unanswered questions that need to be quantified before proceeding with your project.

Can I use this two stage pump with a hydraulic motor that has a max flow of 7 gal/min? If so would I have to do something to get it to shift to high pressure to prevent damage to motor?

A: With an adjustable flow control one could control the output to the motor. 9-064-75 is the only unit that has the flow rating and relief to make that possible. This would not affect the the shift pressure, but if adjusted to 7 gpm or less the the only change would be in the produced torque when the shift to the high pressure stage occurred.

What size electric motor would we need to run this pump

A: This pump would require a 15 Hp electric motor.

I'm building a log splitter, I'm using a 12.9 HP Onan Generator for the engine, it runs at 1800 Rpm. I need a CCW 28 GPM pump' do you have one??

A: We do not.

Is that price American or Canadian money? Would a 13hp gas motor big enough to run that pump at 7g low to create 3,000psi ? Thank you,

A: All prices are in U.S. dollars. A 13 hp would likely not be able to get the pump past the shift pressure, and if it did, would only be able to push 7 gpm to approximately 2000 psi.

Hi please tell me shipping cost for Greece Athens

A: Please contact our Customer service department and they can get a quote for you.

Suction side of pump has s1" fitting. Suction side line size calculations for 28gpm recommends 1.5" line sizes the reduce suction line velocities. What is the manufacturers recomendation for reliable operation?

A: We have no information from the manufacturer regarding their recommended suction line size. Customers have operated them with both sizes of inlet hose with good results. As long as it's a shorter straight shot into the pump and a flooded inlet to minimize line restriction and suction (vacuum) values, it should operate well at either line size. Friction loss and higher suction values will degrade the performance.

What is the total shaft length from machine mount face surface to end of shaft. In need of a pump to replace a haladex/concentric. Shaft length in need is 1 15/16 to 2" long from machine mount surface. Will this pump fit?

A: The shaft length of this pump from mount face to end of shaft is 1.485"

What will happen if I run this with a Honda 13 hp gas engine?

A: Running this pump with less than the rated horsepower could lead to the pump being unable to build enough pressure to shift to the high pressure flow, and if it does shift it may be unable to develop the full rated pressure.

I will use an electrical motor to drive the pump, what is your power recommandation ? Is it right if I divide by 4 the required gas engine power to obtain the electical required power ? Regards

A: If driven at the rated rpm, it would take absolute minimum of 12 hp electric just to get it to shift into the high pressure flow. It would then take at least 15 hp electric to get the high pressure flow to 3000 psi. Dividing by 4 is not accurate in this case.

What weight oil does the manufacture recommend? At what temperature ranges?

A: The manufacturer does not have a weight rating on the oil recommendation, but states the viscosity range is to be between 6 and 200 cSt. The operating temperature range for the oil is to be -12 to 175 degrees F.

Where are the pump and parts made? Thanks

A: These pumps are Chinese in origin.

can this pump run a wood splitter and also intermittently run another hydraulic motor for a table chain for a firewood processor application?

A: Yes, it could. Best to run one or the other using a selector valve on the output of the pump or a two section valve. For the motor it is important to see what pressure you need as if it is above the shift point in the pump it will go into low flow high pressure stage.

what size is the keyway

A: These pumps have a 3/16" keyway.

Will a 16hp be adequate for a 28gpm pump?

A: Yes, this pump has the high flow/low pressure (28 GPM,650 PSI) and the low flow/high pressure (7 GPM,3000 PSI) stages both sized to require 16 HP.

will your pump #9-7971 take any side load from say a pulley and belt or is it just meant for a coupling setup?

A: This should only be driven directly using a shaft coupler.

are these 2 stage pumps adjustable?

A: They are but that is not recommended and it voids the warranty

Can the rotation of the pump be changed to CCW?

A: No they are only built in a CW rotation. This is designed to be direct coupled to the crankshaft of a small gas engine (16 HP).

My measurements for the pump need to be Shaft- 5/8 Inlet- 3/4 Outlet- 1/2 Will this still work?

A: This pump has the 5/8 shaft but the ports are larger 1" NPT inlet and 3/4" NPT outlet. Due to the oilflow the pump delivers these are the port sizes required.

I would like to run this pump at 1750 rpm with a 5HP electric motor. Do you see any problems?

A: That would be adequate. Keep in mind that the flow rates for each stage would be half what are listed.

Can this pump be used on a vertical shaft engine

A: Yes it can be mounted vertically. Must be supported properly.

What size are the fittings on the 28 gpm log splitter pump 9-7971. Suction and pressure.

A: Inlet is 1" NPT and outlet is 3/4" NPT

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28 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-280-P-C
Item Number: 9-7971
Price: $290.95
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