3.41 cu in 7.4 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-3-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump

Item Number: 9-8902-3

Price: $340.20
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3.41 cu in 7.4 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-3-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump

3.41 cu in 7.4 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-3-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump

item number: 9-8902-3 PRICE: $340.20 90 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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3.41 cu in 7.4 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-3-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump
Item Number: 9-8902-3
Price: $340.20
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Brand new DYNAMIC model GP-PTO hydraulic power take off PTO gear pump. Ideal for adding hydraulic power to tractors, landscaping and other mobile equipment not already equipped with hydraulic circuits. Use to power hydraulic motors, front end loaders, mowers, rotary sweepers, etc. Features include cast iron end plates with aluminum center section, self-adjusting wear plates, roller bearings on internally splined shaft, outlet port on both sides for simple plumbing hookup and tapped holes on side for torque arm installation for mounting to prevent pump rotation. Includes a 1" hosebarb adapter for inlet port, 3/4" NPT adapter for outlet port and a steel plug for one outlet port.

  • Manufacturer Dynamic
  • Model GP-PTO-A-3-6-S
  • Disp. 3.41 cu. in. / rev.
  • Pump Type Gear
  • Pressure 2500 PSI max.
  • Speed: 540 RPM
  • Flow: 7.4 GPM at 540 RPM
  • Mount 2 bolt side for torque arm
  • Shaft 1-3/8" 6 tooth female spline
  • Inlet Port SAE 16
  • Outlet Port SAE 12
  • Size 5-1/4" x 6-3/4" x 8-3/4"
  • Shpg. 38 lbs.
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Is the included inlet barb adapter right angle or straight?

A: The hose barb is straight.

Do you sell the torque arm assembly for this pump? If not do you have a recommended vendor? Thanks

A: Yes item 9-6666 will work for this pump.

Can you buy the seals for the GP-PTO-A-9-6-S 1 3/8" shaft

A: The seal kit for that pump is 9-8902-SK

Since this pump has a through hole for the PTO shaft to go clear through, is it possible that the person who asked about the counter clockwise rotating PTO on his tractor, could just mount it so the rotation arrow lines up with the rotation of his PTO? from what I see here it looks do-able

A: That seems like a reasonable enough solution. As long as the pump is turning the correct direction it shouldn't matter from which side it is driven.

Do you have a dimensional diagram for this product? Need to know the distance from the PTO shaft to each edge of the pump for clearances on my tractor.

A: http://dynamicfc.com/documents/2016DynamicFullCatalog_Pumps_PTO_SidePorts.pdf

I have an old Sherman power digger backhoe on a Ford 8n, and it does not have the Sherman step up transmission. Would this pump have adequate power? The original pto pump loses power once the unit gets warm.

A: This pump is rated for up to 2500 psi max when operated with adequate horsepower at 540 rpm. As long as the relief on the directional control valve is at 2500 psi or less, and the output flow is similar to what the original pump produced, there's no reason to believe that it would not work. If your pump is losing power after the oil warms up, it's a good indicator that it is worn out.

Does this pump have an internal relief valve? Is an external relief valve required when using for front end loader on tractor? if so do you have an external relief you recommend?

A: These pumps have no internal relief valving. A relief of some kind should be in the system to protect the pump from overpressurization. Typically the relief is found in the directional control valve which is fed by the pump, but an additional stand-alone relief can be placed in the pressure line coming out of the pump if necessary. We have a number of relief valves which could be used. Please contact our Product Support department for further discussion.

Do you have any idea when more are coming in? Thanks Andy

A: The manufacturer has given us a tentative arrival date in August 2018.

Do you have a lump like this that will work on a counter clockwise pto?

A: We do not, no.

Is this pump reverse able item 9-8902-3 ?

A: No. These PTO pumps are not reversible.

which filter should i use with this pump

A: The manufacturer states the system should be filtered to at least 25 micron or better, and any filter should be sized appropriately for the flow of the system.

Does this pump have any reservoir or does it just pump from the inlet to the outlet?

A: The pump does not come with a reservoir. A reservoir of adequate size must be provided in the system. For this pump a 7.5 gallon (usable) reservoir should be used.

Is this pump a pass-through design so there's still pto available when it's mounted? It appears to be, but I'd like to know for sure... 3.41 cu in 7.4 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-3-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump Item Number: 9-8902-3

A: Yes, the hollow bore passes through the pump.

when will this item be in stock thanks thad

A: The due date from our vendor is in early August.

What is the recommended horse power to run this pump?

A: At the rated flow and max. pressure this pump will consume approximately 17 Hp; industrial gas or diesel engine.

No technical data is supplied with this pump whatsoever. Short of trying different bolts and risking stripping the threads, what is the bolt thread for the torque arm holes?

A: They appear to be 3/8-16 thread.

My tractor pto runs at 540 rpm & 960 rpm. Can this pump run at both speeds? Thanks.

A: No, this pump is 540 only.

I have a B414 Ih.tractor that my hydraulic system is not working can i install the pto pump into my tractor hydraulic system or in order to use it the pto pump I have to bypass my tractor hydraulic system

A: It would be safest to bypass the tractor hydraulic system completely, adding a new reservoir, filter assembly, and hosing.

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3.41 cu in 7.4 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-3-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump
Item Number: 9-8902-3
Price: $340.20
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3.41 cu in 7.4 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-3-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump
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