9.76 cu in 21.2 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-9-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump

Item Number: 9-8902-9

Price: $340.20
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9.76 cu in 21.2 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-9-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump

9.76 cu in 21.2 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-9-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump

item number: 9-8902-9 PRICE: $340.20 121 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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9.76 cu in 21.2 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-9-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump
Item Number: 9-8902-9
Price: $340.20
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Brand new DYNAMIC model GP-PTO hydraulic power take off PTO gear pump. Ideal for adding hydraulic power to tractors, landscaping and other mobile equipment not already equipped with hydraulic circuits. Use to power hydraulic motors, front end loaders, mowers, rotary sweepers, etc. Features include cast iron end plates with aluminum center section, self-adjusting wear plates, roller bearings on internally splined shaft, outlet port on both sides for simple plumbing hookup and tapped holes on side for torque arm installation for mounting to prevent pump rotation. Includes a 1" hosebarb adapter for inlet port, 3/4" NPT adapter for outlet port and a steel plug for one outlet port.

  • Manufacturer Dynamic
  • Model GP-PTO-A-9-6-S
  • Disp. 9.76 cu. in. / rev.
  • Pump Type Gear
  • Pressure 2500 PSI max.
  • Speed: 540 RPM
  • Flow: 21.2 GPM at 540 RPM
  • Mount 2 bolt side for torque arm
  • Shaft 1-3/8" 6 tooth female spline
  • Inlet Port SAE 16
  • Outlet Port SAE 12
  • Size 6-3/8" x 6-3/4" x 8-3/4"
  • Shpg. 45 lbs.
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what weight or type of oil should be used with this pump? Thanks

A: Use a mineral or synthetic hydraulic fluid. Which viscosity you use will be determined by your enviroment. Your local oil supplier can assist you with what is best for your application.

What hold the pump onto the pto shaft on the tractor I understand that the torque arm holds the pump from spinning but what keeps the pump from vibrating off the shaft

A: The chain will keep it from walking off of the shaft, as long as the chain does not have excessive slack.

there are two outlet ports can I use either one?

A: Yes either one can be used as long as the other port is plugged.

what horse power is this suited to? how much hp to run this?

A: At maximum pressure 2500 PSI, this pump requires a minimum of 38 HP to pump the rated 21.2 GPM at 540 RPM.

Can I get a seal kit for this pump?

A: Yes

Does this pump create suction on the inlet side?

A: While hydraulic pumps do create a limited degree of suction, they should not be made to 'suck' fluid up. Hydraulic pumps work best and have greater lifespans when they operate from a flooded inlet condition. Any vacuum a pump pulls can lead to cavitation, pump damage, and loss of efficiency.

i have a 1050 jd tractor wanting to run a log splitter, do i need an aux oil tank or can it be plumbed into the tractor reservoir.

A: Ideally this should have a reservoir equal in capacity to the flow rate, or at least 20 gallons. That model tractor only has between 6-7 gallons in the internal reservoir. An auxiliary reservoir will be needed.

will this work on a 1953 ford golden jubilee backhoe?

A: It seems like it would be a bit much for that tractor. You would likely kill the engine before developing the rated flow and pressure on the pump. A smaller displacement pump would be a better choice.

will this run a wood splinter

A: As long as it was operated within the speed, flow and pressure restraints stated it could be used for any number of mobile hydraulic applications. Other customers have used them in that application with good results.

would this pump adequately perform on a 1953 allis chalmers wd45 tractor for its front bucket ,,,its 45 hp ,,,and the cylinders are 3inch by 48 ,,

A: Without any other information we cannot say. Please contact our Product Support department with more information.

Can this pump be used as a hydraulic motor to drive a pump? Idea is to supply hydraulic oil / pressure to the Outlet port resulting in the pump shaft rotation that would power a pump.

A: The manufacturer does not recommend the use of this design as a motor.

I have a tractor that is rated 41.93 PTO hp, would i have better performance if i used a pump on size smaller? I plan on having the tractor stationary when using it, i am using it for a large (6" bore, 4' long) hydraulic "splitter"

A: With that hp at the PTO, and the tractor running at full PTO speed while stationary you could expect to see approximately 2100 psi at best out of the pump at full flow. With a 6" bore cylinder at 2000 psi, you would be generating roughly 56,000 lbs/28 tons of force and it would take around 17 seconds for full extension with a 4' stroke. A smaller displacement pump would increase the force achievable slightly and slow the action down by 25%, loosely.

how do these compare to a prince pump?

A: We have only carried them for a year or so, but they seem to be holding up comparably.

I have a Kubota L3830 that I hope to use this pump. I plan to connect this to the PTO and run Hose to front of tractor and connect to a hydraulic motor that will produce 550 RPM. Do you think this will work and what problems do you think I will see?

A: If this unit has the stock 37 Hp diesel, then you only have enough power to operate this pump at up to approximately 1900 psi; assuming the unit is standing still, at full rated rpm, and there are no other draws on the engine. As soon as you start using power to move, this performance will drop and the usable pressure will decrease if it doesn't kill the engine. It may very quickly get to a point where there isn't enough usable hydraulic power to perform any function. Please contact our Product Support department to discuss your intended application and options.

According the the Prince website an 1 1/2" suction line is required for a 20+ gpm pump. This pump came with a 3/4" barb for the inlet. Is 3/4" suction hose enough for this pump? If not what size should I use.

A: This pump is supposed to be supplied with an inlet adapter to 1" hosebarb, and an outlet adapter to 3/4" NPT. The comparable Prince pump is supplied with an inlet adapter to 1 1/4" hosebarb, and an outlet adapter to 3/4" NPT. The entire Dynamic series appears to come with 1" hosebarb inlet adapters. 1" suction line should be used, with an adequately sized reservoir positioned so the inlet is flooded if at all possible.

Do y'all sell the front an back seal for this

A: We do not currently sell the seal kits for these pumps.

Can the pump be run on the pto shaft from either side the pump or does it only go on from one side the pump?

A: The pump is designed to only be mounted and operated in one direction, which is marked on the casting of the pump.

Can this pump be mounted above the hydraulic reservoir?

A: It is always best to mount the pump with the inlet slightly lower than the lowest fluid level of the reservoir to provide a flooded inlet condition. Mounting the pump above can lead to cavitation, especially if any resistance is encountered due to filters, conductor size, fitting restrictions and distance. It can be done, but cavitation damage will reduce the lifespan of the pump and introduce contamination particles into the system.


A: This pump should only draw about 48 Hp to achieve 2500 psi when operated at 540 rpm. If the system relief is set for less, the inlet conditions are less than ideal for proper supply, or other restrictions are present in the pressure side, as well as inadequate tank volume could all be contributing factors in producing less pressure than expected.

I am interested in using a pump like this to operate a bush hog. I am mounting a hydraulic motor on the bush hog. What volume (GPM) do you think I will need for each?

A: With no information, we cannot say.

How much PSI does an average tractor put out? 3000? I need a high gpm 540 RPM PTO pump got a Woodsplitter. It currently has a huge 2 stage Permco pump from a dump truck, but it's only putting out 1800 PSI. And it will not split most blocks that my other splitter handles easily. The other splitter just plugs into the tractor ports, but it is VERY slow. I'm setting up splitter 2 for faster cylinder speed (21 GPM+) and a 4 way wedge.

A: Older tractors were typically around 2250 psi, but in the last thirty years the average pressure has increased to 3000 psi or more. Most PTO type pumps are rated for 2000 psi continuous, and 2500 max on some models. Store-bought logsplitters systems are set to 3000 psi or more so they can claim higher tonnage ratings. Without more details on what is happening with your existing and intended systems, it will be hard to determine what your best course of action is. Please contact our Technical Service department and they can assess what information you need to determine to make a decision.

what keeps the pump from spinning on 3 pt hitch

A: PTO mount pumps require a torque bar to hold them in position. Please see item 9-6666 to reference what a torque bar kit consists of. Visit Prince's web page ( http://www.princehyd.com/Products/Hydraulic-Pumps/PTO/PTO-Aluminum ) to see an image of how the torque bar is typically used.

What is the hp required to drive this pump, item 9-8902-9?

A: At 540 rpm input, with an output of 21.2 gpm, at 2000 psi it would require approximately 39 hp minimum. At 2500 psi, it would require approximately 49 hp minimum. Both figures are for continuous operation at full flow and maximum pressure.

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9.76 cu in 21.2 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-9-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump
Item Number: 9-8902-9
Price: $340.20
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9.76 cu in 21.2 GPM 540 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-9-6-S Hydraulic PTO Pump
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