1.10 cu in White Hydraulic Piston Pump 101018000012

Item Number: 9-8239-L

Price: $119.99
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1.10 cu in White Hydraulic Piston Pump 101018000012

1.10 cu in White Hydraulic Piston Pump 101018000012

item number: 9-8239-L PRICE: $119.99 Out of Stock - No Longer Available
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1.10 cu in White Hydraulic Piston Pump 101018000012
Item Number: 9-8239-L
Price: $119.99
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New, WHITE HYDRAULICS KP series model 101018000012 variable displacement axial piston pump to operate hydraulic wheel motors on zero turn radius equipment applications including turf, light construction and other mobile equipment. Features include die cast aluminum body with built-in cooling fins, roller bearing support for piston group, bronze coated wear plate, built-in bypass relief, charge pump and bypass valve for free-wheeling equipment. Suitable for belt or direct drive. Left and Right hand pumps are determined by the location of the DDC (Direct Displacement Control) shaft when looking at the side of the pump with the work ports and input shaft facing down.

  • Disp. 1.10 cu. in. / rev. (18 cc)
  • Pump Type Variable piston
  • Rotation CCW
  • DDC Shaft Location Left
  • Pressure:
      1425 PSI cont.
      2125 PSI int.
      3500 PSI peak
  • Speed:
      600 RPM min.
      3600 RPM max.
  • Flow (fully stroked):
      15.5 GPM @ 3600 RPM
  • Mount SAE A 2 bolt
  • Shaft 17mm x 2.17" w/keyway
  • DDC Shaft 0.59" (15mm) dia. w/dual flats and crosshole
  • Rqd. Filtration 20 Micron
  • Oil 10cSt(60 SUS) viscosity
  • Inlet Port SAE 6
  • Work Ports SAE 8
  • Drain Port SAE 8
  • Size 7-15/16" x 6-1/4" x 5-3/8"
  • Shpg. 17 lbs.
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Does this pump have sell centering action on the DDC or is that a separate component that needs to be added? I did not see any spring system in the photos.

A: The pump has been reported to be self-centering in operation by customers.

What wheel motor would be a good match for these? What hp engine should I use for a pair of these used as a zero turn?

A: Any motor that would be continuously rated at or above the pressures and flows generated by the pump would be a good match. At full rated continuous flow and pressure each pump could consume up to 20 Hp.

In your description it states that this pump is designed to run hydraulic wheel motors. Would they be suitable to run hydraulic orbital motors?

A: Yes. Wheel motors are typically orbital motors with the wheel type mounting.

How much torque is required to turn DDC Shaft

A: While we don't have any accurate figures from the manufacturer, a rough test found anywhere from 36-13.5 lb/in of torque in an unloaded state. (8 to 3 lbs of force at 4.5" from center of shaft) The average was 18-22.5 lb/in. The highest was the initial turn when the DDC had not been moved in storage.

Hi Do you have an OEM cross reference numbers for this pump? Thanks

A: We don't have any numbers for this beyond what is listed on this item's web page.

can the pump and input shaft be oriented vertical or horizontal?

A: The pump operation shouldn't be affected by orientation.

How much horsepower is needed to drive a pair of these pumps? Would a 20hp diesel be too much force and break them?

A: The horsepower requirement for one of these pumps fully stroked (15.5 GPM@3600 RPM) at rated continuous pressure (1425 psi) using an industrial gas or diesel engine is approximately 20.5 HP. If you want to get full flow at continuous pressure on two pumps, it would take twice that. They will work on much less if the load doesn't require significant pressure to overcome it, or if the prime mover is not turning at 3600 RPM. As long as a functioning relief valve can unload the strain on the shaft quickly enough, the shaft should not break.

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1.10 cu in White Hydraulic Piston Pump 101018000012
Item Number: 9-8239-L
Price: $119.99
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1.10 cu in White Hydraulic Piston Pump 101018000012
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