1 Spool 25 GPM Dynamic Log Splitter Valve w/Auto Detent JPLS-3000

Item Number: 9-7724

Price: $71.15
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1 Spool 25 GPM Dynamic Log Splitter Valve w/Auto Detent JPLS-3000

1 Spool 25 GPM Dynamic Log Splitter Valve w/Auto Detent JPLS-3000

item number: 9-7724 PRICE: $71.15 56 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1 Spool 25 GPM Dynamic Log Splitter Valve w/Auto Detent JPLS-3000
Item Number: 9-7724
Price: $71.15
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Brand new, Dynamic JPLS-3000 hydraulic control valve for operating hydraulic cylinders. Pressure operated detent on return stroke, spring center on extend for use with log splitters or other auto detent applications. Pressure-release detent adjustable from 300 to 1,750 PSI.

  • Open Center
  • Spools One
  • Flow 25 GPM max.
  • Pressure 2750 PSI max.
  • Relief Valve Adj. set at 2200 PSI
  • Detent release pressure 1100 PSI
  • In/Out Ports 3/4" NPT
  • Work Ports 1/2" NPT
  • Mount 3 hole base
  • Size 9-1/4 "x 4-3/8" x 3"
  • Shpg. 12 lbs.

Spool Details:
  Spool 1 Double acting cylinder, spring center extend/auto detent retract

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Can the handle be turned 90 degrees?

A: It appears that it could be turned 90 degrees clockwise. There isn't a lot of clearance to get a Philips head screwdriver into two of the screw heads, so a properly sized flat head screwdriver can be pressed into service to loosen them.

My splitter has two hoses coming in the top and one hose coming in each side. Will this one work for me? I see the bolt that looks like it may be a plug? Thank you

A: This valve has an Inlet, Outlet, and two work ports. The ports are plugged in the one picture.

I'm looking for a valve for my backhoe...it is for the main boom of the backhoe...I would not want the boom to move up or down until I need it to...would this valve work for this purpose?? thank you

A: This valve is meant for a logsplitter, and should not be used for a backhoe.


A: This valve is open center, meaning flow passes from inlet to outlet in neutral.

does it have power beyond capability

A: No, it does not.

would I be able to add this valve to my existing log splitter and use for a log lift?

A: If your existing valve is capable of power beyond, it could be plumbed into the system. If the existing valve is not capable of power beyond it can lead to leaking or failure of the upstream valve. It may not be the best choice for a log lift with the pressure release detent on the return stroke.

Can I install another single control valve to the return or tank port of this valve and have enough pressure to operate a log lift?

A: That is not the correct way to plumb another valve into the system. If done that way, and the downstream valve encounters enough resistance to build significant pressure, the pressure will travel back to the low pressure return cavity of the upstream valve and blow the low pressure seals out on the ends of the spool.

What name brand is this valve? It looks a lot like a prince LS 3000.

A: These have no discernible brand name. They appear to be an imported version patterned after the LS-3000.

can this valve be converted to closed center with 9-4895-C plug?

A: No, this valve cannot be converted to closed center.

I have a SpeeCo log splitter that attaches to my tractor hydraulics. I think it's about 24 ton (has a 4.5 inch piston). My valve has 3/4 in and out ports along with 3/4 work ports also. Do you think this valve will work with my splitter? Thanks

A: This valve should have sufficient flow capacity for use with your tractor even though the works ports are smaller than your old valve.

After the handle returns to neutral from the auto detent on the return stroke, can you manually hold the valve and continue travel? For example if I would normally want it to trip at 500 PSI but occasionally would need pressure beyond that.

A: Yes, you can hold the lever and it would be able to create pressure up the main relief valve setting (same as on the splitting stroke)

does it kick off its self after it in the back posission or do you have to hold it back

A: This valve is spring centered back to the neutral position from the splitting stroke and has a detent that locks in the return stroke. When the cylinder is fully retracted it releases the detent and the spring returns the handle to neutral.

Does the valve come with the handle assembly?

A: Yes it comes with a handle

Where is the adjustable relief located. How do you adjust the pressure?

A: If you click on the second picture you can see it on the side of the valve. You loosen the jam nut and then slowly turn depending on whether you are increasing or decreasing pressure

Is the handle reversable?

A: No it is not reversible.

Can this valve be made to operate as power beyond?

A: Sorry there is no power beyond option on this valve.

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1 Spool 25 GPM Dynamic Log Splitter Valve w/Auto Detent JPLS-3000
Item Number: 9-7724
Price: $71.15
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1 Spool 25 GPM Dynamic Log Splitter Valve w/Auto Detent JPLS-3000
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