1 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB11B5C1 DA Valve

Item Number: 9-7861

Price: $101.75
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1 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB11B5C1 DA Valve

1 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB11B5C1 DA Valve

item number: 9-7861 PRICE: $101.75 164 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB11B5C1 DA Valve
Item Number: 9-7861
Price: $101.75
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Brand new WOLVERINE by PRINCE MB series directional control valve for operating double acting cylinders. Ideal for small tractor and other low flow applications requiring a compact control valve. Features include monoblock construction, load check, built-in adjustable pressure relief valve, spring centering spool action, open center with enclosed plug to convert to power beyond or closed center, side or top inlet/outlet ports and vertical or horizontal handle mounting.

  • Open Center Convertible to power beyond or closed center
  • Spools One
  • Flow 8 GPM max.
  • Pressure 3500 PSI max.
  • Relief Valve 2000 PSI, adj. 2000-3500 PSI
  • Reqd. Filtration ISO 4406 19/17/14
  • In/Out Ports SAE 8
  • Work Ports SAE 8
  • Mount 3 hole base
  • Size 7-5/8" x 4" x 2-1/4"
  • Shpg. 9 lbs.

Spool Details:
  Spool 1 DA cylinder spool, spring to center
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is there a detent kit available for any of your Prince DA single spool 8 gpm valves

A: Yes 9-7867-D

Could this valve work with your Casappa Hydraulic Triple Pump ITEM NUMBER: 9-7705

A: No this is designed to run a double acting cylinder.

I am looking to replace the 2 spool valve on my 9N tractor. It has a 2 spool valve one is a singe acting valve and the other is a double acting valve. open center. can one side of these be made for single acting? item # 9-7862

A: While it is not possible to convert a double acting spool to single acting, if the unused work port of the spool being used for single acting is plumbed into the return line to tank then it can work as single acting.

I want to add a set of remotes to my Kubota L4200 for a hay bine and round bailer each piece of equipment only requires 1 set of spools. Would this valve work for what I need?

A: Your system is Open Center, and plumbing another Open Center valve into the system will cause both the onboard valve and the added valve to not work unless Power Beyond is used. A double selector valve; either manual or electric-like items 9-4128, 9-5117, or 9-8602 may be more suited to your application.

I will be using this valve to operate a "Toe Board" on a sawmill during the sawing process. The cylinder which the valve controls will lift the log to the desired height and the cylinder must remain at the set position with no down drifting or leakage within the system during the cutting process, is a "Pilot Check Valve" in the system required for this valve?

A: While this valve does have load checks to prevent movement of the actuator if the lever is moved when the system is off, a pilot operated check valve (lock valve) would make it less likely that the actuator would drift with a valve in the neutral position. If the directional valve has enough internal leakage, drifting could still occur with a lock valve, though it would be less likely.

I want to use the Prince MB11B5C1DA valve for a grapple on my front end loader. I want to install it in a series down line from my bucket valve using the power beyond port on the bucket valve into the Prince valve and then using the power beyond port on the Prince valve to another remote. Will this valve work if I configure it for the power beyond instead of open center? My hydraulics are open center, 7.5 gpm, constant flow. Also the hydraulic lines are 3/8".

A: Yes. If you feed this valve with the power beyond flow of a primary valve, convert this to power beyond to feed a downstream valve, and all three valves have a dedicated return line going to tank it should work. The tank lines can be teed together before entry to the tank if necessary.

i have a ford 1510 with a 770 loader need new control for loader would the 9-7861 work

A: We have no information about that system, and cannot say.

Our tractor is a Kubota L4630 Loader & Backhoe. We recently bought a 7-foot Rear Blade with Hydraulic actuating arm for left-Right movement. What model or part number Hydraulic Valve will provide the correct setup? I would think we can connect to the existing Backhoe Hydraulic lines on the tractor for a Valve to control this Rear Blade Cylinder. We would need a valve to move the Rear Blade to any position Left or Right, then when we let go of the Valve, the Rear Blade must hold that position. Thank you.

A: Please contact our Product Support department to discuss your particular system. We should have a product that will work, but need more information.

The Prince MB valve appears to be a good fit for a remote hydraulics install on a tractor I own. But, space is tight and it actually seems as though mounting the valve with the outlet ports facing down. I can make a handle that will work, but my question involves the end cap with the handle input. Can the end cap be rotated 90 degrees from the standard installation to simplify handle installation?

A: Yes, the handle caps can be rotated to make that mounting work.

I have a DA swing cylinder on a Woods BH6500 backhoe, looking to replace a section (part 38625) of a Hidroirma stack 001066005 37560 6F. Existing section has qty 2 Shock/dampening valve ports, 2100 psi anti-cavitation, 3/8" JIC connectors. What would work?

A: We have no cross reference information regarding dimensions for that valve. We have nothing by that manufacturer in our inventory. We cannot say that anything we have would fit or interchange to replace a single section.

I have build a loader bucket for my dozer and need a hydraulic valve to roll the bucket with a single valve. No dent please, I just want to empty the bucket by moving the valve handle in one direction and retracting the bucket by move the handle in the opposite direction. need spring to return handle to center position while bucket is held with no rotation. a relieve valve will be okay but is not needed as my tractor hydraulic valve is set at 2500psi . thanks, Jim

A: This valve would be fine as long as the flow rate of the hydraulic system is 8 GPM or lower. Please call our tech line M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM if you have a different flow rate and we can assist you.

I'm looking for the same valve (9-7861) but only in SAE 6 with a power beyond port. I could not seem to find one in your catalog. Could I get a part number for it, Randy

A: This is the only configuration Prince offers these valves in. You could put adapters like item 9-6410-8-6 in the ports to reduce them down to SAE 6.

Hi What would be the best recommended valve with releif to control single action cylinders for my tractor lift mechanism. Raises on pressure to cylinders and lowers by gravity allowing fluid back to reservoir. Thanks

A: Depending on the flow rate 9-6763 or 9-6700 would be good choices.

Im trying to decide on a DIY hydraulic dump bed on my truck. Im not sure on what the differences are between the DOUBLE ACTING DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVE, the motor spool valve, and the float valve. Could you please help me understand or send a link to me of where I can read up on it.

A: Double acting provides power both to extend and retract a cylinder. In the center neutral position both ports are blocked to hold the cylinder in place. A motor spool works the same way but in neutral the work ports are open to the tank. This allows the motor to cost to a stop, will not hold a cylinder in place. A valve with float has a combination of the double acting described above plus an extra fouth position that is like the neutral of a motor spool. This is used when you want to allow a cylinder to float from external forces while not being moved from pump flow.

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1 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB11B5C1 DA Valve
Item Number: 9-7861
Price: $101.75
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1 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB11B5C1 DA Valve
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