1 Spool Prince LS-3000-1 Log Splitter Valve

Item Number: 9-1262

Price: $142.16
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1 Spool Prince LS-3000-1 Log Splitter Valve

1 Spool Prince LS-3000-1 Log Splitter Valve

item number: 9-1262 PRICE: $142.16 198 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1 Spool Prince LS-3000-1 Log Splitter Valve
Item Number: 9-1262
Price: $142.16
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Brand new PRINCE. For control of cylinders, motors, etc. Open center, built-in relief valve. Pressure-release detent adjustable from 1,000 to 2,000 Psi.

  • 25 GPM
  • Adj relief valve
  • Pressure operated detent on return stroke, spring center on extend
  • IN/OUT 3/4" NPT
  • Work ports 1/2" NPT
  • Size 9-1/4" x 5" x 3"
  • Shpg. 11 lb.
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I need the pressure relief screw and spring for The LS 3000–1

A: Please contact our Product Support department and they can assist you.

I need a valve for remote hookups on a tractor to run a hydraulic top link and also to power a hydraulic post driver just not at the same time. Is this the valve I need or do you recommend another type of valve?

A: Please contact our Product Support department to further discuss your needs. It's unclear what the best solution is with the current description.

can you hook 2 returns together for these valves I split the pressure side so they are on their own but do I have to run 2 separate returns or can I hook them together

A: These valves are Open Center. If you split the pressure line to feed two Open Center valves, neither one will work. Please contact our Product Support department to discuss your application and find a solution.

Does the valve work brought way, like holding down ? Push valve down then let it go

A: The valve action as standing on the lever side, work ports up; Pull back is spring-to-center (typically extend stroke). Push locks into the pressure-release detent (typically return stroke).

What is the difference between a ls 3000 and ls 3000-1

A: There doesn't appear to be any difference except that it seems they may have added the -1 to the part number when they began making variants of the LS3000 basic valve.

Is this Prince LS3000-1?

A: Yes.

Are work ports open to the tank in the center position?

A: No, the work ports are blocked in neutral.

How much is shipping charge to Japan of a 1 SPOOL PRINCE HCSVG0002/LS3000 LOG SPLITTER VALVE?

A: Please contact our Customer Service department at customerservice@surpluscenter.com or 1 800 488 3407 (US) with your details and we can quote you for international shipping.

Can you ship to Japan?

A: We do ship worldwide. Please contact our Customer Service department with your details and we can get a quote for you.

Is the built in relief adjustable and where? How is the detented relief adjusted?

A: The relief is the stem on the left side of the handle. Remove the castle nut, release the jam nut, screw in for more pressure while reading the system pressure on a gauge, out for less pressure. Tighten the jam nut, replace the castle nut. Typically the detent pressure is not adjusted on these valves by the end user. A number of customers have broken the adjusting stem by attempting to. Please contact our Technical Help department if further discussion is needed.

Can I make this the primary valve for log splitter cylinder and use my current valve for a log lift? It is manual extend retract with open center

A: No. This is not a power beyond type valve. The return passage is not rated for the full system pressure it would be subjected to if the lift cylinder deadheaded, causing the spool end seals to leak.

When engaging the return into the detent position will the handle return to the center position at the end of the stroke?

A: When the pressure at the end of the return stroke increases to the pressure setting of the detent release, it kicks the spool to neutral/center.

Can the detent feature be disabled on this valve If not can u recommend one that does not have detent

A: The detent cannot be disabled. A comparable valve with no detent would be item# 9-1517.

Does this valve come with handle?

A: Yes, this valve comes with the handle.

can I assume this valve comes with a handle

A: Yes it does, the related item shown is just a replacement handle kit.

Can this valve be converted to closed center?

A: No this valve is not convertible to closed center. See item 9-8021 for a closed center log splitter valve.

it does not say for sure what the max psi is for this valve is

A: Maximum pressure is 2750 PSI.

Power beyond?

A: Power beyond is not available on this valve.

Does this valve have load checks?

A: No they do not

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1 Spool Prince LS-3000-1 Log Splitter Valve
Item Number: 9-1262
Price: $142.16
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1 Spool Prince LS-3000-1 Log Splitter Valve
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