2 Spool 14 GPM Prince LVR1GB5AB6 Joystick Loader Valve

Item Number: 9-8185

Price: $502.50
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2 Spool 14 GPM Prince LVR1GB5AB6 Joystick Loader Valve

2 Spool 14 GPM Prince LVR1GB5AB6 Joystick Loader Valve

item number: 9-8185 PRICE: $502.50 30 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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2 Spool 14 GPM Prince LVR1GB5AB6 Joystick Loader Valve
Item Number: 9-8185
Price: $502.50
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Brand new PRINCE LVR1GB5AB6. Two spool joystick valve for operating double acting cylinders with float on first spool. Features include monoblock gray cast iron body, hard chrome plated spools, load checks and spring centering spools. The two spools controlled by joystick lever can be operated independently or simultaneously depending on handle movement. Open center that can be converted to power beyond by changing conversion plug. Ideal for use on front end loaders, lift trucks, and other mobile equipment. Convert to closed center by adding the power beyond sleeve and a SAE 8 plug (sold separately) and disabling the relief.

  • Open Center
  • Spools Two
  • Flow 14 GPM max.
  • Pressure 3000 PSI max.
  • Relief Valve factory set at 2000 PSI Adjustable 1500-3000 PSI
  • In/Out Ports SAE 10
  • Work Ports SAE 8
  • Mount 6 drilled/tapped holes
  • Size 2-3/4" x 6-3/8" x 9-1/2"
  • Shpg. 25 lbs.
  Spool Details:
  Spool 1 Double acting w/float spring centered
  Spool 2 Double acting spring centered

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Does this come with the rubber boot shown in the picture

A: Yes, it is sold as pictured

we have a 1980 johnDeere 680 compact tractor, with a Bush Hog loader 1840qt can this fit and replace the valve unit? thank you.

A: While we have no information regarding that particular loader or tractor and the system specifications thereof, these valves are very similar to valves found on smaller equipment such as you describe. They can be used on Open Center systems out of the box, and can be converted to Power Beyond operation or Closed Center Operation using the Power Beyond sleeve (and a plug in the case of Closed Center). It seems likely that it could be made to work with your system provided it does not exceed the flow and pressure limitations of the valve.

Can this valve be used with Closed Center Load Sensing?

A: This valve series does not have a Load Sensing port to tie into the pump controls. It can be converted to Closed Center.

I put one of these valves on my JD 5400 and the loader works great but the 3point won't lift unless I run it up to 2K rpm. I tried to switch the PB and drain but that made it worse. Is the PB valve supposed to be open in the center? Mine has a hole clear through it.

A: Yes, Power Beyond valve have a hole to allow passage of powered oil to the downstream valve. If no downstream valve is being operated and the operator doesn't want to convert the valve back to Open Center, the Power beyond flow and the return flow can be teed together back to tank. Please contact our Product Support department to discuss your issue in further detail.

Can you tell me if this would work with a woods dual 215 loader

A: We have no information about the hydraulic system powering the valve and cannot say.

Where would you connect the sump to on this unit?

A: In the out-of-box configuration, the outlet port would be the return to tank/sump.

The in/out ports are SAE 10 but you have no hoses or fittings available for SAE 10 Ports. What gives?

A: We have many fittings that will adapt SAE 10 to JIC, NPT, and other sizes of SAE. 9-6900-10-8, 9-6901-10-8, 9-6400-10-8 are but a few examples. We do not carry SAE hoses, but we do have JIC 10 hoses which, when used with 9-6400-10-10, will work.

Where are the mounting holes? This will be mounted in front of cab console.

A: On the third page of the 4 'Additional Information' document available in the lower portion of this item's web page, there is a dimensional diagram which details the position and thread of the mounting holes.

Does this come with the joystick as shown? Or do I need to order it separately?

A: This valve does come with the joystick as shown.

where are the mounting holes on this unit or does it take a special bracket to mount it

A: There are three tapped mounting holes on either large face of the valve for mounting. They are detailed at the bottom of the additional information PDF available in the lower portion of this item's web page.

can the joy stick lever assmy be purchased seperately

A: The entire joystick lever assembly is available to be purchased. We do not stock it, so it would be a special order item requested via our Customer Service or Technical departments. The item number to request would be 660180073. The unit price is $25.84 as of 2/15/17.

can the 2nd spool have the 4 position regen option added to it?

A: No, adding that feature would require the manufacturer to fit a new spool and detent to the valve.

Can one side of a spool be plugged for a SA cylinder without an issue?

A: If you are using one spool for a SA cylinder it is best to put a line on the unused port and connect it into the return line. This prevents dead-heading the pump when the cylinder retracts causing the oil to go over the relief valve which builds up heat in the system.

Hi, If I use this valve with the power beyond kit, will the oil going out the relief valve exit by the outlet port (in case of overload)?

A: Yes that is correct

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2 Spool 14 GPM Prince LVR1GB5AB6 Joystick Loader Valve
Item Number: 9-8185
Price: $502.50
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2 Spool 14 GPM Prince LVR1GB5AB6 Joystick Loader Valve
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