2 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve Prince Mfg RD522GCGA5A4B6

Item Number: 9-4782

Price: $416.50
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2 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve Prince Mfg RD522GCGA5A4B6

2 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve Prince Mfg RD522GCGA5A4B6

item number: 9-4782 PRICE: $416.50 137 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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2 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve Prince Mfg RD522GCGA5A4B6
Item Number: 9-4782
Price: $416.50
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2 Spool Joystick Valve w/Float

• Brand new PRINCE model RD522GCGA5A4B6. Two spool joystick valve for operating double acting cylinders. Ideal for use on front end loaders, lift trucks, and other mobile equipment. The two spools can be operated independently or simultaneously depending on handle movement. First spool float. Open center. Spring centering.

    • 25 GPM
    • Spool 1 double acting with float position
    • Spool 2 Double Acting
    • IN/OUT ports 3/4" NPT
    • Work ports 1/2" NPT
    • 3000 PSI
    • Adjustable Relief Valve 1500-3000 PSI (preset at 2000 PSI)
    • Overall size 7-1/2" x 3-1/4" x 11" (excluding handle)
    • Shpg. 26 lbs.
(see components at upper right to convert to power beyond or closed center).
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What kind of warranty does this valve have?

A: This has a 3 year warranty.

I have a mahindra emax22l with a loader.tree fell on it an broke the loader valve.the valve number is a Belo.one lever valve number 8750 300 500 2.lot number 1801.069.please let me know what replacement valve I need.

A: We can find no information about that equipment and cannot say what would be best. Please contact our Product Support department with more specifications.

Do you carry replacement dust boots for these valves

A: We do, as item #671300054.

Do they make a Valve like this that will let both cylinders to float when in 4th position instead of just one cylinder

A: We do not carry a valve with two float spools. A stack valve could be selected with two float spools, if necessary.

Will this work with a woods dual 215 loader control I have is 2 spool and part number 346140 thanks for any help

A: While we have no reference information to cross and say this is the correct valve with any certainty, we can say that this valve is very versatile and can be made to work with nearly any system provided the pressure and flow ratings are compatible, and a Closed Center or Power Beyond plug is installed if necessary.

will tjis work on a ford 770 front end loader on a ford 1700 1982 model tractor

A: We have no information about the system on that unit and cannot say for certain. This valve can be used on systems which are Open or Closed Center, at up to 25 gpm; and it does stand a good chance, though.

I have already purchased the 9-4782 loader valve, is there a kit that I can buy to use it with remote cables?

A: If you remove all the joystick hardware, you can then attach and use the RD-5000 series cable attachment kits to use a remote joystick (9-6704-J) with the 9-6705-(length) cables.

I have a 1982 John Deere 302A Loader. The hydraulic specs are: - Closed-center - Max. pressure 2350 psi - Pump: Piston, constant pressure, variable displacement - Flow: 28 gpm (1.76 LIs) at 2500 engine rpm Does this valve meet those requirements? Assuming I purchase the closed center plug: https://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Prince-Mfg/Closed-Center-Plug-Prince-RD5000-Valves-660312005-9-4895-C.axd Is that all you need to do to covert from open center to closed center? I assume you need to rig up mounting in a custom way. Thanks

A: These valves are only rated for 25 gpm continuously, but with it being a closed center system and only operating cylinders you should be alright. You will need to install the Closed Center plug, and adjust the onboard relief valve to above your system pressure to allow the pump's relief to control the system. Mounting is at the discretion of the customer's individual needs.

Will this work with a Kubota tractor L4200 with a Woods 165 loader? Besides the bucket and boom connections, I have 3 hoses coming into the joystick from the pump.

A: We have no information about your system and cannot say.

I have an 3500 Ford Industrial tractor. Will it work on this.

A: If plumbed into the system properly, it could.

I am looking to replace a Prince loader valve. Part number 000355045. The valve is operating a front end loader on an Ford 7209 loader. The loader is on an Ford 3910 tractor. Can you help out?

A: We have no reference materials from Prince which contain that part number. Please contact our Product Support department with more details about your system and we may be able to find a solution for you.

Do you sell a seal / rebuild kit for this valve?

A: No, we do not.

Can this be purchased with the bent joystick handle kit #660150012 instead of the straight joystick handle as shown?

A: We do not sell it in that configuration, no.

I have a Ford 770 front end loader on my tractor which has a Victor Fluid Power Inc 2 cylinder hydraulic control valve which is leaking, part #23FATS2P4KA. I understand that Victor are now no longer in business. Will your unit work on my tractor?

A: While we have no data regarding that manufacturer or the operating conditions of the equipment system, we can state that this valve can be converted to work with open center, closed center, or power beyond systems with flow rates of up to 25 gpm and 3000 psi. The mounting pattern, dimensions, and operating instructions are available at the lower portion of the item's web page so that you may make the determination of suitability for your application.

My tractor pump has a maximum GPM of 18. Which valve would you suggest?

A: This valve will work with flows up to 25 gpm.

Which joy stick valve would work best for replacing loader valve for JD 146 loader. Also, I did not see any directions that describe which ports or pair of ports work together?

A: We have no information about what was used on that loader. System type, flow rate, and pressure should be determined before selecting a valve. The work ports on any given spool are parallel to the handle that operates them, in the case of joystick valves, draw an imaginary line from the end cap of one spool, and out the handle attachment end of that same spool. The work ports falling in line will be the work ports associated with that spool.

Is load sensing available for this valve assembly

A: No, unfortunately.

will this work with sae10 inlet and outlet hoses with sae 8 working hoses

A: With adapters from the NPT ports to those size SAE fittings, yes.

I have a 2426 qt bush hog front end loader with 6 ports I only see 4 ports in the front where would I have acess to the other 2 ports

A: In the pictures, as facing the work ports with the handle straight up, the inlet port is on the right hand sidewall, the outlet port is on the left hand sidewall-next to the large hex conversion plug.

M/F w/ 1244 loader would this valve be a suitable replacement for M/F part # (Nimco loader valve) 71516134

A: While we have no information about that unit, or your valve, our valves are compatible with open center systems out of the box, and convertible to power beyond or closed center operation with the addition of a conversion plug. As long as the system flow and pressure is within the capabilities of the valve, there's no reason to think it won't work.

Any idea if this will fit a 2426qt bushing loader?

A: No. We have no information about that equipment.

In the picture, I don't see the input and output ports. I see the 4 working ports. Are there 6 port? Where are the other 2?

A: In the pictures, as facing the work ports with the handle straight up, the inlet port in on the right hand sidewall, the outlet port is on the left hand sidewall-next to the large hex conversion plug.

I have 1466 loader and the valve is worn out #71516134 this has a power beyond for my backhoe attachment would this valve work? (Massey Ferguson 1433v 2002 thanks......

A: This valve does come out of the box open center, and you can purchase a Power Beyond Sleeve for it (9-4895-B). It does appear that it would be more than adequate for that application.

Is there a problem is this is sized for 25gpm and the tractor its getting put on is 20gpm? Or is it better to undersize the joystick control? I couldn't find a joystick control that was sized for 20 gpm...

A: You can use lower flow rates on this valve.

How many total ports including inlet and outlet? My old Gresen has 6. 4 work ports plus inlet and outlet. I'm thinking I need 7 now because I would like power beyond and float.

A: In its current open center configuration, it has 6. If you remove the large conversion plug by the tank port and install the power beyond sleeve it would have 7. This valve does come with float on the first spool.

looking for a valve like this for a JD 2750. need a closed center. can this valve be hooked up with cables? do u have a pkg with a joystick,valve and cables? Thanks

A: This valve could be hooked up with cables, but you could also get: 9-6702-F 9-4895-C two of 9-6706-RD and two cables; 9-6705-49, 9-6705-59, 9-6705-79, or 9-6705-98 depending on the length needed and 9-6704-J to create a closed center two spool valve with float, joystick, and remote cable operation.

I wish to use this on a front end backhoe loader. The handle seems shorter than expected. do you have an option for a longer handle. Thanks Randy

A: We do not have a longer handle option, unfortunately.

Can I have version of this valve with : Spool 1 double acting (without float position) Spool 2 Double Acting all ports are SAE not NPT

A: The only way to do that would be to order item # 9-7875, and call us to order the straight joystick handle kit #660150011 you could then install to make that configuration.

Will this jpystick work with a john deere 4020 frontend loader?

A: We don't have any info on fitting this valve to any particular equipment. But the capacity would be about right. You would probably need the closed center plug to go along with it.

Does this come with the handle? Does this come with a boot?

A: Yes it comes with both the lever and boot. Just as shown in the picture.

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2 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve Prince Mfg RD522GCGA5A4B6
Item Number: 9-4782
Price: $416.50
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2 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve Prince Mfg RD522GCGA5A4B6
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