2 Spool 25 GPM Prince Log Splitter/Lifter Valve RD522CCEA5A4B1

Item Number: 9-7414

Price: $270.00
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2 Spool 25 GPM Prince Log Splitter/Lifter Valve RD522CCEA5A4B1

2 Spool 25 GPM Prince Log Splitter/Lifter Valve RD522CCEA5A4B1

item number: 9-7414 PRICE: $270.00 Out of Stock - More on Order Regular Stock Item

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2 Spool 25 GPM Prince Log Splitter/Lifter Valve RD522CCEA5A4B1
Item Number: 9-7414
Price: $270.00
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Brand new PRINCE Model RD522CCEA5A4B1 control valve. Ideal for use in log splitters equipped with a log lift. First spool has a pressure release detent on the spool-out position and springs to center on the spool-in position. Second spool is 3-position spring to center. Detent pressure preset to 1200 PSI, adjustment range 1000-2000 PSI.


• Open center 

• 25 GPM max. 

• 3000 PSI max.

• Adjustable relief valve preset to 2000 PSI, adjustable range 1500-3000 PSI

• IN/OUT ports 3/4˝ NPT

• Work ports 1/2˝ NPT

 • Size 9-1/2˝ x 7-1/2˝ x 3-1/4˝

• Shpg. 29 lbs

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does this valve have power beyond port ?

A: If you purchase 9-4895-B with it and install it accordingly, then yes.

With the valve sitting the way I’ve always seen them on splitters I’ve used, the lever with the detent works the opposite of what I’d like it to. Can I take out the Allen bolts holding the cap and lever pivoting point and flip it upside down so my pivot point will be above the valve and it’ll change the lever direction? Seems like it should work.

A: Yes, you can change the position of the handle bracket and it will result in the lever action being reversed.

I am having an issue with my splitter since I installed this new valve on it. I also repowered and added a two stage pump. The problem is with the Love Joy type coupling between the engine and pump. When I get a piece of wood that is too tough and stops the piston, this unit will shear the ears off the Love joy coupling. This has happened twice. Should I lower the relief pressure to help avoid this. I have a second splitter that is plumbed very similar with the exception of this vale. That unit does not bother. This makes me wonder if the valve might be causing the problem.

A: The pressure setting out of the box on this valve is 2000 psi. If the engine has enough power to continue to run when the cylinder stalls, a heavier series jaw coupling set may be necessary. Use the HP rating chart in the catalog or on the jaw coupling web pages to select a coupling series which can tolerate the through-put power at the rated rpm. Also, if the size of the cylinder permits function at lower pressures, the relief can be lowered to 1500 psi.

Does this valve have detents on both spools in the retract position?

A: No, only the first spool has a pressure-release detent on the return stroke. The second spool is spring-to-center on both directions of action.

is there a version of this valve that has 3/4 in work ports instead of 1/2in for larger flow such as a 28gpm pump on a large splitter

A: We do not have a valve like this in that configuration, nor does one appear to be available as a stock item from the manufacturer.

does the double spool valve come with relief settings as well? for i need lower pressure to actuate my log lifting and splitting devices

A: There is one main system pressure relief that controls all three spools for maximum system pressure. The detent spool has a different setting for the pressure-release detent on the return stroke only. If you need lower pressure to reduce the overall power of the log lift, a double relief can be installed in the actuator lines. If you need slower action, that is a flow control issue which can be controlled by the 9-7960-series or 9-7961- series of flow control devices..

I need these two functions but need a third valve for my wedge. Do you have a three spool valve to suit this need? If not, could I plumb another single spool open center valve on the 'out' of this to the 'in' of the single spool to control my wedge. Only need detent on first position and spring return on next two valves.

A: We do not have this in a three spool version. It would be necessary to use a Power Beyond sleeve in this valve to route powered fluid to the downstream valve, with both valves having a return line back to tank. It's a common misconception that the return flow can power a downstream valve, but the return cavity of the upstream valve is not designed to handle the higher pressures and leaks at the ends of the upstream spools will develop quickly.

How much is shipping to 05032

A: Using the shipping calculator available on the item's web page (just under the 'add to wishlist' bar) yields a shipping rate of approximately $30.39 via UPS Ground.

Is there a reason why my return line filters fail with this valve as if they are under too much pressure? I installed with a 25 micron return line filter with 3/4" ports, a 25gpm rating, and a 200psi working pressure. The relief valve was not adjusted from the factory settings and my gauge reads pump pressure is about 2000psi max. My return line is 3/4" and about 24" long. please help.

A: Of the customers who have reported the same issue, they all seem to have a short run from the valve to the filter. Make sure the are no resistance inducing fittings (90 degree) or fittings that throttle the flow down into the tank. Increase the hose length if possible. Sometimes the combination of pass-through flow from the valve and return flow from an actuator can also overwhelm the rating of the filter. Please contact our Product Support department with further concerns and questions.

Can the log lifter side of the valve be reconfigured to work on a single acting cylinder?

A: By plumbing the unused work port of a double acting spool to the low-pressure return line, a double acting spool can be used as a single acting spool.

Can this valve be mounted upside down?

A: Yes.

can i have the valve stay in the up position for the auto return?

A: Please contact our Technical department for further assistance.

In addition to a log splitter and lift, I am also adding a hydraulic motor for a winch... assuming I need the power beyond option... can you recommend a third valve and briefly describe how it would hook up to this one?

A: You would need to install the power beyond sleeve (9-4895-B), plumb that output to the inlet of the downstream valve, and provide return lines to tank from BOTH valves, singly or teed. Any double acting directional spool will work, cylinder type spools will have work ports blocked in neutral, motor type spools will have work ports open in neutral. The valve should be sized appropriately for the flow and pressure of the system. The winch should have its own braking system to hold the load.

which lever is for the ram and which is the log lift? picture with arrows would be nice

A: The first spool, nearest the inlet side, with the relief and pressure relief detent tower, is for the splitting cylinder. The second spool, nearest the outlet side, is for the log lift cylinder.

Can this valve be used with a New Holland Skid Steer as hydraulic source?

A: As long as the flow throughput is within the valve's specified range, the onboard relief valve is tightened in to 3000 psi to allow the skidsteer's relief system to control the system up to the valve's limits, and it is converted to either an open or closed center system according to the type the skidsteer is, yes. If the valve relief is lower than the skid steer system's operating pressure, the relief in the valve will bypass, creating excess heat. It's always best to put a gauge next to the valve so the system pressure can be monitored in action.

Can I use a joy stick style handle for this valve and if so witch one thank you

A: No, due to the fact you are using a detent on the first spool a joystick can not be used.

Is there a port for a pressure gauge on the valve splitter side?

A: No there are no gauge ports on the valve.

Will this work with a 9GPM pump? Also, are both spools détente on return? Thank you.

A: Yes, it would work with a 9 GPM flow rate. There is only a detent in the return stroke of the splitter control spool. The log lifter spool is spring centered to neutral in both directions.

Can I convert this valve to closed center?

A: Yes, the conversion plug on the side can be removed and replaced with item 9-4895-C to convert it to closed center. You also need to turn the relief in the valve to a higher pressure than the compensator on the pump.

Can this be set up with power beyond?

A: Yes, just add item 9-4895-B to your order and use it to replace the conversion plug that comes in the valve.

Can the second spool, the one used on the log lift, be adjusted so that when lifting, it isn't too fast, and "throws" the log? I heard a separate flow valve may be needed to reduce the speed of the lift.

A: You would have to put an external flow control on the line between the valve and the lift cylinder.

The description says detent on power out. I want detent on return. Can I have detent by switching lines either way ?

A: The detent is on the return stroke. The copy is referring to the position of the spool in the valve rather than what the cylinder is doing.

I am wanting to use this valve exactly as it is designed: On a log splitter with the retract detent spool for the ram and the other spool for a log lift. This will be an open-center system with a 22 GPM 2-stage pump. My question is this: Do I need a power beyond plug to make this valve work in this scenario or will it work as is?

A: It sounds like exactly what you need. Power beyond is only necessary if you want to feed more control valves after this one.

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2 Spool 25 GPM Prince Log Splitter/Lifter Valve RD522CCEA5A4B1
Item Number: 9-7414
Price: $270.00
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2 Spool 25 GPM Prince Log Splitter/Lifter Valve RD522CCEA5A4B1
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