2 Spool 25 GPM Prince RD522EEAA5A4B1 Motor Spool Valve

Item Number: 9-6760

Price: $345.00
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2 Spool 25 GPM Prince RD522EEAA5A4B1 Motor Spool Valve

2 Spool 25 GPM Prince RD522EEAA5A4B1 Motor Spool Valve

item number: 9-6760 PRICE: $345.00 44 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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2 Spool 25 GPM Prince RD522EEAA5A4B1 Motor Spool Valve
Item Number: 9-6760
Price: $345.00
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Brand new PRINCE RD500 series. Hydraulic control valve for operating reversible hydraulic motors. Monoblock gray cast iron body. Hard chrome plated spools. Parallel circuit allows any combination of spools to work simultaneously. Motoring spools, work ports connected to tank in neutral on both spools. Open center.
  • Two spool valve
  • Max 25 GPM
  • Max 3000 PSI
  • Inlet/Outlet Ports 3/4" NPT
  • Work Ports 1/2" NPT
  • Adjustable relief valve 1500-3000 PSI factory set at 2000 PSI
  • Spring centering
  • Size 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 3 1/4"
  • Shpg 25 lbs
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can this valve be made closed center

A: Yes. You will need to use closed center plug, 9-4895-C.

do you have these with detent?

A: They do not come with detent, but item 9-4895-D can be installed to give the spool a 3-position mechanical detent.

I want to use this valve to control a motor and a cylinder. Is there a plug to close one valve off? I will still need the open center on the other side. If not, can you recommend one for 15GPM?

A: This valve will control both motors and cylinders, but cylinders will not hold a load because the work ports are open to tank in neutral. The ports of the unused spool can be plugged with regular NPT plugs if the spool will be unused.

will the valves ease the motors going or will they jerk them on and off ..I will use these to move my skid steer motors the valves I tried already almost stall the gas motor and hydraulic motors are either on or off there's no speed control at all . do you think these will be more forgiving or whats your recommendation on 15gpm valves thanks

A: At that flow, there will be very little 'feathering' available on the spools and could very well act the same way. Valves with fine metering on the spools and more closely matched to the system flow may provide better results.

Can I use a pilot operated check valve to hold a reversible winch motor in a brake position in just one direction (up).

A: A pilot operated check valve, if plumbed in correctly, would make it necessary to power the motor in the direction that produced the desired motion. This would not stop any unwanted motion due to load induced slippage inside the motor. A positive stop mechanical brake should always be part of any winch or hoist system in which a load can move.

Will this valve hold a motor in a stopped position? I will be using this to operate a winch that will be holding a load.

A: No, this valve will not hold a load in a static position. The work ports are open to tank in neutral which will allow a motor to freewheel.

I want to use this to control 2 different motors independently. Is there anything else I would need to add to it if the motors are different sizes that I will be running? Im using my skid steer auxiliary hydraulics to run a drilling rig so one large motor will turn the drill and another motor will raise the mast up and down. Thanks

A: Yes, this valve will operate 2 motors independently. The size of the motors and the degree of actuation of each spool will determine overall speed on both with the fixed total input flow. Both spools will need to be manually held at whatever degree of actuation needed, and will spring to center when released.

how we get in pakistan

A: Please email our Customer Service department with your shipping information and order details, and we can make an international quote.

I am looking for a motor valve that will to move 2 drive motor at the same time. working at the same time 1 going forward and other in reverse and doth forward or in reverse. I think I am looking at your 9-6750. It must also have power beyond. I have a 16gal pump. Thanks

A: This will control two motors. It is a tandem center valve so if both levers are pulled they will direct oil to their respective motors however if one motor requires less pressure it will get a larger share of the oil than the other until the pressure is balanced out.

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2 Spool 25 GPM Prince RD522EEAA5A4B1 Motor Spool Valve
Item Number: 9-6760
Price: $345.00
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2 Spool 25 GPM Prince RD522EEAA5A4B1 Motor Spool Valve
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