2 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB21BB5C1 DA Valve

Item Number: 9-7862

Price: $161.15
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2 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB21BB5C1 DA Valve

2 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB21BB5C1 DA Valve

item number: 9-7862 PRICE: $161.15 33 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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2 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB21BB5C1 DA Valve
Item Number: 9-7862
Price: $161.15
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Brand new WOLVERINE by PRINCE MB series directional control valve for operating double acting cylinders. Ideal for small tractor and other low flow applications requiring a compact control valve. Features include monoblock construction, load check, built-in adjustable pressure relief valve, spring centering spool action, open center with enclosed plug to convert to power beyond or closed center, side or top inlet/outlet ports and vertical or horizontal handle mounting.

  • Open Center Convertible to power beyond or closed center
  • Spools Two
  • Flow 8 GPM max.
  • Pressure 3500 PSI max.
  • Relief Valve 2000 PSI, adj. 2000-3500 PSI
  • Reqd. Filtration ISO 4406 19/17/14
  • In/Out Ports SAE 8
  • Work Ports SAE 8
  • Mount 3 hole base
  • Size 7-5/8" x 5-7/16" x 2-1/4"
  • Shpg. 12 lbs.
Spool Details:
  Spool 1 DA cylinder spool, spring to center
  Spool 2 DA cylinder spool, spring to center

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In the description where it says "load check" does that mean a check valve to keep a cylinder from bleeding off when its under load?

A: A load check is designed to force the system to overcome any load-generated pressure on a work port before opening. This means that when the spool is shifted, if a load is acting on a cylinder the cylinder will not move because of the load's force until the system pressure is at least equal to or greater than the load's force. Without load checks, a load can force a cylinder to move upon spool shift until the system 'catches' the load. With significant loads this can cause dangerous issues.

I need this for a jd2630 with 145 loader closed system. does this control valve come set up for closed system? If not what else do I need before purchasing?

A: No, this valve comes set up for Open Center. They do come with the plug to convert the valve to Closed Center or Power Beyond.

I need motoring spools and power beyond. Can you provide.

A: The only two spool valve with motor spools capable of Power Beyond we carry is item 9-6760.

is there a version of this valve available with pipe thread ports?

A: No, these are only available in SAE O-ring.

My tractors hydraulic system is rated for 6.3 gpm. This is getting close the valves rate 8gpm, will there be any issues with fluid heat build up.

A: There should not be with that large of a differential between allowed volume and actual.

Will power beyond sleeve part # 9-7998-PB work with this valve?

A: No. The Power Beyond/Closed Center conversion plug (high pressure carryover plug) is supplied with the valve. It's a thin 3/8" NPT hollow hex head plug that is typically overlooked in the bag. We sell it as item 9-7867-B. Installation instructions are detailed in the literature that accompanies the valve, or on this item's web page.

what size fitting do I need my hydraulic hose is male 3/8 NPT this valve in/out ports are SAE 8 3/4-16 do you have sell the fitting adaptor or reducer? this is for an ol' 8N ford with loader Thank you,

A: Items 9-6900-8-6, 9-6405-8-6 (straight); 9-6901-8-6, 9-6805-8-6 (90 degree); 9-6902-8-6 (45 degree) would all convert SAE 8 to 3/8 NPT.

how to connect to a mahindra c 27 tractor need hose diagram.for prince mb model cylinder.

A: We do not have a diagram beyond what is available on this item's web page. We have no information on the system of your equipment.

need 2spool valve around 8gpm with float possible something you have in stock? thank-you

A: Item 9-7862-F fits that description.

Can the ports be switched to the bottom?

A: Yes, the handle receptacles that mate into the spool can be inverted to allow that configuration.

I need one spool to operate a single acting cylinder. Do you carry the 3 way Tandem spool # 612000001 to convert the valve for single acting?

A: Yes our item number for that is 9-7867-3. It can replace a double acting spool so that it can be used with a single acting cylinder in any of the MB series valves.

The flow rating is 8 GPM at the ports, what is the flow rating through the Power beyond port? Or, if I run a 11 GPM pump into this valve first, and have a log splitter valve hooked up to the Power Beyond port, will I still get 11GPM to the log splitter valve?

A: There may be some heat buildup and pressure loss from forcing extra fluid through the passages, but the system would be functional. Ideally the 14 GPM valve series would be the best solution.

Can one spool be used to control a hydraulic motor?

A: Yes, as long as it is understood that the work ports are blocked in neutral. If a hydraulic motor with any flywheeling rotating mass is controlled by this valve, mechanisms must be used to allow the motor to coast to a stop, or be braked safely by some other means.

You say this valve is open center. Do you mean tandem center like most loader valves are? If it is actually an open center valve, how could it be used in a loader application?

A: In our use of the term, open center is used as meaning the pump flow circulates back to the tank in a continuous loop at low pressure until the spool is shifted. Closed center means the pump and tank ports are blocked in neutral. A cylinder spool means the work ports are blocked in neutral, and a motor spool means the work ports are open in neutral.

Can this valve be customized? I need a 2 spool open-center with power beyond. I motor spool, with detents, 1 tandem spool. Recommendations?

A: Sorry these are only available as advertised.

Can I run the fluid in/out from either side of this valve? Not talking about the work ports

A: The inlet is only on the left in the photos we show.

I have a wagner loader model wms 13351 on a 1946 2n ford tractor. does this come with directions on how to convert. what else do I need for parts? eager to order just need info. the loader itself is hydro fluid holder

A: Your old valve should have 6 lines on it like this one does. You might have to convert the threads on the lines with adapters. We sell a wide variety of them. The main thing to watch is the pump flow (gallons per minute). As long as it does not exceed the 14 GPM rating of this valve you should be fine. This valve is used with double acting cylinders and some older loaders used single acting, that is one other item to check.

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2 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB21BB5C1 DA Valve
Item Number: 9-7862
Price: $161.15
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2 Spool 8 GPM Prince MB21BB5C1 DA Valve
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