2 Spool Compact 10 GPM Joystick Control Valve

Item Number: 9-7401

Price: $306.10
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2 Spool Compact 10 GPM Joystick Control Valve

2 Spool Compact 10 GPM Joystick Control Valve

item number: 9-7401 PRICE: $306.10 45 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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2 Spool Compact 10 GPM Joystick Control Valve
Item Number: 9-7401
Price: $306.10
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Brand new. BRAND Model LV22RFSTKAB. Compact two spool joystick valve for operating double acting cylinders. Ideal for use on front end loaders on small to medium sized tractors, lift trucks, and other mobile equipment requiring a compact valve. The two spools can be operated independently or simultaneously depending on handle movement. First spool has regenerative feature for rapid extension of cylinder and second spool has float to allow free movement of cylinder. Open center. Optional conversion sleeve for power beyond or plug for closed center operation sold separately.

  • Open Center
  • Spools Two
  • Flow 10 GPM
  • Pressure 3000 PSI
  • Relief Valve Adjustable from 800-3000 PSI set at 2000
  • In/Out Ports SAE 8
  • Work Ports SAE 8
  • Size 5-1/2" x 2-3/8" x 17-7/8"
  • Shpg. 14 lbs.
Spool Details:
  Spool 1 Double acting with 4th regenerative position spring centered
  Spool 2 Double acting spring centered with detented float position.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Would this work for wheel motors

A: No this will not work for wheel motors.

would this fit a 07 2300 massy Ferguson compact tractor

A: We have no way to cross-reference product compatibility by application. We require specs and performance descriptions to compare products.

do you have a seal kit for this valve ..mine is leaking around the tilt dump plunger and scematics on how to replace ..thanks..

A: We don't.

Valve was installed through the 3 point on a Kubota, from pump outlet to inlet on valve, power beyond cartridge back to pressure side of 3 point, return to tank tied from valve to fill cap of trans/hyd, 3 point works good when joystick is in center position, when valve is working flow stops to 3 point as it should, now bucket tip and rollback work but when bucket in tip creeps down, and boom raise and lower not working. I bled cylinders but no luck, i do have low psi while bleeding and excessive air, think spool valves are bypassing or I'm thinking i need a diverter valve to isolate 3 point and bucket valve and if i do do i just plug pb port? Thank you

A: Please contact our product support staff at 800-488-3407 so we may better assist you.

Hello. I have a kubota b2400hst. The loader is a bush hog 1845qt. Would this work for my application. Thank you.

A: This valve appears to be compatible with the system type and flow, but that information should be checked with the manufacturer.

installing brand 9-7401 0n tractor with 2200 psi working pressure. do I need to raise relief pressure on valve and if so how

A: Yes, you will need to adjust the pressure setting above what your system puts out. Please contact our Product Support department with details regarding your tractor model so we may further assist you.

The hydraulic stats for my tractor say: Pump flow-7.7 gpm Steering flow- 4.5 gpm Total flow- 12.2 gpm Do I size the valve for the pump flow or total flow?

A: Typically the steering flow is diverted and runs only through the steering circuit, so if you size things according to the pump flow you may be okay. It would be best to confirm with the manufacturer or a certified dealer/repair establishment.

What is the warranty on this control valve?

A: BRAND products have a limited 24 month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, timed from the date of purchase by the original end-user; or 36 months from the manufacture date code. Whichever period is shorter will apply. They state their obligation is limited to repair or replacement of any parts which have been deemed defective by their examiners.

I have mounted and plumbed a LV22RFSTKAB to replace a two lever control on a 45 John Deere loader. The boom down is plumbed to port A2. When I boom down with the joy stick slowly it works correctly, when I move the joystick to boom down float the boom raises quickly. Everything else seems to work correctly when the joystick is moved to its appropriate position. I have installed the closed center kit into the port on the side near where the outlet port is located. What could be causing my problem? Thank You

A: Please contact our Product Support department to discuss your issue.

I have a Massey Ferguson 1246 loader with a bad nimco valve control. Will this fit and work?

A: We have no specifications about that valve or system and cannot state what may successfully fit or work.

I have a Massey Ferguson 1246 loader with a bad nimco valve control. Will this fit and work?

A: We have no specifications about that valve and cannot state what may successfully fit or work.

Do you sell a replacement Joy Stick (Wobble Stick) for a John Deer 541 loader?

A: We have no information about the valve/joystick assembly used for that equipment. This valve can be used on open center, closed center, or power beyond systems with the appropriate conversion plug. The specifications regarding flow and pressure are posted.

Do you have springs or parts for this valve. If not, who should I contact. Thank you.

A: We do not typically carry repair parts for this valve. Brand Hydraulics in Omaha, NE is the manufacturer and may be able to help.

does this valve come with the joystick handle?

A: Yes.

Will this replace the Nimco 10178 that I have my mahindra 3505 tractor with front end loader. Mahindra Front End Loader Model ML230. Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks

A: We have no information about any of the specifications for that valve or that equipment to compare. Please contact our Product Support department with additional information.

I recently purchased the compact joystick control valve for my Massey Ferguson 1240 tractor with a 1246 loader. The loader had nimco loader control valve, this control valve was a direct replacement, except for a 1/2" shim for mounting and reducer fitting on the inlet/outlet ports.

A: That is good to know. Thanks!

can I add a single control valve to this valve to control a hydraulic post hole digger and still use the wobble valve to control the loader

A: Buying and installing the Power Beyond sleeve will allow you to operate an additional valve downstream.

I have a Massey Ferguson 1250 tractor with a 1246 loader. The loader has nimco loader mounted controls. Will this fit?

A: We have no information regarding those models and cannot say.

Will this valve work for hydraulic wheel motors that fall into flow rate parameters?

A: Due to the float and regen features, it is not recommended for use with hydraulic motors.

will this valve directly replace a nimco cv-112 valve

A: Without the full model coding for the NImco it would be impossible to say.

can i get without regen

A: No. We only have this valve in the one configuration.

My John Deere 1050 has 2030psi and 7.5GPM. Will a 10gpm damage my system? Will i need any other components? the lift cylinder valve is going bad. the bucket valve is fine. they share the same lines with an open center.

A: The flow rate as described is what the valve will tolerate. If you provide it less flow it will still function. If this is to be plumbed into an open center system with other valves in the circuit a power beyond sleeve may be necessary depending on where the valve is and how it plumbs into the circuit.

I have a woods 1009 loader with a Husco 9212 valve I bought a 9-4782 valve because I read that it was the replacement for it. The port are the wrong size and it is bigger that my husco, what is the right valve the 9-7401?

A: The only information we could find from Husco that seems close is the 9210 series. Those specifications suggest that your valve is rated for up to 20 gpm. The 9-7401 is only rated for 10 gpm. Identify your system flow rate to be sure what the best choice will be.

What does the regenerative mean? Or do?

A: The regenerative function ties the return port into the extend port for faster extend time.

We are trying to find a part for a Titan Agricultural System front end loader lift. Do you have any parts that are interchangeable with Titan parts?

A: We have no information regarding that manufacturer's equipment, and cannot say.

Can the spools be changed so that the raise and lower is the bucket tip?

A: No, the spools cannot be switched.

Building a tractor and want to use the compact joystick control valve ports a1, b1 for hydraulic motor control to travel forward and reverse. The a2, b2 ports will be used for a cylinder connected to the steering. Any problems with using joystick for those two functions?

A: This valve is best suited to the intended purpose for which it was designed. Item 9-7862 with item 9-7867-J installed would be a better choice for those applications.

I have an Agco ST25 with SL42 Loader using the Nimco Control 2S-40272. The manual says: 1500 psi max pressure, 5.2 gpm max flow. The control is mounted horizontal at about 30 degrees. Is this unit an acceptable replacement?

A: It could be, as long as the correct system type (open or closed center) is known to configure the valve correctly. Special note should be taken of the regenerative and float additions to the respective spools.

I have a Kubota tractor 4310 and it has a Great Bend front end loader on it and the main control valve started leaking badly and I need to replace it.It has 4 main lines and two for the back lift and one on the side would this unit replace my existing one and operate the same way as my old one? How does it attach to the tractor?

A: Please get any information regarding system flow, pressure, and system type; then contact our Product Support department to discuss further.

I just installed this valve in a Yanmar 155d .It will not tilt the bucket. How can I fix this problem? Thanks

A: Please contact our Product Support department to discuss the issue.

Will this joystick work 2 double acting cylinders independently and also simultaneously . ?

A: Yes.

What is your part number for a closed center plug for this valve, please? Thanks.

A: 9-7401-C is the item number for the Closed Center plug.

Is this valve fully rebuild-able in the future? Are parts readily available at any hydraulic shop in my local area? Just looking ahead a bit to repairs that may be needed later. Thanks, Frank

A: Typically valves are not rebuildable except for the low pressure external seals, and handle hardware. Nearly all valves rely on metal to metal interference tolerances internally, and when worn to the point the valve 'creeps' or bypasses it becomes scrap. We have seen lightly used valves last decades, and high use valves last only a year or two.

I have a ford 4610 with a 7210 fel will this valve work to switch it over to joystick control?

A: This valve comes as open center, and can be converted to closed center or power beyond. If the pressure and flow ratings are adequate for your system, it seems likely that it could be made to work regardless. We have no information about your components to state for certain.

I have a LA305A Front Loader that fits a B2150 Kubota. Will this fit it? Any special changes to make fit?

A: We have no information regarding that equipment and cannot say.

What does it measure from the part where the handle screws in to the bottom of the control valve?

A: It is 10-1/4" from the joystick handle receptacle to the end of the spool covers.

Can this valve be ordered spring return to center without the regenerative and float functions?

A: No, it cannot be ordered that way through us.

Could this type of valve be used if the FEL lift arm cylinders are only single acting? The system is open center, 10 gpm, 2000 psi.

A: Double acting spools can be made to work with single acting cylinders if the unused work ports from each spool used in such a fashion are plumbed into the return line of the valve, or directly to tank; whichever is more convenient.

How will this spooler perform on a system with a flow rate of 5.28 GPM and pressure of 2300psi. Will it operate slower? Thanks Tony

A: This valve should work with 5.28 GPM, but you will have to adjust the valve's onboard relief to above the system's relief pressure, or it will constantly be dumping fluid and pressure, overworking the main pump.

Will this fit a Kubota LA 480 as a replacement control?

A: We have no data regarding what the controls on that model are, and as such cannot say.

5303 John Deere 512 loader has 7 lines corming in will this valve work?

A: If yours has been converted to power beyond, that would account for the extra line. Double checking the function and plumbing of your system will help you make that determination.

will this be a replacement for control valve on a JD 5303 with a 512 Loader?

A: It appears that the requirements for that loader and the output of that tractor are in line with what this valve is rated for. As long as the instructions regarding the positions of the float and regenerative functions are understood and followed it could work.

I have this valve setup as closed center with A1conversion, works good except in float position it does a fast lift of boom instead of floating, is this normal or is something not right?

A: It sounds like it's hooked up with the regen where you want float, and vice versa. Double check the instructions and your connections.

Which port do you install closed center plug into for the conversion?

A: The closed center plug is installed in the same port that is used for power beyond conversion. That port is what is currently the outlet port as the valve is configured out of the box. After installation, the alternate outlet port is used for return flow. Please refer to the instructions tab in the lower corner of the item's page for a diagram.

Is there enough clearance between the controlled ports to install 45 deg. fittings ?

A: Using both 9-6902-8-8 fittings and 9-6802-8-8 fittings, I was able to turn them past each other. The 6902 series take a bit more finesse. Both series should be positioned after turning in to the maximum depth while remaining slightly loose, and tightening the backing nut to seal the o-ring.

This valve would be perfect for the two cylinder rear Top & Tilt that I'm installing except for the regen on spool 1. Can this function be removed or disabled ?

A: The regen is reached by moving the lever farther than normal. There is a soft stop that you go beyond to reach that position (very similar to the other spool that has float). If you don't move the lever further it would not go into regen.

This Valve will be replacing a front loader valve with two handles... The old valve is an open center valve... the old valve has power beyond but is not used... will I need to buy a plug or something if I will not be using the power beyond on this new valve...

A: You would be able to use this valve as supplied. Power beyond can be added to it but not necessary but no other parts are required if using as standard open center without power beyond.

In relationship to the 9-7401 valve where would I mount a 9-7960-6 in line control valve? Additionally my current hoses mount from the top is this valve top accessable

A: You would mount the flow control before the valve to control all oil thru the valve. Or on a work port to control flow to one port of one cylinder. All lines can be connected on the front face of the valve, simply move the 2 plugs to the side ports.

hello, I can control two pistons individually with this control?

A: Yes moving the handle forward/back works one cylinder and left/right another.

Will this operate two hydraulic motors that drive a mini dozer? Track drive of a dozer.

A: This valve has float and regen positions on the two spools that are unnecessary for controlling motors. Other valves would be a better choice.

Will this valve fit a Kubota B7200? f yes what elsewill I needand what will myorder consist of?

A: We don't have an application specific info. As long as the flow and pressure on your system are within the limits of this valve it could be used.

Will this valve work on a 45hp tractor or do I need to step up to a larger one.

A: Please check the specifications for the hydraulic system on your tractor. The GPM and pressure must be within the ratings of the valve. Also you need to determine if you have an open or closed center system. This valve is supplied as open center but can be converted by adding a closed center plug (Item 9-7401-C).

The valve I looked at is being considered for replacement of a front loader control valve on a compact Massy Fusrgusen tractor. The bucket on the loader is 4' wide. Is this valve an appropriate replacement?

A: The main criteria is to match flow capacity of the valve (10 GPM here) with the output flow of your pump.

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2 Spool Compact 10 GPM Joystick Control Valve
Item Number: 9-7401
Price: $306.10
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