3 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Valve w/Grapple Prince HC-V-BP22

Item Number: 9-8217

Price: $420.25
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3 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Valve w/Grapple Prince HC-V-BP22

3 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Valve w/Grapple Prince HC-V-BP22

item number: 9-8217 PRICE: $420.25 11 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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3 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Valve w/Grapple Prince HC-V-BP22
Item Number: 9-8217
Price: $420.25
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Brand new PRINCE. Three spool joystick valve for operating double acting cylinders with first spool float and third spool single lever to operate a double acting grapple cylinder. Features include monoblock gray cast iron body, hard chrome plated spools, load checks and spring centering spools. The two spools controlled by joystick lever can be operated independently or simultaneously depending on handle movement. Open center that can be converted to power beyond or closed center by changing conversion plug. Ideal for use on front end loaders with a grapple or other attachments, lift trucks, and other mobile equipment.

  • Open Center
  • Spools Three
  • Flow 25 GPM max.
  • Pressure 3000 PSI max.
  • Relief Valve factory set at 2000 PSI Adjustable 1500-3000 PSI
  • In/Out Ports SAE 12
  • Work Ports SAE 10
  • Mount 3 holes thru body
  • Size 15" x 9-3/4" x 3-1/4"
  • Shpg. 39 lbs.
Spool Details:
  Spool 1 Double acting w/4th position detented float
  Spool 2 Double acting spring centered
  Spool 3 Double acting spring centered

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Can you plug the 3rd spool (for the grapple) if you don't have one at the present time? I would like to get this if/when I need that function. Is the 3rd spool really just a spare valve to operate any double acting cylinder? You don't *have* to use it, correct?

A: Yes, you could plug the work ports on spool 3 until needed.

Considering Item Number: 9-8217 to operate a loader and grapple. Will the third spool operate turn cylinders of a snow plow?

A: All three spools will operate double acting cylinders.

What is the expected delivery date in January for the Prince 9-8217?

A: The estimated date is mid February but this is just an estimate.

When will you have more in stock? It says you're out at present time.

A: We show a shipment due in January.

Hi: I have this exact system but without the joystick, Any kit available so I can convert my system to this one with joystick?

A: Please contact our Product Support department and inquire about the availability of that part.

Can this 9-8217 valve be converted to a remote control valve using the 9-6704-J joystick, 9-6704 joystick, 9-6706-20 kits, and 9-6705-XX cables ?

A: This valve is essentially the same as item 9-7876-F, which is considerably less expensive when you consider you will be removing the manual joystick hardware from the 9-8217 anyway. The joystick numbers are correct, as well as the cables, but you would need to use item 9-6706-RD to connect the cables to the block and spools.

Can anyone tell me the thread size or shaft diameter for the main joystick? I need to place a grip on it and needed the dimensions. Thanks

A: The shaft is threaded 7/16"-20 and is .4375" in diameter.

Do you have a similar 3-spool loader valve, with regeneration and float, available with a lower maximum flow rate? My tractor outputs just under 10 gpm. This valve appears that it would work well (potentially minus the regeneration feature); however, it would be a significant overkill. Thank you.

A: We do not have any 3-spool valves with regen and float in any flow rating, unfortunately. This is the only 3-spool loader valve we offer.

The product description lists the port sizes as SAE #10 and SAE #12. Just to be more clear, are those SAE ORB ports (straight thread o-ring boss)? Thanks.

A: Yes.

I have a 2017 Mahindra 2555 HST Cab w/bucket and backhoe, will this item work with a Titan extreme toot grapple and my tractor. Flow rate is 9.8gpm?

A: This item will work with that flow rate, but we have no other information about your equipment or system and cannot say.

i have a tc30 with a tl 110 loader will this fit / work instead of the standard joystick ? about how long to install one ?

A: We have no information about your equipment and cannot say.

will this control valve work with a rated flow of 11.4 gallons on a allis chalmers 6070

A: Yes, it would work with that system.

I have a 1973 john deere 2030 with a closed center hydraulic system, pump flow is 13.5 gpm, will the 3 spool 25 gpm loader valve W/grapple work

A: If you convert it to Closed Center by using item 9-4895-C, and tighten the relief valve to allow the native relief to regulate system pressure, yes.

Will this work with a 1976 John Deere 4030? I believe the it has a closed center hydraulic system. Which would then require the additional plug?

A: Yes, this would need to be converted to Closed Center using item 9-4895-C to work with that system.

Can the placement of valve spools be physically changed so that the main valve with float is on the side next to the return port and the grapple spool next to the inlet pressure. This is in reference to the Prince three valve with grapple #9-8217. Thanks

A: No. The spools are hand-fit at the factory and cannot be moved.

Item 9-8217 with closed center plug installed: Does this valve have a port to connect the load sense line that controls the operation of the hydraulic pump on a New Holland CCLS hydraulic system. CCLS is a closed center, load sense system that has standby pressure until stroking the valve, thus turning on the main pump. Secondly, I see the note that when converted to closed center, small amount of fluid from spool leakage can go to work ports when in neutral. What is the impact of this?

A: This unit does not have a load sense port. The impact of spool leakage can be unwanted actuator movement while the spool is in neutral.

Is there a cable kit available for this spool set up?

A: Cables, single and dual joysticks, and the cable conversion kits are available for use with this item. We do not sell a packaged kit. View items 9-6706-RD; 9-6705-49,9-6705-59, 9-6705-79, 9-6705-98, 9-6704; and 9-6704-J.

When will this be back in stock?

A: We just received stock today. 11/29/17

when will item # 9-8217 be back in stock?

A: We have a shipment due 11/14/17. If it arrives as projected it may not show up on the website until the following day.

If this was on the right hand fender as a loader control, where exactly is the grapple control located? In front, back,right side, left side of the loader control?

A: If this valve was mounted horizontally on a fender, handle facing the observer and spool caps furthest away; the inlet would be on the far left of the valve, outlet on the far right. The joystick layout in that position is available under the Instructions tab below the specifications. The grapple would be the single handle on the far right. If the valve is mounted in any other position, the user will have to compare the new orientation to the instructions and determine how the handles will need to be used.

When would the item # 9-8217 be back in stock?

A: We are expecting a shipment on 8/22/17.

hi, do you perhaps have a CAD model this valve (9-8217) ?

A: We do not have a CAD model. We have a 2D dimensional diagram as an attachment to this item's web page.

I am going to assembled loader attachment with grapple bucket on Holland 5500 tractor, and intended to use the 3 SPOOL 25 GPM JOYSTICK LOADER VALVE W/GRAPPLE Item Number: 9-8217,will it served my purpose for third operation of grapple & if so let me know how could i get in India & the current cost.

A: Based on the limited information available for that model tractor it appears that it may work. Please contact our Customer Service department to get an international quote.

When plumbing the valve (9-8217) Can the outlet port / return port be plugged off. If you are using the power beyond plug (9-4895-B) and returning the oil straight back into the tractor through the power beyond valve on the tractor. It will not be operating another valve. It will be a completely open center flow hydraulics. The outlet port / return port and the power beyond ports are connected inside of the valve.

A: No. When using the Power Beyond plug, the return galley is isolated from the powered fluid path. A separate return path must be provided when either the Power Beyond plug or Closed Center plug are used.

Can the float control be moved to the center spool on the prince 3 spool joystick?

A: No, it cannot.

will this valve replace valve on wrangler 2005 4550 loader?

A: We do not have any information regarding the equipment on that unit, and cannot say.

Can the handle on the third spool be turned around? Is a Detent kit available for this third spool?

A: It appears that it can either by simply flipping the handle, or the bracket and handle both. Item 9-4895-D will turn the third spool into three position detented action.

My John Deere 512 Loader has three lines coming to the valve block from the rear of the tractor. I understand one is for supply and one for return, but cannot determine what the third line is for. On your part, there appears to be a port on one side of the valve block for supply and one on the other side for return. There is a plug adjacent to one of these ports. Is it possible this port is for a third line as I have on my loader? Any information you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks, Clay

A: If the third line on your equipment is a power beyond flow that feeds back into the tractor for powering another valve it could explain the three lines. Our valves are convertible to power beyond by adding the power beyond sleeve (9-4895-B). It would be best to have the manufacturer explain what each line is, what purpose it serves, and how a valve could be added to the system to be sure.

Do you have a 4 spool joystick valve control? Thank you Jerry

A: We do not have a 4 spool joystick valve as a stock item. One could be assembled from the Prince SV stack valve components if the 9-8455 two section spacer block was ordered with the rest of the attendant parts to do so. Otherwise, we sell a quick order backhoe configuration SV kit with joysticks, item 9-7502. Please contact our Technical Service department to determine if this will work with your system.

I have a 275 MF. It pumps 13.7 gpm and the hydraulic pump puts out 2700psi. The factory setting of this valve is 2000psi. Do you set the valve up to meet the specs of the tractor?

A: We do not adjust any of the valves for the end user. That is to be determined and done by the end user.

Can this valve be used if my hydraulic pump is only rated for 5.7 GPM?

A: It can be, there just won't be as much fine control between the spool cracking open and full actuation due to the passage sizes.

Can this valve be used with single acting cylinders in a snow plow application? Can it also be used with hydraulic motors?

A: When used with single acting cylinders the unused 2nd work port should be connected back to the return line. It could be used with motors however when shifted back to the center position the flow and motor rotation will be stopped very abruptly.

do you have extra boots for this spool or valve number 9-8217

A: see item 671300054. This is the extra boot for the joystick on the 9-8217 valve.

looking at your 3 spool joy stick loader value with graple. can you add another spool to this value 4 total spool

A: You could add a power beyond sleeve and then connect another valve after this one. See the related items to the right of the screen.

Can the loader spools and third/grapple spool be operated simultaneously? In other words, can ALL THREE spools be used at once?

A: Yes, you can operate them all at once. The section that requires the least amount of pressure will get the most oil until pressures balance out between them.

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3 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Valve w/Grapple Prince HC-V-BP22
Item Number: 9-8217
Price: $420.25
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3 Spool 25 GPM Joystick Loader Valve w/Grapple Prince HC-V-BP22
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