Prince Auto Cycle Log Splitter Valve w/Power Beyond RD523MMEE5A4C1

Item Number: 9-6587-PB

Price: $435.00
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Prince Auto Cycle Log Splitter Valve w/Power Beyond RD523MMEE5A4C1

Prince Auto Cycle Log Splitter Valve w/Power Beyond RD523MMEE5A4C1

item number: 9-6587-PB PRICE: $435.00 67 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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Prince Auto Cycle Log Splitter Valve w/Power Beyond RD523MMEE5A4C1
Item Number: 9-6587-PB
Price: $435.00
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Brand new PRINCE model RD523MMEE5A4C1. Special Auto-Cycle valve allows operator to completely cycle (out and back) a double acting cylinder by only one handle movement. Same as our item 9-6587 only with a power beyond.
Ideal for log splitter applications
Both levers are pulled out to detent position, cylinder extends and at end of forward stroke one lever automatically returns to neutral and cylinder reverses. When fully retracted second lever returns to neutral. (3 work ports are used, two are tied to together and then run to rod end of cylinder, third connects to base end of cylinder).
  • For 1 Double Acting Cylinder
  • Max 25 GPM
  • Max 3000 PSI
  • Inlet/Outlet/Power Beyond Ports 3/4" NPT
  • Work Ports 3/4" NPT
  • Adjustable relief valve 1500-3000 PSI factory set at 2000 PSI
  • Double pressure relief detent
  • Size 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 3 1/4"
  • Shpg 29 lbs
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Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Can this valve be converted to closed center and what plug is needed to do this. Running my splitter off tractor hydraulics that are closed center.

A: No it cannot be used in a closed center system.

What size are the O-Ring ports. Thank You

A: There are no O-ring ports on this valve. All of the ports are National Pipe Thread (NPT)

Is this valve available with SAE in/out and work ports?

A: Yes the item number for the SAE ports is 9-6587-SAE.

I want to add a log lift valve with this valve on a log splitter. Which valve will work with this one?

A: 9-6701

The handle that sends the splitter cylinder out to split a block of wood will not stay down. It kicks off too easily. What are the possible causes?

A: Please contact our Product Support department to discuss your issue.

Can the power beyond port be plugged so that it does not need to be returned to the tank? I understand that there is a version without PB but would prefer the one with PB for future use.

A: If the Power Beyond port is left installed in an Open Center system, the flow must be allowed to return to tank. Plugging the Power Beyond sleeve will force the pump flow across the relief valve creating a huge heat spike; potentially damaging seals in the system. The valve can be converted back to Open Center with an SAE 16 plug which will seal the outer port and allow the powered fluid passage to the return port.

with the power beyond valve do I connect the next valve to the power beyond port and blank off the side outlet port ? I didn't see any diagrams for this. thank you,

A: For power beyond plumbing, the downstream valve is fed by the power beyond flow. The power beyond valve must have a separate return/tank line hooked up for return flow from any actuators operating on the spools. All other valves downstream must have a tank line for return as well.

Looking for a valve that allows a double-acting hydraulic cylinder (such as that of a wood splitter) to continuously cycle. I suppose a solenoid-controlled 5/3 directional valve with two position sensor switches would work, but would like to know if such a mechanical (non-electrical) valve exists. If so, what would you recommend for 25 GPM and 3000 psi operation?

A: We do not stock any valves that will do that past one cycle. (9-6587, 9-6587-PB, or 9-6587-SAE). It is not recommended to have a cylinder repeatedly cycling continuously with no human intervention without extreme safety measures and guards in place.

Can the auto cycle 25 gpm valve be used with the 28 gpm two stage pump with out any problems?

A: Customers have paired the two items previously with little to no ill effect on either component.

Does this power beyond valve come with the conversion for a second valve after this one?

A: Yes, this valve already has the power beyond conversion plug installed, so if no downstream valve is used, BOTH power beyond flow AND return flow MUST have pathways back to tank.

This is a slightly different application but what would happen if either or both handles were held in he detent position. Not long but say a delay in return was needed?

A: If the handles were manually held in the detented position the system would deadhead. If the system horsepower is enough to push the system to the relief pressure, fluid would then cross over the relief to tank. If the relief is set too high, or incorrectly, seal or system damage could occur.

can this valve be mounted both vertical or horizontal?

A: Yes. The valve can be mounted any way. The only thing that would be affected is the handle orientation.

On the power beyond port, if I add a separate valve to control another cylinder does this valve also need to be open center? Or should I add a closed center valve?

A: The secondary valve must be open center. In neutral the oil flow must be able to circulate back to tank.

Is this control valve for open center systems? Also does the power beyond port come with a power beyond sleeve? Thanks;DL.

A: Yes it is for Open Center and no sleeve needed, already built into the valve.

What item number is Prince' 2 spool auto-cycle valve RD525MMEE5A4B1? Item 9-6587 shows 2 spools but is described as a 1 spool - is the picture incorrect or the description? Thank you

A: The auto-cycle valve looks like a two spool valve but is actually for use with 1 cylinder. A line connects one port on each spool and then two other lines run out to the cylinder. In operation both levers are pulled out to the detent position, the cylinder fully extended and one lever releases, then the cylinder fully retracts and the second lever releases back to neutral.

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Prince Auto Cycle Log Splitter Valve w/Power Beyond RD523MMEE5A4C1
Item Number: 9-6587-PB
Price: $435.00
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Prince Auto Cycle Log Splitter Valve w/Power Beyond RD523MMEE5A4C1
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