1/2 NPT 16 GPM 1000-2500 PSI Relief Valve

Item Number: 9-1556

Price: $50.45
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1/2 NPT 16 GPM 1000-2500 PSI Relief Valve

1/2 NPT 16 GPM 1000-2500 PSI Relief Valve

item number: 9-1556 PRICE: $50.45 94 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1/2 NPT 16 GPM 1000-2500 PSI Relief Valve
Item Number: 9-1556
Price: $50.45
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Brand new, PRINCE model RD1850H compact adjustable relief valve. Inline (3 port) connection. Hardened ball seat for long life.

  • 16 GPM max
  • 2,500 PSI max
  • Adj. relief set at 1500 PSI
  • 1,000-2,500 PSI adj. range
  • Ports 1/2" NPT
  • Size 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 4-1/2"
  • Shpg. 3 lb.
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Can Y'all set the pressure for me at 1800 psi?

A: We do no adjusting before shipping. They come preset to 1500 psi.

I have a hydraulic pump with max 2500 psi and need to run a backhoe that takes 1000 psi maximum. It appears this valve will work. Backhoe needs 6.9 gpm. When excess pressure is directed back to tank, what flow rate is still available at 1000 psi?

A: The amount of fluid vented back to tank above the relief pressure should be negligible for all intents and purposes, unless the resistance is far beyond the capabilities of the equipment and completely stops the actuators resulting in the full pump flow going across the relief. There may be an onboard relief in the existing control valve bank that controls the system pressure as well.

I want 400psi. Can I set the pressure using this relief valve?

A: This relief will not adjust that low, unfortunately. The lowest rating on the low pressure poppet type relief valves we carry is 500 psi.

I have a hydraulic power pack that produces 10,000 psi. I need to operate a cylinder at 2500 psi. is this the right product for this application?

A: No, it is not. The maximum pressure this relief valve can handle is 2500 psi. Ideally a relief would be rated for the full system pressure, and adjustable in the range desired.

Is this valve bi-directional? I am looking for a pressure relief valve that I can plumb in into a forward/reverse hydraulic motor in the event that I stall the motor. My tractor pressure relief is set at 2200PSI and the hydraulic motor is only rated for 1450 psi continuous/ 2000 psi intermittent. I was hoping that I could plumb a bi-directional relief valve to the supply and return hydraulic lines just before and just after the hydraulic motor, so any excess pressure will flow back the other line depending on which direction the motor is turning. I DO NOT want to plumb an additional return line to the tank. Please advise if something exists for this application.

A: That would be a perfect application for our item 9-4019-50-L OR 9-4019-50-H. The -L version relieves a range from 500-1500 psi, and the -H version relieves from 1500-3000 psi. Because of where your operating pressures are; right on the edge between the two, you will need to make the determination which one would work best for you.

How do you increase the relief pressure on this?

A: Remove the castle nut, loosen the jam nut, tighten the stem while reading the pressure on a gauge until desired pressure is reached, tighten the jam nut, replace the castle nut.

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1/2 NPT 16 GPM 1000-2500 PSI Relief Valve
Item Number: 9-1556
Price: $50.45
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1/2 NPT 16 GPM 1000-2500 PSI Relief Valve
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