1/2" NPT 20 GPM Double Selector Valve Prince Mfg DS-1A1E

Item Number: 9-4128

Price: $128.25
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1/2" NPT 20 GPM Double Selector Valve Prince Mfg DS-1A1E

1/2" NPT 20 GPM Double Selector Valve Prince Mfg DS-1A1E

item number: 9-4128 PRICE: $128.25 69 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1/2" NPT 20 GPM Double Selector Valve Prince Mfg DS-1A1E
Item Number: 9-4128
Price: $128.25
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Double Selector Valve

• Allows one double acting valve to control your choice of two different cylinders. Save expense of buying another directional control when adding a cylinder to existing systems. 20 GPM capacity. 2500 PSI. All six ports are 1/2" NPT. 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 3 1/4".
• Shpg 13 lbs.

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do you sell replacement handle or handle hardware for these valves? Mine are exposed to the elements and deteriorating

A: Unfortunately we do not have any replacement handles for this valve.

Is there a spring return available for this valve? Would like to control it with a mechanical linkage that would return to to first circuit.

A: No we do not have a spring return for this valve.

I want to add this to my compact john deere to run a snow plow hydraulic angle off my current loader tilt control? This should allow me to switch from loader tilt, to my snow plow angle?

A: As long as you are switching between two different circuits, this will work as intended.

Can this be used to select forward/reverse for two hydraulic motors at the same time, each powered by a separate pump?

A: No this will not select forward or reverse for two hydraulic motors at the same time.

I am attempting to use this valve to direct hydraulic flow to either of two single acting cylinders. I understood this should work by using only one inlet port for example (C) which can feed either outlet (B) or outlet (A) depending where I push the valve. When I would select (B) it should block any flow in or out of (A). Conversely when I select (A) flow would be blocked to and from (B). Is this a correct?

A: This is a double selector valve, not a control valve (which is what you require). Please call out product support staff so that we may better assist you. 800-488-3407

Can this valve change direction of double acting cylender?

A: No, it cannot. It can only direct the flow from the work ports of a double acting directional control valve to one function or another.

Would this work for rear remote hydraulics for my 40hp tractor?

A: If plumbed properly it could be made to work in that fashion.

I want to use this for a wood processor. I want to put in a secondary splitter valve so I can use the splitter part as a standalone. I am using a 22 gpm pump. Would this handle 22 GPM?

A: It should handle that. There may be a slight pressure increase on the line going to the selector, and some pressure loss after the selector as well as excess heat generation may be seen due to forcing a higher flow through it. Ideally a larger selector would be used.

The dual acting pump has a three position directional control valve. Is the center position open or closed?

A: That would be something to be found in the specs of the pump or directional control valve information. This item is simply a double selector valve that will direct the work port flow from a directional control valve to one actuator or the other.

I am looking for a selector valve that will handle one double acting circuit and one single acting circuit,( gravity down) is this the valve I need? if not what will work. Thanks

A: We do not currently have a valve that will route the flows correctly to do that.

Is the width of this valve (between the cylinder port surfaces) the 5 1/2" or 4 1/4" dimension?

A: That would be the 4.25" dimension.

are there air shift kits available for this selector valve

A: No, we do not have air shift kits specifically for this selector. The manufacturer only makes air shift kits to fit their directional control valves.

The lever moves easy, do I need the spool attachment to keep it one way or the other? If so is it avaiable?

A: These valves will stay in position in most applications. There is a detent kit available if for some reason your valve would not.

What are the technical specifications, i.e. Distance center to center of ports?

A: The center to center port dimension is 2.13". The valve footprint is 5.5" x 4.25" The mounting holes are on 3.25" centers

Can this valve be used with closed center hydraulics?

A: Yes. This valve only allows the flow from a set of work ports on a directional control valve to operate two separate functions, regardless of the system type.

Is the circuit not under power blocked or returned to the tank?

A: This is a selector valve. When lever is in one position one set of work ports are connected to the input pair. The second set of work ports are blocked. When the lever is moved the work ports reverse which set is connected and which set is blocked.

Does this valve detent in one or both positions?

A: There is not a detent but the lever stays in position until moved.

Hi. Will this work to control 2 single acting cylinders (for snowplow on a tractor)?

A: No, this is a selector valve that is used with a directional control valve to allow that valve to control two independent cylinders.

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1/2" NPT 20 GPM Double Selector Valve Prince Mfg DS-1A1E
Item Number: 9-4128
Price: $128.25
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1/2" NPT 20 GPM Double Selector Valve Prince Mfg DS-1A1E
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