13 GPM 12 Volt DC SAE 8 Solenoid Operated Double Selector Valve Dynamic DSV-62-08-12

Item Number: 9-8602

Price: $159.99
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13 GPM 12 Volt DC SAE 8 Solenoid Operated Double Selector Valve Dynamic DSV-62-08-12

13 GPM 12 Volt DC SAE 8 Solenoid Operated Double Selector Valve Dynamic DSV-62-08-12

item number: 9-8602 PRICE: $159.99 298 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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13 GPM 12 Volt DC SAE 8 Solenoid Operated Double Selector Valve Dynamic DSV-62-08-12
Item Number: 9-8602
Price: $159.99
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Brand new, DYNAMIC model DSV-62-8-12-DIN 12 volt DC solenoid operated double selector valve. Allows one directional valve to operate two independent cylinders. Energizing coil shifts from cylinder 1 to cylinder 2. Ideal for adding a "thumb" to buckets on loaders. Furnished with o-ring so they can be stacked together for even more function choices. Includes Hirschmann wiring connector.

  • Flow Rate 13.2 GPM
  • Pressure 3600 PSI max
  • Coil Voltage 12 VDC
  • Current 2.5 amps
  • Connector Hirschmann
  • Ports Six SAE 8
  • Size 7" x 2-1/2" x 2-3/4"
  • Shpg. 10 lbs.
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Does this valve come with plugs close off the unused ports when it is not stacked?

A: This comes with plastic plugs in all the ports.

Does the mating Hirschmann connector come with the valve or does it need to be purchased separately?

A: It is supplied with the Hirschmann connector

Looking at this item to add a Thumb to my Kubota B17t0 with a Kubota 1640a loader. What connectors will I need from my current valve to this diverter. Do you have them in stock. Thanks

A: We have no information about what connection types/sizes are used on that equipment and cannot say.

Is it waterproof? Can it be mounted outside of machine?

A: It is water and weather resistant, and can be exposed to the elements.

Do you have a similar functioning product by other manufacturers?

A: The only other similar valves we have are 9-5117 and 9-5117-A (both currently out of stock as well).

Do you have a similar functioning product by other manufacturers?

A: The only other similar valves we have are 9-5117 and 9-5117-A (both currently out of stock as well).

just wondering if you would know the mfg number of the magnet or the valve had a magnet burn up and would like to replace it. thanks

A: The coil is marked MFZ10-37YC. It does not appear to be readily available as a single unit for purchase

There are 3 electrical contacts on the valve. One is marked 1, one is marked 2 and one has the 'earth' symbol. If I ground the 3rd terminal, which do I put power to in order to operate the solenoid to open the valve? 1 or 2? Or should I connect the valve differently?

A: Please see the linked document for wiring instructions for the Hirschmann type connector when using 12vdc. https://www.surpluscenter.com/_MoreSpecs/W9-6136.pdf

Do you sell a bolt kit for stacking 3 of these?

A: We do not, no.

Dimensions given of 2-1/2" x 2-3/4" and I'd like to confirm which is which with respect to the pics shown.. Is the larger dimension 2-3/4" the height as shown in the catalog pic? And the width of 2-1/2" would add up to 5" if bolted together as a pair? Thanks

A: The height with the Hirschmann connector installed is 3.5". The main body is 2.5" wide and would be approximately 5" wide when stacked with another of the same.

Does a switch and wire that mounts in the cab come with the diverter? if not do you recommend one that will plug into the diverter to give control to the operator in the cab?

A: The valve comes with no wiring or switch. We do carry momentary or maintained switches that will operate the valve, depending on how you intend to use it. The wire connector does come with the valve, but must be wired to the switch.

What is the hole center dimension for the inlet ports p1 / p2?

A: The center to center dimension on all three sets of holes is 1.5".

does this valve come in different sizes?

A: We only have the one size for this valve.

I broke the cover over the electrical connections. Can I get a replacement?

A: Our item 11-2457 will replace that piece.

Will this valve work with regenerative control valves, and if so, does it need to be plumbed a specific way to avoid problems with the fluid flow? Thanks,

A: This double selector valve will work with a regenerative spool of a directional control valve. Functionally either actuator plumbed to the double selector will then be usable with the regen spool when the selector valve is in the position to operate that actuator. The other actuator ports will be blocked when not selected and *should* be hydraulically locked, unless there is any seal leakage.

Do you offer one like this but with 3/8 ports or whatever the SAE size is

A: We do not, no. We have adapters that can change the SAE 8 to either 3/8" NPT or SAE 6, depending on what you need.

Must a sub base be used with this valve and must a sub base be used to stack it?

A: No. These valve can be used as they come, or can be stacked as detailed in the instructions.

Do you have this available in 6 volt?

A: No, it is not.

Will this allow me to control 2 DA cylinders. I want to be able to switch from mid lift cyl to rear 3PT cyl. Both controlled now from same lever at the same time.

A: Yes, this will allow you to control each cylinder individually when plumbed and wired correctly.

COIL. Where can I purchase a new one ? REBUILD KIT. Where can I purchase one? SWITCH. Is there a power beyond joy stick retrofit switch that can be recommended ?

A: The coil is marked MFZ10-37YC. It does not appear to be readily available as a single unit for purchase. We are unaware of any rebuild kit for this valve. We cannot recommend a switch.

CAN API 15W-40 SF/CC/CD OIL or API 1OW SF/CC/CD OIL be used in this valve ?

A: There may be the possibility of one of the additives not being compatible with the seal material. Beyond that it seems reasonable.

There appears to be many Hirschmann connector types. Can you give specifics on the connector so I can locate the appropriate connector for wiring? Thanks.

A: The nomenclature of the standard appears to be- DIN EN 175 301-803 -for the valve connectors commonly used on this item.

Are there any instructions or guidelines for proper mounting and orientation of this valve? (for instance; does it work best with the solenoid upward or sideways etc.) thanks!

A: Customers have mounted these valves in a variety of orientations and failure due to mounting has not been reported.

Could this valve be use to control single acting cylinders.

A: This is not a directional control valve. It could not be used to control a single acting cylinder on it's own.

Will this run a single grapple what ports would a use

A: This is not a directional control valve, and will not operate any actuator on it's own. This item is only meant to provide another set of ports so two actuators may be operated at different times from the same directional control valve.

part number for 12v solenoid ??

A: The solenoid coil number is MFZ10-37YC.

What are the 3 electrical prongs for. Will it work with a single momentary switch and 2 wires?

A: The are two channel-like prongs and one flat spade prong. The flat spade is designed in to all the coils and is an earth ground for 115 VAC use, regardless of the coil type. For DC use the two channel-like prongs will be the positive and negative lead attachments. It will work with a momentary switch and two leads.

can this valve (9-8602) be used with gasoline.

A: No.


A: The valve is SAE 8. When you confirm what size of fitting you have, you can order the correct fittings to adapt.

Can this selector valve be used in reverse to combine a full flow circuit and a restricted flow circuit (low speed) into the circuit supplying a reversible motor? I would install it between a D03 sub plate and the motor. Would cartridge/ o- ring damage be possible by using the ports in reverse and could circuit pressure move the spool without solenoid activation/ deactivation

A: This would not work in that application. Even if used in reverse, the flows would still be separated.

Hello, Im wanting to replace the manual valve for the auxiliary hydraulics on my skid steer to 12V DC. It has a 4 port manual valve with two lines going out for attachments. My question is will this valve give me ability to "extend" and "retract" the cylinder on my grapple attachment with a center for return to the tank when not in use.? If it will not ,what is your recommendation for the proper solenoid/valve for this application.? Thank you for responding Philip

A: This is only a double selector valve. Its purpose is to direct a set of flows from a directional valve to two different functions, both of which are controlled by another pre-existing control valve. As such it has no 'center' of it's own. It is not a directional control valve. If you took the remote lines from your existing control valve and fed them into this, you would have an uninterrupted main function, and when shifted electrically would allow the manual valve to control the grapple function. If you want to replace the manual valve altogether this is not the valve.

I have a manual operated valve on my skid steer auxiliary lines. I want to retrofit with electric solenoid valve. I want to energize one line while the other returns to reservoir. Such as running a hydraulic motored bush hog,grapple arms, stump grinder. Will this valve work..? Thanks for responding Philip

A: This is a double selector valve. This will only direct one pair of lines in one direction or the other, whether they be the remote lines or the work ports from the lever valve. You will still need a directional control valve. This could be the control in the cab that controls the remotes, or the existing lever valve. Either way could be made to work.

each valve is capable of driving 2 hyd cylinders. if I stack 2 of these valves, my actual working ports for cylinders would only be 3 not 4 correct? In another way of saying this, i am assuming one set of ports from the first valve is feeding the 2nd valve which is stacked so there for you get a total of 3 sets of working ports! not a full 4!

A: That would be correct.

I assume this valve has a spring return, solenoid pull spring back.

A: That is correct, it only shifts when powered and the springs back when de-energized.

I would like to use this for controlling a grapple on a John Deere 4320. According to the diagram and from what I understand from the literature, a switch controlling the Diverter valve will "close" the grapple. Much like the current hydraulic operation with loader arms of raising & lowering or the tilting of a bucket, an action must be completed to "open" & "close". What has to be done to "open" the grapple?

A: This is a prioritized double selector valve. Typically people plumb the work lines from the directional control valve into the inlets of this valve, and the prioritized outlets go to the bucket roll lines. The auxiliary lines go to the grapple lines. In a resting state, the bucket operates as normal from the directional valve. When the coil is energized, the auxiliary lines (grapple) are then controlled by the same spool as the bucket roll. If the bucket and grapple are both double acting cylinders, and it's a double acting spool, it should work on extend and retract.

Would you agree the 9-8602 is what I need on my tractor to allow a grapple to open/close and still allow the bucket curl up/down function...but not at the same time? Do you sell the wiring kit that will attach to the Hirschmann connector with wires to hook into the tractors 12VDC and to a pushbutton that will attach to my current joystick (currently controls up/down of lifting arms and bucket curl up/down)? How do I attach the 9-8602 to my tractor? Are there mounting screw/bolt holes on the unit? Thank-you, Paul

A: Yes, this valve will work fine for you. It is supplied with the Hirschmann connector. We don't sell a wiring harness. The amp draw is quite low so most any pushbutton switch would work.

Looking to use this on my DX35 tractor rear remotes to gain 2nd function. Need to know the size of adapters to connect to quick connects and appropriate switch. Where can I find this info? And if order able here? Thanks

A: This valve has SAE 8 ports (also called 3/4-16 o ring boss). Any good quality on/off toggle switch would be fine.

I would like to use this valve on my JD 4840 to be able to put 2 hydraulic circuts on 1 of the remotes on the tractor. Is there any reason that this would not be the best way to go about it for the price? Is SAE 8 1/2" pipe? AL of my remotes are bussy now. I am wanting to put a bale unroller on the 3 point and I will need a circuit to squeeze the bale.

A: Yes this will work fine. The SAE 8 port are o-ring boss 3/4-16 thread as commonly used on JD equipment. When the valve is not powered you would be controlling one cylinder from the remotes and when energized you would be operating the other cylinder.

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13 GPM 12 Volt DC SAE 8 Solenoid Operated Double Selector Valve Dynamic DSV-62-08-12
Item Number: 9-8602
Price: $159.99
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13 GPM 12 Volt DC SAE 8 Solenoid Operated Double Selector Valve Dynamic DSV-62-08-12
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