SAE 8 6 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC P15544-2

Item Number: 9-5117-A

Price: $169.95
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SAE 8 6 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC P15544-2

SAE 8 6 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC P15544-2

item number: 9-5117-A PRICE: $169.95 81 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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SAE 8 6 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC P15544-2
Item Number: 9-5117-A
Price: $169.95
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Brand new. Dual 12 volt DC solenoid operated double selector/multiplier valve. Ideal for use with tractor remotes and directional control valves for controlling two different cylinders. One normally open and one normally closed circuit allows operator to control one cylinder with no power to selector valve. To select the other cylinder, both solenoids are powered. This operation allows selection to be done by a single pole single throw pushbutton or toggle switch.

  • Flow 6 GPM
  • Pressure 3000 PSI
  • Voltage 12 volt DC
  • Amperage 1.67 amps
  • Ports SAE 8
  • Terminal Connection 1/4" spade
  • Size 4-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 6-1/2"
  • Shpg. 7 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Can this valve operate a motor in two directions

A: No. This is a double selector valve, not a control valve.

Can I use this valve to operate two separate one way cylinders? Just plug the other two ports or connect the other two ports together when not needed for two way cylinders.

A: Yes. As long as the corresponding unused input and output ports are plugged there should be no issue.

can you run hyd cyl in float seperately and induvully at same timeef7k2

A: Because this valve only operates one function at a time, and float is dependent on the work ports being open to tank all the way from the control valve to the actuator you would only be able to operate one float spool at a time.

Can the solenoids be energized indefinitely with out burning out or does it have to be momentarily?

A: The solenoids are continuous duty rated, per the manufacturer. As with any electrical product, it does have a finite lifespan even when used as the manufacturer recommends.

How does this valve behave when one of the solenoids (or their power supply) fails? Let's say the normally open solenoid is not energized but the normally closed one is. Would both sets of work ports be connected to the inlet (i.e. both cylinders would move at the same time if the directional control valve is opened)?

A: Yes. If the Normally Open circuit remained open, and the Normally Closed circuit was opened, the fluid would be able to power both functions at the same time.

How does this valve mount to a bracket? There appears to be two through holes, but they are on the same surface as the hose fittings, which could be a problem with either the bracket or the hoses. Are there threaded holes on the bottom of the valve?

A: There are not threaded holes in the bottom of the block. The spacing between the holes on the output side would accept a slightly angled strap of 3/4" wide steel as a bracket if it were to rest against. A couple pieces of threaded rod and jam nuts would also stand the block farther away from existing surfaces.

I want to use this for 3rd function on my tractor, do I take the Hyd. Hose off spool and put on VE, use the other ports to go to each cylinder then use the VR to go back into tractor spool valve?

A: The instructions are on the web page for this item. If multiplying the circuit from a freestanding directional control valve, the work ports from the desired spool would plumb to the VE and VR ports. The 1E and 1R ports would go the prioritized (normally open) function. The 2E and 2R ports would go to the secondary (normally closed) function. When both solenoids are energized, control moves from the 1E/R side to the 2E/R side.

Can you tell me with the 9-5117 valve has such higher (15gpm) flow rating through the same size ports and physical size? Is one spec or the other a misprint?

A: The specs are correct. The 9-5117 uses two normally closed cartridges but the 9-5117-A uses one normally closed and one normally open cartridge. In order to function properly the flow has to be significantly reduced with the normally open cartridge.

Is the 9-5117A the same as a 9-5117 except having a NO cartridge installed on one circuit? If so, why the large difference in flow rates between the two units?

A: You are correct regarding the cartridge change. In actual use flows above the 6 GPM limit cause the cartridges to hold unevenly. You may want to consider item 9-8602 which has the same functionality as 9-5117-A but higher flow capacity.

Hello, Could I purchase this valve with both solenoids normally closed? I don't want any fluid to pass through the valve unless one of the solenoids is energized. Thanks

A: Item 9-5117 is the version of this valve with two normally closed cartridges.

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SAE 8 6 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC P15544-2
Item Number: 9-5117-A
Price: $169.95
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SAE 8 6 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC P15544-2
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