1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox 3 Shafts All Keyed 19455-3SH-3KW

Item Number: 13-1423-3K

Price: $199.35
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1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox 3 Shafts All Keyed 19455-3SH-3KW

1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox 3 Shafts All Keyed 19455-3SH-3KW

item number: 13-1423-3K PRICE: $199.35 50 In Stock Regular Stock Item

Available for in store pickup in our Lincoln, NE location
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1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox 3 Shafts All Keyed 19455-3SH-3KW
Item Number: 13-1423-3K
Price: $199.35
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Brand new. Right angle gearbox. One piece cast iron gear case and bearing caps. Roller bearings. Solid output shaft extends from both sides of case. Ships without oil, user must add 1/3 quart of 80-90 W oil prior to use.

  • Ratio 1:1
  • Input Power
    40 HP intermittent
    32 HP continuous
  • Input Speed 1800 RPM max.
  • Input Shaft 1" dia. x 2-1/2" w/1/4" keyway
  • Output Shafts 1" dia. x 2-1/4" w/1/4" keyway
  • Mount Four mounting holes tapped 3/8"-16 on 4-1/4" square centers
  • Size 5-7/8" x 6-1/2" x 4-1/8"
  • Shpg. 24 lbs.
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Does it come with a shaft bigger than one inch? Does it come 50:1 ratio

A: This does not come with a shaft bigger than one inch and we do not have on with a 50:1 ratio.

Are the shafts able to handle radial loads? Like say a chain sprocket to another shaft under tension? I planned to make the input the vertical part of the "T" using a soft coupling and then the top of the "T" would be two sprockets going to two different drive shafts. Thank You.

A: Yes this has bearing that will handle radial loads.

can you get a smaller version of this gear box

A: We do not have a smaller version of this gearbox at this time.

Are the shafts are tapped for a bolt on the ends? All three?

A: No the shafts are not tapped.

Can you get this with a 7/8 3 keyed shaft.

A: No, we cannot.

My question is related to the position which this gearbox can operate. Can you offer more info on the location of the breather and could the gearbox be turned so that it has two shafts operating horizontally and the third shaft operating directly up (vertically)?

A: It can be mounted in any orientation.

Can you get this with 1.25 inch shaft size ?

A: No, we cannot.

How come these Boxes have a max RPM of 1800? Why can't you turn them 3600 RPM?

A: That is the maximum speed the manufacturer designed it to tolerate and provide a reasonable lifespan. Turning it faster may lead to a greatly reduced lifespan or catastrophic failure.

Does it come with bolts or screws to mount it?

A: No.

When are these expected to be back in stock?

A: A shipment is due 12/22/17.

Could shaft 1 be turned counter clockwise?

A: Yes. The diagram is only to show how the rotations relate to each other with a given input. If turned CCW, the directions will all be opposite of shown.

What is the max rpm for these gearbox

A: Max RPM is 1800.

If shaft #3 is turned CW is shaft #2 Turning CCW? thx....

A: Yes, that is exactly what the diagram states. We call out the shaft rotation as facing the shaft, and because they are opposite ends of the same shaft, the orientations will be called out opposite.

When using this gearbox in cold climate condition, What oil viscosity do you recommend?

A: We have no information beyond making a comparison between what other comparable boxes have for published data available on the internet. If they have a recommendation for a cold climate oil, and the standard climate lubricant is comparable to the required oil for this box, it may work in a similar fashion with this box.

Does this gearbox ship wet or dry? If it ships dry, What oil do I use?

A: These boxes ship dry. There is a tag that comes with it detailing what type and quantity of oil to use.

Are these straight or spiral gears? And are you able to offer them in 1.5:1 or 1:1.5 this would be for the 32 hp right angle and the "T" box

A: These have straight cut gears. Sorry only available in the configurations listed.

Can you replace the output shaft with a longer one? Im going to use it for a go kart

A: We have these only as shown with no options available.

hello im just thinking of buying one of these gearboxes,just wondering if this will power a 3pt snowblower ? im only asking because your specs call the short shaft imput and the long output,my setup for the mach is long shaft is the imput and driver for the fan ,the short is for power to the auger,also can these be mounted "upside down",if i need to change direction of ether shafts,i dont know if that makes sense,thank you

A: Any of the shafts could be used for input. Mounting could be at any angle so long as the breather in the side of the box is piped so that the oil doesn't run out.

What is country of origin?

A: These are made in China. We have been carrying the 2 shaft version of this (item 13-1423) since 2008. This is a new model we have just added for this year.

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1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox 3 Shafts All Keyed 19455-3SH-3KW
Item Number: 13-1423-3K
Price: $199.35
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1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox 3 Shafts All Keyed 19455-3SH-3KW
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