1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox Same Rotation In/Out 19455-SR-KW-PH

Item Number: 13-1423-S

Price: $166.75
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1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox Same Rotation In/Out 19455-SR-KW-PH

1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox Same Rotation In/Out 19455-SR-KW-PH

item number: 13-1423-S PRICE: $166.75 29 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox Same Rotation In/Out 19455-SR-KW-PH
Item Number: 13-1423-S
Price: $166.75
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Brand new. Right angle gearbox. One piece cast iron gear case and bearing caps. Roller bearings. Shafts rotate in same direction when viewed from end. Ships without oil, user must add 1/3 quart of 80-90 W oil prior to use.

  • Ratio 1:1
  • Input Power
    40 HP intermittent
    32 HP continuous
  • Input Speed 1800 RPM max.
  • Input Shaft 1" diam. x 2-1/2" w/5/16" crosshole
  • Output Shaft 1" diam. x 2-1/4" w/keyway
  • Mount Four mounting holes tapped 3/8"-16 on 4-1/4" square centers
  • Size 5-7/8" x 6-1/4" x 4-1/8"
  • Shpg. 23 lbs.
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Do you have these right angle gear boxes with 4 inch bolt patterns ?

A: Unfortunately the only gearbox with a 4 inch bolt pattern is our item number 13-1584. Our other gearboxes all have 4.25 inch bolt patterns.

Is there a preferred power input shaft on these boxes? I currently am using the input shaft with a single bearing on it (driven by a 1.5 HP motor) and the out put shaft has the two bearings on it (has a pulley shiv on it). The box currently makes quite a bit of gear noise. I have 80W gear oil w/lucas motor oil stabilizer currently in the box. Will this gear noise dissipate over time with use?

A: The often do quiet down, as long as you are not exceeding 1800 rpm.

Hi, Looking to use this in the drive train of a 25 HP go kart. RPM would be 5000 max. do you have any version that could handle this? If not any recommendations? Thank You

A: No, we don't have any gearboxes which would handle that kind of duty. We have no information about where something that fits those requirements could be found.

If the vent and zerk were extended, cold this run a prop submerged about a foot below a water line?

A: They are not rated to be submerged, no.

I am going to use this in a hand crank situation. One of the shafts will be up. This will have an extension with a handle on top. This retracts a type of curtain that covers a lap swimming pool. This is similar to a roll up curtain without the spring return. How freely can this box move to let the curtain be pulled back by hand to cover the pool? It is on a 6" drum. Also if I can not make this work on this application can I return it? Thank you for your time. Ron

A: The box does turn freely by hand. As our return policy states, "If you receive a product from us and are not satisfied or the item is not suitable for your application, you can return it within 30 Days, as long as the item has not been installed or modified and it is in the original manufacturers condition."

If I need to run this gearbox as a ccw/ccw can I run a cw/cw backwards?

A: Yes. They will turn both ways. The output rotation will be the same as the input rotation.

Hi, I would like to move a snowblower from rear to front of the 35hp tractor. two questions: I would need two gearboxes to change the direction from rear to front with one gearbox on top of the other with the shaft to the front under the tractor. Is there enough oil to lubricate the top bearing of the bottom gearbox (The bottom gearbox would have the shaft out the top of the gearbox) and although mention twice in FAQ can the input and output be interchanged at will. Thanks Steven P.S. PTO hp about 30 hp or less

A: These gearboxes ship dry. The manufacturer recommends the end-user fill them with 1/3 quart of 80-90 wt gear oil before using. In a mobile application, the combination of the oil's surface tension, splashing from travel, and gear motion throwing oil around should provide adequate lubrication to the bearing. Because these boxes are 1:1, input and output are interchangeable.

Can this be oriented with one shaft facing upwards and the other sideways? I'm not sure how the oiling is engineered to work.

A: It can be oriented in that position. The lubricant level should be such that enough will be drawn onto the upper gear for adequate lubrication and cooling.

Can I use one side for a lovejoy coupling and the other from a pto

A: A Lovejoy type jaw coupling should only be used if the torque values being transmitted are within the limits of the coupling at the rpm being used.

What would be the cost to post to SW Australia (Postcode 2665)

A: Please contact our Customer Service department with your information and they can get you a quote.

measurements and looks identical to the Curtis 211 gearbox except the keyed shaft and 5/16 holed shaft are switched around. Can this gearbox be operated upside down with a plug in the bottom which would then become the top?

A: It can be operated in any orientation, as long as proper lubrication and case venting are accounted for.

Does this come with a crosshole and a keyway on the input shaft and a keyway only on the output and are the roller bearings at least as good as Timken??

A: The input shaft has only a crosshole and the output shaft has only the keyway. The bearings seem very good, we have sold several hundred of these boxes with nearly zero problems.

If I have ccw in cw out can I change box bevel gear to rotate cw in both directions

A: No parts are available for these.

Will this replace a Durst 115a gearbox on a 728d Ransomes mower?

A: We do not have any crossover information from our products to manufacturer's equipment. Check bolt patterns, direction of rotation and shaft details to determine suitability.

Can you use the output shaft as the input shaft on this model

A: Either shaft can be used as the input.

I need one of these with same rotation but in CCW on both. Got one?

A: This one will work fine for you. If you turn the input CCW the output will also be CCW.

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1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox Same Rotation In/Out 19455-SR-KW-PH
Item Number: 13-1423-S
Price: $166.75
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1:1 32 HP RA Gearbox Same Rotation In/Out 19455-SR-KW-PH
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