1:1 32 HP Right Angle Gearbox

Item Number: 13-1423

Price: $149.95
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1:1 32 HP Right Angle Gearbox

1:1 32 HP Right Angle Gearbox

item number: 13-1423 PRICE: $149.95 73 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1:1 32 HP Right Angle Gearbox
Item Number: 13-1423
Price: $149.95
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Brand new. Right angle gearbox. One piece cast iron gear case and bearing caps. Roller bearings. Shafts rotate in opposite directions when viewed from end. Ships without oil, user must add 1/3 quart of 80-90 W oil prior to use.

  • Ratio 1:1
  • Input Power
    40 HP intermittent
    32 HP continuous
  • Input Speed 1800 RPM max.
  • Input Shaft
    1" diam. x 2-1/2" w/5/16" crosshole
  • Output Shaft
    1" diam. x 2-1/4" w/keyway
  • Mount
    4 1/4" square 3/8" tapped
    mounting holes
  • Size 5-7/8" x 6-1/4" x 4-1/8"
  • Shpg. 23 lbs.
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Is there a gearbox that is identical but could get the input shaft size 1.25”w & 3” long?

A: No we do not have a gearbox with those specifications.

Can the input shaft be mounted vertical ?

A: Yes the input shaft can be mounted vertically.

I need a gearbox like this but it needs to be keyed on both shafts

A: Item 13-1423-K is keyed on both shafts.

Is this gearbox reversible? Can it turn in either direction?

A: Yes, this gearbox can be driven in either direction.

A 20hp Honda gas engine has to turn 3600 r.p.m.s to achieve the 20hp and is only putting out 35 to 36lbs of torque. would it have a problem turning the gearbox to a sufficient speed? Any guesses on what the r.p.m.s might be?

A: These gearboxes are only rated for 1800 rpm input max. Do not direct drive one of them from a gas engine capable of twice that rpm at full output.

I have John Deere with 60 inch mower deck with the peerless gearbox would you know which of your gearboxes will fit , my JD 855 tractor is about 25 hp diesel. Thank you

A: We have no information regarding your unit and cannot say.

Currently looking at the: 1:1 32 HP RIGHT ANGLE GEARBOX with 1" diam. x 2-1/2" w/5/16" crossholes. I would like the item or part number for the unit that has two crossholes. And, do you have it in a higher HP rating?

A: We do not carry this model with crosspins in both shafts. We do not carry this in a higher hp rated model.

I'm looking for this size gear for a lawn tractor mounted snow blower bolt holes are the same size is similar my question will be able to handle being used in the application will I be able to get one with two crossholes

A: We do not have it available with two crossholes. If the throughput horsepower and rpm is within the specifications of the box, and the rotation direction is correct there shouldn't be any issues.

Are there any parts available to change the gear ratio of this box? I need to change it to 1 to 1.5.

A: We do not carry any parts to do that. We are unaware of the availability of them.

If the output shaft were to be utilized as an axle by adding a hub. What would be the load rating of the box?

A: The load rating would not change. 40 HP intermittent, 32 HP continuous.

Is it possible to move the input shaft to the opposite site of the gear box by swapping positions with the cover plate?

A: The gearbox could be flipped over to change the shaft orientation. You may also consider 13-1423-S which has the shafts turn in the same direction.

Can the input shaft be moved to the opposite side by swapping positions with the cover plate?

A: You can also flip it upside down as there are mounting points on both sides. You would just have to move the breather plug to the other side. Also look at item 13-1423-S which might solve your issue.

Can this gearbox be belt driven and mounted so that the input shaft is down (vertical)?

A: Yes it can be belt driven. Mounting can be in any position. It does have a breather plug in the center of one face that might require an elbow or riser to keep oil from running out.

Will this box handle 2400 rpm?

A: It is only rated to 1800 RPM max

How much torque can this gearbox handle? My drive has 35 hp with 105 ft/lbs of torque at 1000 rpm will this unit handle the tourque?

A: At 1000 RPM this box would be rated to handle 25 HP. 105 ft.lbs of torque at 1000 RPM is about 20 HP, so it should be fine.

If I were to create a square curtain and would like to lift this as one piece, is this the right type of gear to use? 2 of these in opposite corners will do it? Also can I reverse this and bring it down again by way of a controller? can tey be variable speed controlled?

A: Probably not. I think you would want a gear reducer which would increase the torque. Yes this box can be run in either direction. Maximum speed on the input is 1800 rpm, it could be used with a variable speed motor driving it.

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1:1 32 HP Right Angle Gearbox
Item Number: 13-1423
Price: $149.95
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