18.75 OD H-Bushing Single Groove Pulley

Item Number: 1-BKH190

Price: $52.35
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18.75 OD H-Bushing Single Groove Pulley

18.75 OD H-Bushing Single Groove Pulley

item number: 1-BKH190 PRICE: $52.35 46 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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18.75 OD H-Bushing Single Groove Pulley
Item Number: 1-BKH190
Price: $52.35
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Brand new. Fractional HP, single groove, cast iron pulley. Use with a H-type split taper bushing (sold separately). For use with type "A" and "B" belts. Fully balanced.

  • Outside Diameter 18.75"
  • Belt Type A (1/2") Datum Diameter 18.00"
  • Belt Type B (5/8") Datum Diameter 18.40"
  • Shpg. 15 lbs.

Outside Diameter Diameter measured at the outside of the pulley.

Datum Diameter The datum diameters are an industry standard reference point used for calculations such as center distance and belt length. The datum system replaces the pitch system for classical belts and pulleys to compensate for differences in manufacturers construction of belts.(Click here to see the corresponding H bushings)
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Is it possible to get a bushing to enable mounting the 18.75", #1-BKH 190 pulleys onto a 1 15/16" diameter shaft?

A: It is not physically possible with the H series bushings. A larger size of quick-detach hub/pulleys would need to be used.

Could you recommend a bearing to fit this pulley that would accept a 1 1/4 shaft?

A: No. The existing bore is tapered for an H-bushing, and would need to be machined out to accept any standard press-in bearing. That being the case, it would be the end-user's preference.

Will you ship to Ontario Canada

A: We will. Please contact our Customer Service department with your order and shipping details and we can provide an international quote.

is there a 2" H bushing available for the sheave or is 1.5" the largest bushing available?

A: 1.5" is the largest 'H' style bushing available. A different quick-detach hub series would be needed for 2".


A: Yes. 1-2913-150 will work with this pulley and a 1.5" keyed shaft. It is one bushing per pulley.

will this pulley withstand a 1200 pound load ok at approximately 60 rpm?

A: No. We cannot state this pulley will handle a load like that.

the belt does not have to fit tight on the pulley for the sawmill, just has to be tight enough to not come out easy

A: Item 13-B57 (60" on the back) appears to work as described. It can be rolled in by hand with some effort, and seats well enough it would require significant forces to dislodge it.

I'm building a sawmill and want to use the 18.75 pulleys as bandwheels. l need to figure out what size belt will fit snug on that pulley. Thank you

A: The outer circumference of this pulley is 58.875". A 5/8" v belt that is 59" on the outside may be too loose, and a belt that is 58" on the outside may be impossible to roll on.

will item no BK-H190 work with a 18 hp gas engine?

A: The maximum speed on these pulleys is 1325 rpm when the material constraints and rim speed are accounted for. Use over that speed is not recommended. While the smaller diameter pulleys have been used by customers on horsepowers that high, we do not remember one this size being used with that power.

what does fractional hp mean on bandwheel discription mean?

A: Fractional hp is commonly understood as motors up to 5 hp, generally. Some manufacturers define it strictly as motors of 1 hp or less, while many others allow anywhere from 3 to 5 hp in the definition. With pulleys of this diameter, rim speed limitation is also a consideration.

What bushing would I need for BK 140 H 18.75 OD wheel pully.

A: Select the bushing that fits the shaft you wish to install the pulley on. We have hubs for standard imperial bore sizes from 3/8" to 1.5", and hubs for metric bore sizes from 10 to 38 mm. The item prefixes are 1-2913-( ); and 1-2915-( ).

Hi, What would be delivery cost to Australia, NSW, Valentine, 2280 be for 2 of the 18.4" pulleys and 2 bushes for a 1" shaft?

A: Please contact our Customer Service department with your information and we can get an international quote for you.

I'm building a sawmill. I want to use these 18.40 sheaves with a 1-1/2 inch shaft. Possible? Would that be a -150 bushing?

A: Yes, that would be the correct suffix for ordering the 1-1/2" bushing. (1-2913-150)

Is the bore on this tapered or is the H bushing the thing that's tapered ? What is the bore size of this pulley or opening the H bushing fits into?

A: The bore on the pulley as well as the H bushing are tapered. The industry standard for the bushing; large end o.d. is 1.625", the small end is 1.570". That occurs over 7/8" length of bore.

what bushing # for a 1 inch shaft

A: 1-2913-100

Hi... 1) I am looking for a v belt pulley for a bandsaw mill... is the 18.75" a heavy balanced pulley? 2) what size v belt would be a tight fit for this pulley? 3) what is the bore diameter? 4) what would be the shipping cost for 2 of these to Maine 04619

A: Yes, these pulleys are balanced. If you mean what size belt will fit tightly in the groove around the full diameter of the pulley, we do not know. This is a tapered bore pulley for use with H-bushings; you choose the bore size. Shipping for two to that zip code would be about $29.

What bushing will work To go on 1/2" shaft? 3qfav

A: Item 1-2913-50 will work for 1/2" shafts.

HI, do you shipping to Sweden? / martin

A: Yes, we do ship to Sweden. Please contact our customer service department via email or phone and they can get the relevant information to provide a quote.

will the 1-bkh190 single groove pulley work with a 1 7/16 split taper bushing?

A: If you are using a 1 7/16" 'H' type split taper bushing, yes. Our item 1-2913-143 would be compatible.

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18.75 OD H-Bushing Single Groove Pulley
Item Number: 1-BKH190
Price: $52.35
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18.75 OD H-Bushing Single Groove Pulley
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