90/180 Volt DC Variable Speed Control w/Potentiometer Minarik MM23001C-000D

Item Number: 11-2269

Price: $120.40
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90/180 Volt DC Variable Speed Control w/Potentiometer Minarik MM23001C-000D

90/180 Volt DC Variable Speed Control w/Potentiometer Minarik MM23001C-000D

item number: 11-2269 PRICE: $120.40 264 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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90/180 Volt DC Variable Speed Control w/Potentiometer Minarik MM23001C-000D
Item Number: 11-2269
Price: $120.40
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Brand new MINARIK model MM23001C. Adjustable SCR speed controller for permanent magnet or shunt wound, brush type motors. Ideal for motors in the range of 1/8 HP to
2 HP. Compact design in industry standard MM footprint. Optional heatsink (sold separately) can be added to boost output current capacity. Integral potentiometers for setting minimum and maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration, torque and IR compensation. Speed control potentiometer included.

  • Input: 115 or 230 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Armature voltage (115 Volt AC IN): 0-90 VDC
  • Armature voltage (230 Volt AC IN): 0-180 VDC
  • 5 Amps output, 10 Amps w/heatsink
  • 1/8 HP to 1 HP @ 90 Volt DC
  • 1/4 HP to 2 HP @ 180 Volt DC
  • 1% regulation over 60:1 speed range
  • Size 4-5/16" x 3-19/32" x 1-19/32"
  • Shpg. 2 lbs.
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I'm looking to control the speed on a 1.25hp DC treadmill motor in a wood bandsaw conversion. Will this work and keep the torque up at low speeds?

A: If the motor were 180 VDC, the input voltage was 220 VAC, and the motor draw is less than 5 amps (10 amps if the heatsink is purchased and used) it stands a chance. We have no information about the motor to determine compatibility with any certainty.

Is there a Power Indicator connection ? Is there a better schematics for the wiring of the Speed Control Potentiometer ? Is it possible to connect a Readout to this Controller Card ? Thanks for your time and I am waiting to hear so I can order this controller.

A: There is not a power indicator connection inherent to the board. The manufacturer documentation is available at this link: https://www.minarikdrives.com/documents/250-0091.pdf

What is temperature ratings for this controller, can it be used outdoor in enclosure.

A: The stated ambient temperature range is 10° Celsius (50° Fahrenheit) to 55° Celsius (131° Fahrenheit). It could be used outdoors inside an enclosure, preferably one vented adequately to remain within the stated temperature range.

Can I use this with a 15amp 1.5 hp motor or do I need different circuit ?

A: You would need a different unit. This one can only do 10 Amps with the heatsink installed.

will I need different resistors for different HP motors?

A: This model does not require fine-tuning with different resistors and fuses, no.

Hi, What Forward/reversin/braking switch would you recommend?11-2102??

A: We do not currently have any items which are known to work as a forward/reverse/brake switch with this control board. The manufacturer's technical support would be better equipped to answer that question.

Is this controller appropriate for a 90 vdc armature, shunt or pm motor of 1/25th hp?

A: No, it is not rated for motors that small.

What are the specification for the supply Potentiometer?

A: It is listed in the instructions as a 10k ohm potentiometer.

your 3/4 HP 90 Volt DC 1800 RPM Motor 56C ITEM NUMBER: 10-2577 is listed as 7.8 amp. This speed control (11-2269) is rated at 5 Amps output, 10 Amps w/heatsink. Will the above motor need the heatsink?

A: The manufacturer states that the heatsink must be used when the output current exceeds 5 amps. Use with this motor would require the addition of the heatsink.

Would you ship to Aust and what would the cost be?

A: We do ship worldwide. Please contact our Customer Service department with your order and shipping details and we can provide an international quote.

I have a Dayton 2M169 3/4 HP DC Motor with a foot pedal containing a 250k pot. Need to replace the motor drive. Is this compatible? Wondering if I can use my existing foot pedal to control this drive? Thanks!

A: That motor could be controlled by this drive. The potentiometer supplied is a 10k. It is unknown how the board would react with your foot pedal. The manufacturer's Technical Support would be better able to answer that particular question.

Where do we attach the heatsink - suppose we have to use 10 amp with heatsink, how big should the heatsink be? Second, do you accept PayPal payments

A: This board is designed to attach directly to the manufacturer's heatsink (item 11-2269-H) available on our website. We do accept PayPal as a method of payment.

Is there a way to input 96 VDC from a battery directly into the drive rather than 120VAC thru the rectifiers?

A: No. These drives are 115 VAC input/0-90 VDC output or 230 VAC input/0-180 VDC output.

Can this controller be used with the 2.65 HP ICON HEALTH AND FITNESS TREADMILL MOTOR F-190528?

A: No, this controller is not rated for the HP of that motor. It's limits are: 1 HP @ 90 VDC (if heatsink is used) or 2 HP @ 180 VDC (if heatsink is used)

hi is the controller bi directional

A: It does not have reversing built-in. You could use an external switch between the control and the motor to do that.

The wiring diagram shows putting fuses between the ac power lines and spade terminals L1 and L2 (L2 only if you are using 240 VAC). I do not see any documentation that lists what size or type of fuse to use. Did I just miss this somewhere else?

A: The fuse should be rated at 150% of the maximum DC armature current of the motor being used.

Do you have controllers like this but which can handle a bit more power, say up to 3hp on 220v supply? Or would this one be capable of handling that with a bigger heat sink and forced air cooling? Speed is controlled by a pot, would I be correct in assuming that could also be done from an external control voltage of 0-5v or 0-10v for example?

A: These can handle up to 2 HP on a 180 VDC motor when used with the heatsink and a 220 Volt AC input. Sorry we don't have any controllers rated higher. We don't have any info on using an external voltage source rather than the potentiometer.

can this controller also control lower DC voltage motors, ie 36v and 12v?

A: Yes it can

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90/180 Volt DC Variable Speed Control w/Potentiometer Minarik MM23001C-000D
Item Number: 11-2269
Price: $120.40
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