22 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-220-P-C

Item Number: 9-7970

Price: $280.90
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22 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-220-P-C

22 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-220-P-C

item number: 9-7970 PRICE: $280.90 9 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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22 GPM Dynamic 2-Stage Pump GP-CBN-220-P-C
Item Number: 9-7970
Price: $280.90
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Brand new, DYNAMIC two stage HI/LO pressure hydraulic gear pump. Ideal for applications such as log splitters, presses and other equipment where rapid movement of the cylinder at low pressure is required prior to automatically switching to the high pressure mode to meet load requirements. The change from LO to HI pressure is automatic with the LO stage pressure preset from 400-900 PSI.  Cast iron construction.  Minimum of 12 HP required for gas engine use.

  • Displacement:
      0.465 cu. in. / rev. HI press. stage
      1.395 cu. in. / rev. LO press. stage
  • Pump Type Gear
  • Rotation CW
  • Pressure: 3000 PSI max.
  • Speed: 3600 RPM max.
  • Flow:
      7 GPM HI press. stage
      22 GPM LO press. stage
  • Unloading Pressure 400-900 PSI
  • Mount 2 bolt SAE A
  • Shaft 5/8" dia. x 1-1/2" long keyed
  • Rqd. Filtration 25 micron
  • Inlet Port 1" NPT
  • Outlet Port 3/4" NPT
  • Size 6-9/16" x 6-1/4" x 4-11/16"
  • Shpg. 22 lbs.
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I want to front crankshaft drive a 2 stage pump off my 17.5 hp kubota.it has Max rpm 1800 +\- will this pump work or your recommendation. Thanks

A: If this pump were turned the correct direction by direct drive, it would produce roughly half the rated flow at 1800 rpm. There would be more than enough horsepower available to push the high pressure side flow to 3000 psi.

HI for this pump it states 12hp gasoline engine .if using a 12 hp diesel engine thus should have more torque could we sneak up to a 28gpm or best to go with the 22.

A: It would be best to use the 22. We cannot state that any torque increase would equal 4 Hp worth of difference at full speed.

Do you have any CAD files for a 2 stage, 22gpm log splitter pump? I am looking for a STP file to use in my final project for my engineering degree. Thank you. -Dino Sabic

A: We do not have and CAD files for this product. The manufacturer may have. This is a link to their line card for their two-stage pumps. http://dynamicfc.com/documents/2016DynamicFullCatalog_Pumps_CBN_8-16.pdf

I have a honda gx390 with an output of 11.7 hp but require 22 gpm during first stage and 2100 psi on second stage to meet the needs of my build. Will the lack of .3 hp be enough to limit either of these requirements?

A: This engine hasn't really changed since Honda was calling them a 13 hp. The entire industry was forced to re-rate all their products according to a more accurate standard which better defines the torque ratings in relation to rpm. It should work.

Will a 10 hp single phase motor 3450rpm Run this pump?

A: If the shift pressure is 650 psi or less, and the overall system pressure is 2000 psi or less, it is theoretically possible.

Will this 22gpm pump item# 9-7970 work on my Troy-bilt 27 ton log splitter it has a Honda Motor?

A: With no other information we cannot say.

What size ele. motor is required for this pump? I have a 5 HP motor and I want the biggest pump it can handle.

A: The drive requirements for the two-stage pumps are called out the same for electric or gas. Items 9-7972-11, 9-7503-11, and any smaller two-stage pumps would work on a 5 HP 3600 rpm electric motor where the current draw on 230 VAC is approximately 23-21 amps. Item 9-7970 requires 12 HP minimum. Following the HP requirements will allow you to develop the rated 3000 psi.

Can the high pressure be adjusted? If so how? I have had 2 different pressure gauges on it. The highest pressure only goes to 2000 psi.

A: The high pressure cannot be adjusted at the pump. Positive displacement pumps will generate enough pressure to destroy themselves unless they are worn internally. Pressure is typically controlled by the relief valving in the primary directional control valve of a system. If you never adjusted the relief valve in the splitter/lifter valve, then your system is still set to the manufacturer standard setting of 2,000 psi. Consequently your system pressure remains at that. On that model, you can adjust the relief setting up to 3,000 psi.

Do you have the recommended hydraulic fluid viscosity for this pump?

A: The manufacturer recommends oil with a viscosity of between 6 and 200 centiStokes.

What Motor mount do i need to pair this pump to a honda gx390 motor? Thank you

A: Item # 1-3239 should work well with that combination.

I have a 13.5 HP engine and it kills before the pump switches to high pressure. I tried backing off the screw for the switching pressure but it still won't change. Could the valve be stuck or have dirt in it? Thanks

A: That is a possibliity, or the engine may not be putting out the full rated horsepower if it has some wear on it. If the system did not start clean, debris can foul the unloading valve. Please contact our Technical department for further assistance if necessary.

Which direction do I turn the screw to adjust the pressure up

A: The adjustment on the pump only controls at what pressure it shifts from high flow-low pressure to low flow-high pressure. This should be factory set to maximize the 12 HP rating of the pump. The actual splitting force is controlled by the relief valve setting in your directional control valve.

Could a 2-stage pump be used to power a hydraulic motor (correctly matched for gpm and pressures?) I'm thinking of a go-cart application where you could get reverse as well as an "automatic" transmission as your vehicle speed increased.

A: It could be, however there would not be any manual control over when it shifts and the flow change is significant.

What is the difference between the dynamic two-stage pump and the MTE two-stage pump

A: Performance is nearly identical. The MTE is made in USA, Dynamic is imported.

What is the rotation required by this pump for an electric motor connection? (CW or CCW)

A: The shaft driving these pumps must be turning CCW when faced from the end. The pumps ar CW rotation and should be direct driven.

what is the gold thing on this pump

A: This is the pressure setting that determines at what pressure the pump shifts from the high flow low pressure stage to the low flow high pressure stage. This is factory set and generally should not be adjusted.

Is this pump open-center or closed-center?

A: Since this is a fixed displacement gear pump it must be used with open center valves.

What is the key size?

A: 3/16"

will a briggs 11 hp Intek run this pump effectivly

A: It would be close. It might pull the engine down occasionally and you wouldn't get the full 22 GPM but it would be close

What is the manufacturer's model number for this pump?

A: GP-CBN-220-P-C

Can this pump be mounted in a vertical position?

A: Yes it can be mounted vertically. Just make sure it does not hang on the shaft but it is supported.

Can the DYNAMIC 2 stage pumps (16 or 22 GPM) be operated in a vertical orientation?

A: Yes, they can be operated in any orientation. The most important thing to keep in mind is to try to keep a flooded inlet, or reduce the resistance to inlet flow as much as possible.

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Item Number: 9-7970
Price: $280.90
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