1 Spool 20 GPM Prince RD-2575-T3-ESA1 SA Valve

Item Number: 9-6763

Price: $117.30
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1 Spool 20 GPM Prince RD-2575-T3-ESA1 SA Valve

1 Spool 20 GPM Prince RD-2575-T3-ESA1 SA Valve

item number: 9-6763 PRICE: $117.30 1 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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1 Spool 20 GPM Prince RD-2575-T3-ESA1 SA Valve
Item Number: 9-6763
Price: $117.30
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Brand new PRINCE. RD2500 series. Hydraulic control valve for operating single acting cylinders. Monoblock high tensile strength gray cast iron body. Hard chrome plated spools. Open center with conversion plug for closed center applications. Load checks.
  • One spool valve
  • Max 20 GPM
  • Max 3000 PSI
  • Inlet/Outlet Ports 3/4" NPT
  • Work Ports 1/2" NPT
  • Adjustable relief valve 1500-3000 PSI factory set at 1500 PSI
  • Spring centering
  • Size 9 " x 4-1/4" x 3 "
  • Shpg 12 lbs
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wanting to use this valve on existing loader valve through the power beyond feature of existing valve will it work to open/close grapple bucket.

A: This is a Single Acting valve and would not operate a Double Acting cylinder. Item 9-6765 would be similar for Double Acting applications. Provided that the flow rate, pressure, and system type were compatible these valves could be used as the last valve in a system fed by a Power Beyond flow.

I changed out my SA cylinder to DA. can I use port B for the other side of the cylinder, or do I need to buy a different control valve?

A: You will need to buy a different control valve. The spool is not machined for double acting.

My tractor only has 9 gpm valve flow. Would this valve at 20 gpm valve flow not perform properly? If not, please offer the correct valve to use. This valve will only be used to operate a tedder.

A: Yes, this valve will still work on that flow, but the fine 'feathering' action of the spool will be reduced some due to the passages being larger. We do carry a 14 gpm valve (9-7974) and an 8 gpm valve (9-7861), but we're currently out of stock of both of those.

This valve will be used in series with 6 other valves on a backhoe. Will the relief function when this valve is in neutral (center) position, or is it an "implement" relief ?

A: The relief will function in neutral and must be tightened down if the valve is converted to Closed Center.

Is the handle included?

A: Yes.

Can this be used as a power beyond to run another valve down stream?

A: No, this valve is not capable of Power Beyond.

I have an old tractor with a leaky valve. I need to lift a bucket. Release the valve and have the bucket stay in position until I push the control handle letting the bucket gravity lower. will this valve do that? If not which valve should I use?

A: If you have one pressure line coming from your existing valve which tees off to the lift cylinders, and your action as described is power up, gravity down; then that is what this valve is designed for.


A: No. If you are using two single acting cylinders which oppose each other in action (one is retracting while one is extending) such as is found in the power angle of a snow blade, a double acting spool can be used. One work port would go to each respective cylinder of the two.

1 SPOOL 20 GPM PRINCE RD-2575-T3-ESA1 SA OC VALVE Is there a similar valve like this but for double action cylinders?Thanks.

A: Item 9-6764 is the same series valve for double acting.

The description for this 3-way valve says it has load checks. Do they work for both directions of the one-way cylinder to prevent cylinder for retracting as well as extending? The relief valve is rated up to 3000psi how much load will the load checks hold?

A: A load check will not keep the cylinder from being pulled out in an overhung load situation. From the manufacturer literature: The load check feature is standard on all RD-2500 valve models. The load check will prevent the fall of a cylinder as the spool is shifted. It does this by preventing the back-flow of oil from work port to inlet. The pump must build up enough pressure to overcome the pressure on the work port and lift the load check poppet. The load check has nothing to do with holding a cylinder when the spool is in neutral.

Can I use this valve with a single direction cylinder that has a gravity return down. I have a pump with tank. I need to raise the load and then let it back down. Thanks Tom B.

A: Yes, this valve is for single acting cylinders. It has 3 ports, in from the pump, out to the cylinder and return back to the reservoir.

Can I use this valve to engage and dis-engage a one directional hydraulic motor of a brush cutter with a detent kit. So I have a hands free operation?

A: Yes, you would need to add the 9-8028-D detent kit and the return oil from the motor would have to go into the return line from the valve since it has only 1 work port.

To be used on a power up/gravity down single action cylinder lift. Can it be installed with the handle facing down?

A: Yes the valve can be mounted in any position.

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1 Spool 20 GPM Prince RD-2575-T3-ESA1 SA Valve
Item Number: 9-6763
Price: $117.30
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1 Spool 20 GPM Prince RD-2575-T3-ESA1 SA Valve
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