2 Spool 12 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve

Item Number: 9-12239

Price: $197.80
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2 Spool 12 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve

2 Spool 12 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve

item number: 9-12239 PRICE: $197.80 Out of Stock - No Longer Available
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2 Spool 12 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve
Item Number: 9-12239
Price: $197.80
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Brand new. Wolverine by Prince . Compact two spool joystick valve for operating double acting cylinders. Ideal for use on front end loaders on small to medium sized tractors. Open center. Includes conversion sleeve for power beyond use. Load checks on each spool.  Cannot be used in closed center hydraulic systems.

  • Model WLV21GB5C1
  • Open Center
  • Spools Two
  • Load Checks  Yes
  • Flow 12 GPM
  • Pressure 5000 PSI
  • Relief Valve Adjustable from 1500 to 3500 PSI, preset at 2600 PSI
  • In/Out Ports SAE 8
  • Work Ports SAE 8
  • Size 5.5" x 2.4" x 18"
  • Shpg. 12 lbs.
Spool Details:
  Spool 1 Double acting spring centered
  Spool 2 Double acting spring centered with detented float position.

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Pretty sure you answered this, but just to clarify I want to use this valves Power Beyond feature. Does the Power Beyond Sleeve come with the valve? Thanks

A: Yes

Can you tell me the distance in the mounting holes where you’d bolt this on? I have a cross valve and it looks similar but need to know the distance in the holes. Thanks

A: Please see dimensional drawing by clicking the red Additional Information tab below the specifications.

Do you sell repair kits for this valve? I just need a small part that sits behind that rubber boot...not the entire valve.

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to get repair parts for this item.

Will this valve work with a grapple third function kit?

A: If the grapple third function is another valve fed by Power Beyond, yes. If the grapple third function is a double selector valve fed by the work ports on one of the spools, yes. For any other configurations, please contact our Product Support department to further clarify your system.

I have installed the PB adapter but now want to delete the PB adapter and have lost the plug that came with it can I can I use a standard plug to convert it back?

A: The original steel plug is M20x1.5 thread. You will have to source something with enough of a flange to seat an o-ring/gasket to seal it properly.


A: Yes.

My supply and return fittings are SAE 10 ORB, do you sell adapters?

A: Item 9-6410-8-10 should adapt these ports to your existing hoses, if they are SAE 10.

Is there a power beyond plug that can be purchased and installed rather than teeing the PB port to the return?

A: The Power Beyond Plug no longer comes installed, but is supplied to be installed if necessary. The existing steel plug will suffice if this is to be used as an Open Center valve.

The hydraulic pump on my tractor puts out a maximum of 2130 psi . Will I have to adjust the pressure relief valve on this control to match this?

A: If there is no other pressure regulation in the system, this will need to be adjusted down to the safe working pressure for your system. If your system has existing pressure regulation limited to the stated 2130 psi, this valve can be left as is.

Does this valve have an adjustable relief valve?

A: Onboard Relief Valve Adjustable from 1500 to 3500 PSI, preset at 2600 PSI

This looks like a good replacement for my NIMCO type 2S-40272 control valve. Could you confirm? Can the valve be mounted with the cylinder hoses attaching on the underside?

A: We have no cross reference information to confirm compatibility. This valve can be mounted with the ports in any direction, as long as it is plumbed according to the function chart.

Can you please describe the downstream plumbing required to use an open center 5gpm 3 spool valve on the power beyond port of this item? Thanks!

A: Please contact our Product Support department for further assistance.

I have a 2002 Kubota tractor with a 406 loader will this valve replace my joy stick control valve6RYrN

A: We have no specifications about any of that equipment and cannot state compatibility.

I have a fairly old kubota l185dt with a double handle loader control. My double handle is beyond worn out and leaking. I was wondering if this would be a good loader valve to update to?

A: It seems like it would be a good fit, based on the HP and projected flow/pressure of the system. Please confirm that your system is Open Center. This valve cannot be used in Closed Center systems.

will the quick disconnect fittings on my Kubota 402 loader fit the #8 openings on this valve

A: We have no information about what port sizes or quick disconnects are used on that equipment and cannot say.

I have an older Massey ferguson tractor. It has open center, and 9.8 gal per min flow rate. is this valve ok, even though it specifies as 12 gal per minute?

A: Yes, as long as the flow rate is at or less than the valve's limits it will work.

i have a Ford 770 front end loader with 2 handle control valve. looking for single handle replacement

A: Provided that the system type, flow, and pressure are compatible with the system feeding this valve it may work. Research should be done to make certain.

I have a branson tractor with a Besko joystick #HDMO3/2-180-FC-LCB-OH-SD Will the 2spool 12 gpm item # 9-12239 work on this tractor

A: We have no information about the flow, pressure, or system type on that equipment and cannot state compatibility.

does any fittings come with this valve body?

A: No, no fittings come with this valve other than the Power Beyond sleeve.

Could this be used to replace a 2702 gresen 2 handle valve on my old 1265 Oliver tractor loader

A: If your system is an Open Center type, and the flow and pressure are compatible, it may be usable. We have no information about your equipment to say for certain.

does the valve come with the handle attached and how long is the handle

A: The valve does come with the handle, but it must be screwed into the valve after unboxing. The handle is 7.75" overall.

Does this controller have a float position?

A: Spool 2: Double acting spring centered with detented float position.

Do you have a instruction sheet for this valve?

A: We do not, no.

Will this valve work on a MF 1455V with a 1040 loader? Can a 3rd function valve be used with this valve?

A: We have no information about the equipment you wish to use this valve with and cannot state suitability. This valve does come with a Power Beyond sleeve for installation if the operation of a downstream valve if necessary.

What is the difference between this product and 9-7401? Where are both of these made?

A: This valve has higher flow and pressure ratings, and has float on the second spool. 9-7401 has regen on the 1st spool and float on the second. This valve is from Korea. The Brand valve is from Omaha, NE.

Can both functions on this product work at the same time?

A: Yes.

I intend on using this valve in a small forklift. Does it allow for fine control of the cylinders (i.e. can you feather the valves or are they strictly full/no flow controls)?

A: They do allow some feathering if finer control is used on the stick.

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2 Spool 12 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve
Item Number: 9-12239
Price: $197.80
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2 Spool 12 GPM Joystick Loader Control Valve
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