SAE 8 15 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC Fluidtech P15544-1

Item Number: 9-5117

Price: $221.65
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SAE 8 15 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC Fluidtech P15544-1

SAE 8 15 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC Fluidtech P15544-1

item number: 9-5117 PRICE: $221.65 111 In Stock Regular Stock Item

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SAE 8 15 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC Fluidtech P15544-1
Item Number: 9-5117
Price: $221.65
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Brand new. Dual 12 volt DC solenoid operated double selector/multiplier valve. Ideal for use with tractor remotes and directional control valves for controlling two different cylinders or motors. Applying voltage to either coil will allow a directional control valve to operate the selected circuit actuator. When used with "variable flow" or "closed center" systems valve can be used as a selector, or power both solenoids and direct fluid to both circuits at the same time.

  • Flow 15 GPM
  • Pressure 3000 PSI
  • Voltage 12 volt DC
  • Amperage 1.67 amps
  • Coil Duty Rating Continuous from 85% to 115% of nominal voltage
  • Ports SAE 8
  • Terminal Connection 1/4" spade
  • Size 4-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 6-1/2"
  • Shpg. 7 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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I'm looking to control two single acting cylinders with something like this. But my skidsteers doesn't have the ability to run a single acting cylinders. Do you have any advice?

A: Please call our Product Support Staff at 800-488-3407 so we may better assist you.

Do the solenoids have a weatherproof cover or is there a way of making those connections weatherproof?

A: The manufacturer states that these coils are not hermetically sealed and should not be considered water/weather proof.

I am trying to add a diverter to run a grapple on my tractor loader. My tractor has an open center hydraulic system. I'd like to hook this up to one of the circuits on my loader arm to divert flow from say the curl circuit to the grapple circuit when I press a momentary switch. Is this the correct type of selector valve to accomplish the task? I've seen another valve and subplate that does the same thing (your item # 9-6136 along with a D-03 subplate). Thanks!

A: 9-8602 or 9-5117-A would both function that way. This valve would work, but would require more wiring.

If I were to change one of the cartridges to n.o. would I maintain the 15 gpm flow rate? Also, what would that part # be as the SV10-41-0-N-00 is listed as n.c.?

A: The item number for a NO cartridge would be SV10-42-0-N-00. It may affect the flow rate to more closely resemble the ratings of 9-5117-A.

When will this valve be back in stock?

A: We are expecting shipments in June and July.

can I run hyd. motors with this set up

A: This is not a directional control valve and will not work to do that by itself. This is to allow one double-acting directional spool to control two separate functions.

I'd be interested to know if the valve comes with cartridge and coil both side as pictured? If so, does the cartridge normally open or close? Thanks, Ray.

A: Yes, the valve comes with two N.C. cartridges and coils. N.O. cartridges are available.

Is there a N.O. cartridge available for purchase with this valve and if so what is the part #.

A: The item number for that is SV10-42-0-N-00.

Do you have a product like this that could control 3 hydraulic cylinders from one set of tractor remotes?

A: Not at this time, no.

Are both circuits normally closed or open? Ie: in a resting state, are the inlets connected to with outlet. I want the primary circuit to be connected in a resting state and connected to the primary circuit when energized.

A: These are both normally closed cartridges (individual circuit selector). Item 9-5117-A is a primary circuit selector with the primary being a normally open cartridge, and the secondary being a normally closed cartridge. Due to internal machining, the flow rating for that is lower than this valve.

I would like to use both on at same time normally then for full flow to one or other cylinder by closing selector solenoid. Would I need two NO solenoids with DPDT switch to do this? Or is there a better way?

A: If you purchased two N.O. cartridges and installed them in this block, you would get flow from both sides in a resting state, and then could shut either side off by activating the coil on that side. A DPDT -center off switch would work in that situation.

can this valve be used on a fuel system, and can it be installed under a truck body.

A: This is designed for hydraulic fluid only.

Could I wire this to a SPDT switch so one or the other solenoid is activated all the time?

A: Yes, but that would greatly increase the run time on the coil, and lead to premature failure of the coil.

do the spade terminals on top come with this item?

A: This is supplied exactly as pictured. The coils have spade terminals, wire connectors are not included.

Can one circuit be set NO and the other set NC without having power applied constantly to one of the solenoids? And if not what is the duty rating of the solenoids?

A: The solenoids are continuous duty rated. Both sections work the same. So one or the other has to be powered to allow flow. You may want to look at 9-7738 where one circuit is live with no power applied and then both solenoids are activated to shift to the other.

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SAE 8 15 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC Fluidtech P15544-1
Item Number: 9-5117
Price: $221.65
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SAE 8 15 GPM Double Selector Valve 12 Volt DC Fluidtech P15544-1
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